1. B

    excel vba sheet name

    Hi i would like a vba that does the flowing if my seventh character from my sheet name begins with a "4" then delete row 12 from the sheet if not continue to the rest of the code Thanks
  2. T

    Function arguments

    I have the following If Not Intersect(Target, Range("H7:H37, I7:I37, N7:N37, O7:O37")) Is Nothing Then If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub As in the above example, the range of cells will continue to be 2 columns and then skip 4 columns, 2 columns and then skip 4 columns, etc. This pattern...
  3. R

    Exit main macro if frmMsgBox equals no, else run main macro

    Hello! :) I have a large main macro. I would like for the very first thing it does is to call a custom msg box that will ask the user whether or not they wish to exit the macro, or if they wish to continue. If they wish to exit, I need to exit out of the custom msgbox sub AND also out of the...
  4. M

    Locking a row after data entry

    I am creating this spreadsheet for work purposes and i need to allow staff to enter customer details, name, order no, address etc. However i would like for after each customers data enter for that row to be locked. So ideally i would like after each entry for staff member to initial the entry...
  5. I

    Help with regards finding code then i can proceed

    Hi, On my worksheet i type in a customers name in the cell A6 I then go to the cell B6 to complete the next set of values to input BUT when i leave the cell A6 a code checks to see if the customers name already already exists in column A. If nothing is found i continue like you would BUT if the...
  6. A

    Name Manager

    Hi, Is there a way to set up Name Manager to change the Name of the sets in Name Manager automatically so it will allow the drop down lists to continue to work? Thanks Angus
  7. P

    Pricing Auto Arrangment Flormula

    I have a column of prices from my Easter Flowers. An Example: Column A Prices are arranged as 376 384 386 389 387 384 381 384 386 393 390 389 386 389 etc. EXCEL needs to subtract the first two 376-384 which is a difference of +7. Now in Column B I need Excel to populate cells with the...
  8. C

    VBA Loop help for a few lines of code

    Hello, I just registered but I've been lurking here a while. I am trying to teach myself how to loop. This is the macro I have that I would like to loop. I believe I have enough info there so you know what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks a ton Sub Macro2() ' ' Macro2 Macro ' '...
  9. I

    Continue Numbering

    Hello to everyone I have this situation In colmun A i have a simple numerotation A1=Row() Which is formula for keeping continue numerotation after i deleted a value or values from this range? Thank's A B C <tbody> 1 1 1...
  10. J

    Pause or stop VBA for a manual edit to the sheet

    Hi All, I have a sheet with approximately 75K rows. My code is adding columns, formulas and formatting working great. I would like to stop the code in the middle/at specific points with a message box to allow me to do a manual edit on the sheet. For instance, have a message box pop up with...
  11. F

    stop VBA code if condition not found

    Looking in column C I am using autofilter to find duplicates then print out sheet, will need to continue printing until condition not found <ActiveSheet.Range("$B$13:B" & Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row).AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="A1" ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut...
  12. A

    count formula 3s&1s

    hi to all, i have an arrey formula at H1 which counts 3s and 1s only from a row G:G(random generator of 3s,2s,1s) and in case of number 2 apeared should count 0 and then continue counting 3s and 1s. the formula is working until 2 apears ,it shows 0zero but it stops, imean the zero is...
  13. andrewb90

    Need help consolidating code

    Hi all, I have this code: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 'If Sheets("ValuesG").Range("A2").Value = "1" Then MB01.TextBox1.Text = Sheets("ValuesG").Range("B5").Text MB01.CommandButton1.Caption = "Continue" MB01.CommandButton2.Caption = ""...
  14. jl2509

    MsgBox cancel or Continue macro

    Hi Can anyone advise for a macro that will check cell A2 for a value of "True" If cell A2 does contain "True" then return a messagebox "Are you sure this is the correct selection?" vbyesno if vbyes is pressed then continue with code or if no is selected exit sub This must be run from a command...
  15. O

    Change Password??

    Where does one change the password? Tried My Profile as well as settings. No help there. Did not want to continue using the temp reset password. Thanks Dave, The Olive Oil Guy
  16. L

    VBA to continue automatically when opening files

    Our code (I copied it and tweaked it from another vba forum) goes out to @ 200 files in a folder and copies a single row into 1 sheet - works great But Rather than putting in code to tell it to Don't UpdateLinks or Don't Ask and then getting a second prompt, is there code to tell it to Don't...
  17. E

    Macro check if named option button physically exists and then do action accordingly?

    I am using Excel 2007 I have a worksheet called Sheet1 On this worksheet I have two option buttons : ActiveSheet.Shapes("OptionButton1") ActiveSheet.Shapes("OptionButton2") These two option buttons can be deleted by a macro depending on what a user does. I need a macro that can do the...
  18. F

    Global procedures

    Do I have to dimension a global variable as string, integer etc.? I Have: Global my_age , Continue, Street Should I have: Global my_age as interger, Continue as string, Street as string Would the second way use less memory?
  19. L

    Continue formula in entire column, indefinitely

    I'm very new to VBA and have not found the answer in other posts. Hoping you can assist. I need the formula provided below to continue past cell 83, as I'm going to be reusing this macro on other data that may be larger than 83 lines. How do I essentially tell it to read ALL cells in the...
  20. J

    Continue more complex sequence

    Everyone knows Excel can continue 1,2,3... to 4,5,6 and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to Thursday, Friday, Saturday. But what if the sequence is much more complex? Like for example, given list: 10 6,025 3,77 2,52 1,77 1,32 1,01 0,805 0,645 0,53 give me the 50th entry on that list. What's the...

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