conditions to a criteria

  1. S

    Calculate number of days given certain criteria

    Good day, hopefully I can get some help as I am not an Excel avid user. I am trying to calculate the number of days between 2 dates if certain criteria is met. As seen in the pic, Column B contains Order Numbers, each order number has multiple rows as each process step has a different sequence...
  2. S

    Just asking for condition format suggestions for rules

    I have a question for a conditional format specifically this: A1Conditions List:2Add anyone that has a title with "scouting" or "personnel" in it. 3I don't need people with "administration" in their title or any cap guys, despite having one listed from the Niners4Make sure every scout keeps the...
  3. D

    Table summary issue (VBA or formula)

    Hi all, I am struggling to find a smart and efficient way where I can make a list out of a huge table. Thought there would be someone here that could help me find a way to build a macro or some condition formula in order to obtain the result i am after. Its heavy manual work but somehow i want...
  4. M

    Random select from column A with no duplicates in column B

    Hello. My task is to select 5 REPORT IDs (Column A) without having any duplicates by the Creator Name (Column B). REPORT IDCreator...
  5. A

    if condition is met then copy the row data into a worksheet for multiple sheets/conditions

    Hi, whats the easiest way to get the data (which is pulled in from 2 other workbooks) into regional tabs ? SO from the table below if the region column = 'Auckland' then move the entire row to the Auckland tab and so forth for all the other regional tabs. once the data is in the regions i...
  6. N

    SumProduct Different Sum Range Based on Criteria

    Hi, Im working in Excel 2016. I am looking to find out if it is possible to designate different sum ranges for one specific criteria in a sumproduct formula while the rest of the conditions apply to both. Example: <tbody> A B C D E 1 Color Month ForSale AM1 Am2 2 Black 1 Y 50 100...
  7. K

    Need Fertilization for summery sheet

    Dear Experts, I have a datasheet and i want result in second sheet based on week numbers. Main columns are as i mentioned below, Customers Styles Qty Rate Values shipment dates week numbers (Weeknum) status (In-process, ready to ship, shipped) in second sheet using same columns and i want...
  8. Z

    Multiple condition formating

    Alright guys, I feel a bit embarrased to ask help for conditional formating, but I have tried and tried to make this work out myself but I cant accomplish anything. I am just stuck. I need to do some multiple condition formating here. I have categories which take part of a material inventory...
  9. C

    Transpose sequence of values based on conditions

    Hello folks, I am currently struggling to set up a macro to transpose arrays of records based on conditions. I am quite new to VBA, so any tips and advice on how best to achieve this will be very much appreciated. Below is the format of my 'raw' data in Excel (Version 16.0.6741.2056) Column...
  10. M

    Advanced Sumproduct and combinations with IFs for every options

    The below is not so simple as you may think of. Here is example of table. Initial has 80K of records and many columns. -- removed inline image --- I would like to sumporduct to count items from table but is not standard easy sumproduct I want. Basically I want to sumproduct to count 4...
  11. M

    Counting unique values with multiple conditions and criteria

    Hi...I need help on how to accomplish this problem. The array formula SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(D14:D26 >= 90,MATCH(C14:C26,C14:C26,0)),ROW(C14:C26)-ROW(C15)+1),1)) only works for 1 condition but for multiple conditions like if the Training Index is <=89.99 and >=80, it doesn't work. In my second...
  12. M

    A formula with a lot of conditions..

    Hi, I need a field (DepField) that depends on seven other fields (Let's say the fields are named 1-7). All fields (including the dependent field can be either "Red", "Yellow" or "Green" There are different conditions for the dependent field (DepField): If either field: 1, 3 or 4 = "Red", then...
  13. K

    Sumifs & isblank

    Hi - I am trying to create a condition in a SUMIFS function that looks at works as follows: A B C D (Date) (estimated) (actual) (quantity) 1 9/1/13 9/1/13...
  14. J

    Nested if statement with vlookup + conditions

    HELLO Excel Experts! Goal = Return a value "0" if cell value is blank or "1" if value matches same one on other sheet. I feel I'm close but can't figure this out. I think I need if statement to set conditions of "1" TRUE or "0" FALSE & vlookup to match values on two different worksheets. I...
  15. D

    Possible Loop Solution Needed: Delete Row Based On Conditions

    Objective: To have no more of 10 specialties per name. The 10 specialties must be the same each time I run it even if there is an introduction of a new specialty next time I run it. Whatever is greater than 10 specialties with the same name should have it's entire row deleted. Problem: I have...
  16. R

    Make calculation using only selected characters from a cell

    Hi all This is the issue I have ( I am calculating school grades) Originally I wanted to use only the 1st character in a cell to make a calculation so for example rather than using "A+" or "A-" I used "A". The foruma for this =LEFT(A1,1) However I now realise that I need to make calculations...

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