conditional sum

  1. K

    needed formula for conditional sum

  2. B

    Report Inventory needs to support customer order with flow through assembly tree when in excess of parent part stock available.

    I created a report in Excel using PowerPivot that shows how many of each part number are needed each day to fulfill customer orders. To do this I pulled 2 tables from our ERP database. (The data below is simplified for this example but should convey what data is available.) 1st: The part table...
  3. C

    Totals by categorized sheets

    Hey, so i've been trying to figure this one out for a fair bit and have been really scratching my head. I've got a workbook containing multiple sheets of reporting, each one follows the same format, something like this USERNAME NONRELEVANT HEADER NONRELEVANT HEADER SECTION SCORE SCORE...
  4. B

    Calculating the largest sum of n-consecutive values in a row

    Hello there. I have many spreadsheets with precipitation of rainfall. Each one has the height of the rainfall (in millimeters) in a given day of a given month. This is an example of just three months (generally we have 900+ months): I want to get a formula (if possible) that gets the...
  5. D

    Automatically SUM Active Cell With Value in Another Cell Google sheets

    I am trying to set up a conditional formatting rule that will automatically SUM the value I input into the conditionally formatted cell with a number from an adjacent cell. For instance, if I apply this conditionally formatted rule to M1: =SUM(K1,M1) I would like whatever number I input into...
  6. H

    Need customized Sumif formula

    Hi Excel Experts, I need to customise the Sumif formula here...if you look at the below table..typical sumif will give the require numbers however, I should get the sumif results at once not at every line where we have same lines....for example below <colgroup><col...
  7. J

    Sum table data with conditions and date in headers

    I am trying to figure out a way to solve an equation for summing data within a table based on date conditions (with date headers that have been converted to text by excel when VBA was refreshing the query) without having to use an array (I have a solution with DATEVALUE and an Array, see...
  8. W

    Conditional Sum from different sheet

    Hello!If you look at the image, I'm trying to sum the total number of hours for a week for concrete repairer, skilled op, labourer etc... sum should be on a different page and looks like thisTrade Total HoursConcrete RepairerLabourerSkilled OpI...
  9. M

    Help please sum formula to sum based on conditions

    <tbody> OIGINAL AMOUNT REV1 REV2 REV3 a 50 100 150 200 b 100 50 c 300 800 300 d 150 30 50 e 60 30 50 f 11 5 8 7 </tbody> I need a formula to sum all based on the latest value entered from the example above it will pick up 200 for row a 50 for row b 300 for row c 50 for row d...
  10. T

    Sum if based on ranges of conditions

    Hi all, I need to do a SUMIF that is rather advanced compared to what I'm used to since it must compare arrays of different sizes (or match them sequentially). I can't find a way to post a screenshot nor mock file, so I hope below is understandable. I have an array A that consists of...
  11. R

    Using multiple condition summing, combined with logic using date and value ranges as parameters

    Good day, I trust someone has bumped into this kind of exercise before and would be able to assist in solving my problem. I have the following example data set: <tbody> <tbody> 1 SA Rand vs US Dollar 2 3 Weighted average of the banks' daily rates at approximately 10:30 am...
  12. Z

    Conditional Sum Across Multiple Sheets With Seperate Named Parameter

    I'm trying to add a sum function to an attendance tracking workbook. I want the sum to be 5 different totals per person on a monthly basis for one year. Right now, there is a total per person at the end of each month, which is one sheet for each month. I want to pull the total absences...
  13. D

    Pivot table question

    Hello, I have a database like this <tbody> Date Customer Item 1 Quantity 1 Item 2 Quantity 2 Item 3 Quantity 3 1-Jan-14 A orange 5 apple 8 banana 3 5-Jan-14 B apple 3 5-Jan-14 C banana 4 apple 2 5-Feb-14 A apple 6 8-Feb-14 A banana 4 orange 2 8-Feb-14 C banana 7...
  14. S

    One To Many Relationship

    I am looking for a single formula that will aggregate data for a parent group with a one to many relationship. Imagine I have sales by employee and I have an employee to group mapping table. My goal is to create a table with sales by group without mapping the group to the sales by employee...
  15. C

    A Complex Sumif function...

    Here's a challenge: I'd like to sum the differences between two columns (B-A) but only for those rows where column B's value is greater than Column A's: <tbody> A B 1 6 5 2 7 7 3 5 7 4 5 8 </tbody> So my desired formula would produce '5' for this array, summing the difference...
  16. O

    Conditional sum

    Hi All, I need help with an excel sheet where I have to conditional sum. I have data in 6 columns like this: <tbody> Col A Col B Col C Col D Col E Col F 1 25-Jan-11 1RENTAL 4 1881.6 2069.76 2 25-Feb-11 1RENTAL 4 1881.6 2069.76 2 25-Feb-11 2RENTAL 4 1881.6...
  17. mghoran

    Conditional Sums and Excel 2007

    Are there differences between the way 2003 and 2007 works for Cond Sums? Previous .xls files work OK (2003), now getting "zero" values in 2007... Cell formats, settings ?? I created these by "saving as" from the .xls, and the "rollup" had to be .xlsm because of macros. I am linking...
  18. L

    conditional sum

    Hi, I know, it'll be the most simplest question for most of you. well here we go, I have a large table, which looks somehting like below: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 215pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=287><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 23pt...
  19. S

    Conditional Sum Function

    Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this formula Usage: IIf(([GTORSH]![PITEM]=[tbl_Inventory]![Item#]) And ([GTORSH]![PSHPDT]>=[BeginDate]) And ([GTORSH]![PSHPDT]<=[EndDate]),Sum([GTORSH]![PSHQTY]),0) [BeginDate] And [EndDate] will be entered as parameter values when the query runs.
  20. W

    How to sum a row until text appears in an another row

    Time spent on each page appears in row 18. Need to sum up all of these pagetimes for each site, to get the total time on site. So in the example below, D19 would reflect the total time spent on sum of cells D18-G18(1:23.0) and H19 would display the total time spent...

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