1. T

    Copy Outlook Shared Contacts to My Contacts via Excel VBA

    Scenario: Another user on Microsoft Exchange has shared an Outlook Contact folder with me and I would like to create an Excel VBA macro to copy the content of that folder to another "local" folder in my Outlook Contacts. I have written a VBA solution that is very close to what I want but it...
  2. M

    Index and Match values in a cell seperated by commas

    Hi I have a huge project sheet with dozens of projects along with tasks and the associated contacts. My source list is set up like this: <tbody> Role Proj A Proj B Proj C PM Bob Sue Dan BA Phil Mike Matt SME Ryan Jack Larry </tbody> Each tab a is project with a all of...
  3. E

    drop down list based on a lookup

    I have a sheet that lists out all of our customers. I want to create a dropdown list on a separate sheet that only contains the contacts associated with the company name that is indicated. Is this possible?
  4. B

    Edit contacts; fill textbox out of listbox

    Hi all, I'm making a contactbook for phone contacts. On userform frmTelephoneSearch i have a listbox named lstSearchResults. It displays all my contacts. Now i would like to make a new userform to edit contacts that are in lstSearchResults. I would like to select a name in the...
  5. B

    Bulk Export VCF to Excel

    So I have over 1500 VCF files that I need to export to an Excel spreadsheet I tried the conventional Windows Import > Export way but it seems to be taking forever to convert just a few files Does anyone know of a free tool or a convenient way I could do this quickly? I am running Excel...
  6. K

    Map visual - filter min amount of contacts

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create map visual in Power BI. My data consists of a list of contacts, their nationlity, and a measure for an average amount. I can create a map visual with a color scale according to the average amount, but I would like to exclude natonalities for which less than...
  7. N

    Change Large Quantity of Check Boxes to Relative Link instead of Absolute

    I have a database of 4,000+ contacts and have check boxes next to each name in order to select for processing / copying, etc. Check boxes are in Column C and linked to Column AU after each contact's data. I want to use Check Boxes for as fast as possible selection of a contact. I manually...
  8. E

    Importing contacts from a .TXT to .CSV - Gmail compatible

    Hi, I have a .txt file of around 700 contacts (email addresses only) each separated by a ','. As I am unable to import a .txt file to Gmail I have imported these contacts into a CSV file via Excel. However when I try to import this into Gmail the import fails. Could anyone please tell me...
  9. S

    Find and Findnext code help

    Hey guys, I have a long list of contact names and addresses, none of which have a unique identifier. I need a way to pull the contact name and address info from the list, and paste it into a new tab so that I can have all of the contact names listed as column headers. an example of two...
  10. J

    Microsoft Outlook

    Hello, Is there a way to export a list of all the contacts you have sent emails to in your inbox? Many thanks.
  11. I

    Contact List Segmentation:

    I am wanting to segment a contact list by creating a Segmented list name Column. I would like to segment the list by every 2000 contacts per state. I was thinking of having the column name be TX -1, TX -2, etc. for every 2000 contacts. But once a new state is presented then it should start back...
  12. B

    formula help

    column A is # of contacts made in a week 18,245 Column B is # of FTE 212 Column C is # of weeks 52 how would you determine # of contacts made per FTE per Week ty
  13. P

    copy data to different columns

    Hi All I have in Sheet1 Column A the data for about 3000 contacts which I want to split into individual contacts on sheet 2 going accross the columns. The problem is that some of the contacts use 4 rows, others 5 and some 6. This is causing me all sorts of problems. The only saving grace that...
  14. G

    Fill in blank cells + Create 'Record Numbers'

    Probably not the best title to get the point across but now that you are here...: Have a spreadsheet with rows of company names and multiple contacts per company. The company name data is only in the row of the first contact for the company. The subsequent company name rows are blank until the...
  15. M

    ComboBox query - why lots of blank rows?

    Good morning, Workbook A Sheet 1 contains four columns A = concatenate B & C B = first name C = cast name D = phone number The CONCATENATE formula in column A replicates down to line 50, as i can't be sure how many contacts there will be, but i do know that there won't be more than 50...
  16. C

    Matrix style Vlookup?

    I have a spreadsheet with 4 columns: A - Child, B - Parent, C - Child contact, D - Parent contact Each Parent belongs to the same parent(this is needed for reasons unrelated to this issue) Each child belongs to a parent Each child can have none, 1, or multiple contacts. Each Parent can have...
  17. kelly mort

    a macro to send sms to phone numbers in a column

    Hello geniuses, I am thinking of something new to me. I wanna get a macro to send sms to contacts in a range. I wanna know if it is possible first. Then I need help how to do it. So it will be like when I click a button, which will be on a userform then send the message "The meeting will be...
  18. F

    Got stuck with advanced transposition - is it even possible?

    Good night on you! Sitting with tight deadline and trying to help colleague who got stuck. It is about compiling economic information about 500 companies and contacts. However, in order for the contacts to be able to imported to a database later, they must be set up differently than the...
  19. M

    Conditional Axis values based on filter

    My dashboard is calculating contacts per sales team / sales person. I'd like to be able to toggle the bar chart visuals from contacts per team to contacts per sales person depending on if the teams have been filtered or not. How could this be done? I have a feeling it should be done with...
  20. V

    Reorganize Data

    Hi, I have a list of 300 accounts in the first columns and the contacts in the second column. Each account can have multiple contacts to it so it will appear in rows multiple times: Company1 - Company 1 - Company 2 - Company 2 -

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