1. K

    Count data between dates

    Hello Folks , I am working on a file where in i am setting control limits "Upper Control Limit" and "Lower Control Limit" Sheet is working fine for me however need a small logic to be build in the below formula . =COUNTA(C24:C$523) In the above Formula "C24:C523 is the range where Dates are...
  2. L

    Format Control

    I have my format control to change by week stating for 2019 and it runs to week 52 but i want that to change in 2020 to start week 1 thru week 52. Control set to Minimum Value: 44 i started with the data for week 44 Maximum Value: 52 Incremental Change: 1 Page Change: 3 Cell Link: Calculation!$A$2
  3. K

    Modification in the formula

    Hello Folks , I am working on a file where in i am setting control limits "Upper Control Limit" and "Lower Control Limit" Sheet is working fine for me however need a small logic to be build in the below formula . =MOD(COUNTA(C24:C523)-1,K7)+1 In the above Formula "C24:C523 is the range...
  4. K

    changing properties of command button

    many sources mention that when i add a control button from form controls into worksheet and right click on it, there should be option for properties from which i could change font, color , name etc.. but unfortunately when i do right click only options i see are: cut, copy, edit text, grouping...
  5. kelly mort

    QR code to load a static barcode control on a worksheet

    I have this code here, to create qr code. It's doing well getting the code. But I am thinking of having a pre-created barcode control, where I only run the code to load the control instead of creating new one each time. Maybe, the sheet change event will do the job. But since this object is...
  6. T

    Macro to add tab name to cell and check if its there?

    Hi Everyone, I need two macros and not sure the best way to do them I need one macro that when run take the activesheets name and adds it to Control range A35 Then another that when run looks at Control A35 and if its not empty message box's "Stop, There has been an Error, (new line) You still...
  7. W

    Basic Formula to Button

    Hi All, I have a formula that returns the last text cell which is =INDEX($F$6:$F$13,MATCH(REPT("z",255),$F$6:$F$13)) and it works well. How do I go about adding that same formula to a form control button? do I use ActiveCell.Formula?? along with my...
  8. G

    Can I amend a macro to meet specific data needs

    Hi I have the macro shown below that adds a row when the word "ticket control number" appears in column S. What im trying to do is amend it so that at every change of number in column "X" it adds a row instead. Any Ideas? Thanks Sub ControlRow() Dim lastRw As Long, nxtRw As Long 'Determine...
  9. L

    design mode

    Hi I want to understand Developer-->Design mode and what is used for. I read this post and Parry said: ""If you select the Control Toolbox to draw a control etc, you will notice that design mode automatically comes on.""...
  10. L

    list of properties and methods after type . after the object name

    Hi I tried to google this but do not know the name of the list. When I type Workbooks(1) for example and then the dot, I will get a list of all methods etc. What this list called? How I can control it. I mean if it was not there, can I go to settings and enable it? Thank you very much.
  11. A

    search criteria like small(if(isnumber(find.. with any code

    Hi All i have attached the sheet with made up sample. in sheet 4 there is column C and E is the data which i received and i want result of column D and F as i mentioned with reference to subject of this post! column C and E is linked with sheet 3 columns, there is mainly two types of packages...
  12. G

    Assign Procedure/s to VB editor toolbar commands

    Hello, Is that possible to assign macro procedure to a toolbar control (within the VB editor not on Worksheet)? Thanks, Giorgi
  13. John.McLaughlin

    I want to control the order of cell selection during data entry.

    I have a simple worksheet to enter customer Info. I want to control the order of cell selection and reduce the users need to Tab Right. User enters First Name, press enter VBA to bounce right and enter Last Name (instead of Tab Right) After Last Name is entered, press enter VBA to drop down...
  14. M

    Ignore right mouse click on form control

    Hi gurus in the sky I use form control buttons to make life easy for my users. I want to disable a right click totally. I have discovered how to disable the "cut, copy, paste etc" menu by pasting into ThisWorkbook Private Sub Workbook_SheetBeforeRightClick(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target...
  15. F

    Step through a Macro

    I just bought the latest version of Excel and I use to be able to step through my macros with F8. It no longer works. Also My control buttons don't work. Has it changed?
  16. R

    Lookup and Join inquiry

    I need to join a comma delimited list to a list that has the corresponding naming conventions. For example... Table A - Starting from Cell A2 <tbody> 45,745 209,65,35 45,112,N60 </tbody> Table B - Starting from Cell A2 (ID) & B2 (Name) <tbody> <tbody> 45 Exam One 209 Test Two...
  17. S

    userform list view with multiple filters

    Hi all, I hope that what I’m about to ask doesn’t seem too difficult to picture, but I’ll try to put it out as plainly as I can for you to see what I’m getting at. I run a Stock Control workbook containing a very large dataset spread over about 20+ worksheets – let’s call it “Stock KPIs –...
  18. Z

    How can I create a form control within a macro?

    I made an excel add-in that creates a report from a site automatically. I would like to add a form control to that report linked to another sub in the add-in file automatically. This is so the user can run another report just by entering a value in a specific cell and pressing the form...
  19. E

    Convert .txt single column list to Excel table

    Hi, I have below list (qty >20000 lines) in .txt format: Task list ABCDEF1 Operation 0010 ABCDEF1 Work center PP Control key ZM01 Number of persons 1 Work 1.0 HR Duration 1.0 HR Task list ABCDEF2 Operation 0010 ABCDEF2 Work center QQ Control key ZM01 Number of persons 1 Work 2.0 HR Duration...
  20. M

    Userform VBA Check Box when checke and command button selected Copy and paste Userform data to worksheet

    Apologies for the lengthy title. I have never done anything using a check box. What needs to be accomplished is when the check box is selected all the data that is in the userform will be copied and redirected to a worksheet. Currently when the command button is selected it copies all the data...

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