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    How to create a continuous VBA program sub

    I am uploading live-data from bloomberg onto excel, and that data contains the date/time (i.e. 7/8/14 6:01pm) and a stock price. Since it goes in real time, after each previous date/time and stock price, whenever new data becomes available, it is constantly being added below the previous...
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    Edit this code to continuously run Macro? : )

    Current, what i'm doing is i want Cell A6 in Worksheet("Compensation") to be show up looking like "less Items # 1,5,4,6." Those numbers actually correspond to cell values in Column A in another worksheet known as "Cap. Rec." when Column E holds value R. What I actually got was the formula only...
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    Changing Value

    I am creating a template for a report based tool. I have different return in column A (in the sense that Toronto or Houston, etc may come in different amounts based on my data). I need a formula that I can drag down 200 rows and will not have to worry about my output into column D. Please...
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    Continuous Macro to rid screen blinking

    This may be a bit of a complicated message, but I currently have a macro that pulls in data via XML every 15 secs. I am using the screenupdating = false to stop the updating, but every time my macro runs, at the end, the screen will blink. I need help figuring out a way to get rid of that...
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    how to jump out of a continuously running process?

    I have an application that I want to read a digital volt meter (DVM) in two ways. The first way is to continuously read the DVM and display the voltage on the screen. The second is to only read the DVM a single time when I hit a button. I can get both to run independently but I can't get...

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