1. kelly mort

    Trying to use "PageSetup.PaperSize" with a constant not working

    So I read stuffs and learned that I can use a message box to find the constant assigned to the current paper size then used that and pass it to the "<code style="box-sizing: inherit; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-variant-numeric: inherit; font-variant-east-asian: inherit...
  2. D

    Subscript out of range, constant not recognised weirdness. Pls Help! :-(

    hi, i am out of my depth here. I cold really use some help. I have cobbled together a macro that (should) look through a column, create new sheets based on the values in that column, copy the sheets to a new workbook with a name chosen by the user, then delete the new sheets on the original...
  3. pbornemeier

    How return built-in constant value from its name

    Cell A1 contains the string: rgbAliceBlue rgbAliceBlue is a built-in VBA constant with the numeric value of 16775408 In the VBE Immediate window if I enter ?rgbAliceBlue it shows the value: 16775408 Application.Evaluate("rgbAliceBlue") returns Error 2029 - Type mismatch How can I extract...
  4. E

    Scrape web page

    Hi, I am looking for code that would be able to scrape a link like this ? There would be multiple links that it would have to run through that would have the same structure. The prefix would always be...
  5. S

    Align Text on a Specific Character

    Hi. I want to align the text in a column so that a specific character (±) is in the centre. The number of characters either side will vary depending on the value, # decimal places etc, but the one constant will be the ± character. This is an example of some data: <colgroup><col...
  6. P

    Rounding function in VBA does not display same value on worksheet

    I have imported strings that represent simple equations with a constant and a linear term. I want to split them apart so that I can used them for more calculations. It should look like this <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> sigma1 Constant Linear 0.557-0.048M -0.557 -0.048...
  7. B

    Dynamic Array Constant

    Is it possible to reference another cell to use as an array constant? Let's say in table A I have the following data: <tbody> A B 1 Type Code Amount 2 1 10 3 2 20 4 3 30 5 4 40 6 5 50 </tbody> And I'd like the the amount aggregated by the type code in table B: <tbody> A B C...
  8. T

    Keeping cell constant when formula is from another worksheet

    I have a formula that needs to be applied to an entire column. It is doing a calculation with information from an other worksheet. How do I use the $ to keep the cell information from the other worksheet constant. For example, here is the formula: =V5*0.01*Slider_work!B5+Slider_work!B2 The...
  9. M

    Row/Index Function

    =IF(ROWS($A$28:A28)>COUNTIF(Utilisation!C62:C68,"Paid Breaks"),"",INDEX(Utilisation!A62:A68,SMALL(IF(Utilisation!C62:C68="Paid Breaks",ROW(Utilisation!C62:C68)-ROW(Utilisation!C62)+2),ROWS($A$28:A28)))) Is there any way to amend this formula so that it searches all of column "C" for the word...
  10. A

    absolute reference is changing when adding a new column

    I have a simple formula. =$n5*sheet2!$V10. When I insert a column in sheet 2, my formula changes to =$n5*sheet2!$W10. How do i keep the formula constant when inserting a column?
  11. R

    constant array in sumproduct

    Dear All, how can I use a constant array to make this formula work? basically I need a count of the food that "aida" have between jan1 to jan 4. summing them is...
  12. J

    Calculating conditional values.

    I have an database of 1000-1100 records. I want to select few records which are constant and need to be highlighted in red color text whenever i paste all the records in column A. I want to know how can i select the highlights and as they are constant, how can i recall them daily in an different...
  13. P

    Find Two Most Right Non-Null Numbers and Compare

    Hello! I have a series of 5 columns, H1-L1, in those columns there can be 0 to 5 values. What I'd like to do, is compare the two furthest right values to a constant Example: Constant = 15 H1--I1--J1--K1--L1 10------20-------30 In this, example, I would compare 20 and 30 to my constant...
  14. L

    VBA Automate Re-sort Complex Table

    Dear Community, I would like assistance to resort a series of logistic regressions tables that include (1) the variable name; (2) the standard error; (3) EXP(B); and (4) a starred version of significance level. I have a series of tables one after the other in a single sheet, which use the...
  15. R


    Dear all. I am reading a book "Credit: risk modeling using excel and vba" and came across the code below (only part of it) that creates a function for logistic regression. I have some understanding about VBA but I have never used matrix and it seems that the code starts to create a dummy...
  16. S

    constant filtered subtotal value

    Hi everyone I've been trying t solve this, I'm trying to keep the value of filtered subtotal constant even if I changed the filter, what's the appropriate function? and kindly note that it's non numeric data. Thanks
  17. P

    Range anyname.Columns .count

    Dear all I am trying to understand the logit regression code below and although it is a function I tried to run step by step as a sub to understand it. the xraw and y ranges in this context doesn't work, it gives me an error. then I've replaced the N and K by: N = Cells(Rows.Count...
  18. C


    Trying to use AND OR together. IF(AND(A1=5,B1=10)) OR IF(AND(A1=30,B1=10),A1,"") This obviously doesn't work. The OR is to allow a different choice for A1 but B1 remains the some. A1 is a 10 or 30 and B1 is constant. I need two variables for A1 to agree with B1 resulting in a TRUE
  19. D

    Query for a formula referencing Cell locations

    Hello, My quandary is I have a formula (4,046 rows) that pulls data from columns to add in a pipe delimited format. I need to make sure the formula is pulling from the same row for all columns. So, within the formula I have a changing row number on a constant column look. Can anyone help? Here...
  20. G

    Matrix Dimension as variable/constant

    Hello, I am trying to make a function which would use a matrix of (N ,2) dimensions. The function (incomplete) is as following: Function APPROACH(P1 As Range, x1 As Double, y1 As Double) As Double N = P1.Rows.Count Dim A1(1 To 3, 1 To 3) As Double Dim A2(1 To N, 1 To 2) As Double I get an...

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