condtional formatting

  1. L

    Conditional Formatting between 2 values and out of 2 values

    For green I need the value of PPA Rate to be between the 2 values and red if not. So far this is what I'm using: =AND(H21>=$R$21, H21<=$S$21) - Green =$R21<>$S21 - Red However the values are not aligning and overriding each other. Previosuly I just created a formula for each row on there own...
  2. L

    VBA - If cell = 0, make font white?

    Hello, I am trying to use conditional formatting but in VBA and the record macro doesn't record the code from conditional formatting I just need any cell that = 0 to have white font Is this possible in VBA? It needs to apply to the entire sheet Thank you!!
  3. V

    Conditional Formatting consecutive cells

    I'm trying to figure out how to highlight cells where there are 3 or more consecutive occurrences of a number above 85 which would highlight in green and 3 or more consecutive occurrences of a number under 80 which would highlight in red, I imagine there'd be two different conditional formatting...
  4. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Create Conditional Formatting to Sheet

    Hello Everyone, I am stuck on a project that requires a sheet to get a refresh to the conditional formatting to a sheet. Whenever a user Adds Rows to a sheet or duplicates the sheet the conditional formatting seems to get messed up by duplicating rules and changing my ranges from being entire...
  5. J

    Conditional Formatting need to Highlight cell based on value in any order

    Hello, Conditional Formatting need to Highlight cell from B:D based on value in column A any order should match 3 digits of column A ABCD1237345678902456789023567890227734567890245678902356789034793456789024567890235678904578345678902456789023567890 Thanks for your time and help
  6. M

    Formula used to conditional format rule

    Hi there, I am looking to incorporate the below rule as a conditional format rule - use a formula to determine which cells to format. =IF(M2="","",IF(LEN(M2)>12,"Issue","OK")) Do I need to create two rules essentially to replicate this here? Or how do I amend this rule to "Format values...
  7. M

    How to pastes row of data into another sheet while removing blank lines?

    Hi, I've used conditional formatting on a large set of data to highlight a specific criteria. I have then got formula which gets the highlighted rows into a separate table but the gaps are still there. I was wondering if i was possible to use formula to paste in the rows into another sheet but...
  8. K

    Conditional formatting formula for empty cells

    Hi, i have a range OF CELLS that MY USERS need to fill with data. THE RANGE IS from A1:A1000. sometimes they skip rows for example they fill the cell A1 and then they skip CELL A2 AND LEAVE IT BLANK and THEN THEY fill A3. I need a CONDITIONAL FORMATTING formula to fill in yellow all those...
  9. H

    conditioning in excel based on function

    Hi I’m trying to use conditioning in excel as following If the values in column (cost price) is <$49.99 then write down $4.99 as shipping price If the values in column (cost price) is >$49.99, then write down $0.00 as shipping price Applies the rule to the other rows Thank you...
  10. M

    Conditional Formatting VBA Font Type

    if Column C contains "QC SDMA Feline" I would like the font type of Column B to change from Calibri to another font type such as Arial Black. I am thinking I would need some sort of VBA to accomplish this? I am using Excel 2016 and relatively new to using VBA.
  11. J

    Conditional Formatting -- "Applied To" Keeps Changing

    I've searched the stickies and FAQs and haven't found anything -- after 20+ hours of dedicated research I HAVE to ask you folks how to do this... I have ~10 conditional formatting rules applied on a worksheet. Nine apply to Column H and the other to Columns A-N. If I ever copy and paste ANY...
  12. D

    Can I use conditional formatting to highlight where a cell has been changed (e.g. from N to Y)

    Hi all, I have an Excel spread sheet setup to display departmental compliance with certain criteria, and at the moment I have conditional formatting to show the cell as red when it contains "n" and green when it displays "y". What I would like to do is show also when a cell has been changed...
  13. E

    Help with Conditional Formatting!

    Hi, Hope you can help! I am trying to simplify producing Rotas at work. What I have done is create a lay out with drop down lists refering to the staff. However some staff have different conditions, breaks etc. What I would like is to have the staff formatted in colour depending on what pool...
  14. T

    Color Coordinate Calendar

    Hello, I have an excel workbook with two worksheets. - Worksheet "A" is simply a full calendar for the year, showing each month and day. - Worksheet "B" is our PTO schedule for 5 different employees, with columns showing the following data, starting on column B: PTO Dates <tbody> From To...
  15. J

    VBA count number of cells that have been conditionally formatted

    I have a few conditional formats that, when triggered, format the cell like this: Range("K2:K20").Select Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:= _ "=AND(OR(RIGHT($C2,2)=""PT"",RIGHT($C2,3)=""SAL""),VALUE($K2)>0)"...
  16. H

    Output based on rows of data that ends with another columns condition

    Hello, I was hoping to get help on this simple output. I just haven't used excel in so long I've forgotten it all. Basically, two columns outputs on the same row an ID exists are created, but only utilise the data in rows of another column up until an ID is listed...
  17. T

    Conditional Formatting

    Hello, I have a WORKDAY.INTL function that returns a due date given parameters (thanks DRSteele). Now I am trying to conditionally format the cell so that the default return date (Wednesday February 29, 1900) is invisible. I have tried conditional formatting as a date, as number, as text will...
  18. F

    Using Index and Match in Conditional Formatting

    I am trying to find a solution to colorize referral cells using conditional formatting. I have two worksheets listing names in columns and dates in a row. The names are not sorted the same way in the different sheets. I want one cell in one sheet to colorized if a correlating cell with...
  19. andrewb90

    Add column to Row highlighting VBA

    Hello All, I have this code that I am using to highlight rows, I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to have it highlight the column (Row2:20) as well. Can anybody help? Option ExplicitConst MyAreas = "C2:S14" Dim a, MyCol As Collection, Rng As Range, x As Range ' Highlighting with...
  20. P

    What to do IF need a cell to be highlighted in red, if multiple cells in another worksheet contain anything

    I need to a cell (D3) on work sheet "Year Summary" to be colored red only if any of the following cells (C3:P4) contain anything (letters or numbers) in Worksheet "Jan 1-3". I tried conditional formatting but pretty sure not using the right formula because its not working properly. Please...

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