1. G

    Granular Control

    When copying data in excel. Press Shift-PageDown. Can you control the exact number of rows it covers down? Thanks
  2. S

    VBA - ToggleButton Hide/Unhide Rows

    I'm new to VBA and am trying to figure out a way to do the following. I have 3 spreadsheets (Live, Control, Compare). Live & Control have a list of names in D8:D99 and Compare has a list in A7:A98 with a number field in B7:B98. I want to create a toggle button that will hide rows based on the...
  3. A

    Button form control changin shape and moving around when running macro

    Hi All When i go into the developper and i insert a button (form control ) the button is created, then i asigned the macro . Everytime i run it the button moves around , changing its shape too is there a way to fixed in a cell or area so it doen'st move or change its size? thanks in advance Ac
  4. M

    Hyperlinks to change drop down selection

    Hello, Currently I have a Windows 7 computer with Microsoft Excel-Office professional plus 2016 installed. I have a form control (combo box-drop down) set up. I would like to create a hyperlink so that when you click on it, it changes the drop down selection on the control box, making them...
  5. J

    paste text and images by user

    Hi I want user can paste text and image in a text box what control i should use? thanks
  6. B

    Dynamically Create labels with click events and dynamically delete labels

    I have the following code so far which uses arrays to add click events for newly generated labels. However, I want to convert this to using collections instead since I have to redim preserve everytime a button is made which is supposively a performance hog. I have tried to convert over to...
  7. Q

    Pivot Table in a Userform: Microsoft Office PivotTable 11.0 Control

    Hello everyone! I've been searching around the web and have run across some instances of people successfully implementing a Pivot Table, including functionality, into a Userform. Several mentions of the following control have been made: Microsoft Office PivotTable 11.0 Control I tried...
  8. T

    Copied data is settung DATE format in every cell????

    I am really at a loss with this. I have a workbook that i have had for a while now and things were fine until recently. I have multiple tabs and i do have macros but i see no reason why this would be happening. What i have going on is I will copy lines of data from one sheet outside this...
  9. M

    List Box form control, max 5 selections

    Hello, I have a question regarding the List Box in Excel. I am about to build a dashboard, and what I want to have is a list box where the user can make multiple selection, but no more than 5. So far, I haven't managed to do it with the list box form control. Is it even possible? I imagine it...
  10. R

    Import text from winforms control?

    Hi guys, Long shot possibly, but I'm wondering if it is possible to extract text from a winforms control using vba? and import it to an excel sheet? The classNN of the control is: It is a grid control type thing.
  11. M

    Clearing values of Different control type inside a frame with vba

    Hi, I have a user form which includes two frames one is header and the second is "body". Each has text box and combo box controls, I want to clear all the content of body controls, no matter of the control types. Also, I need to know if I add for instance radio button How I should change the...
  12. A

    Access Form: Hiding a Field, Getting an Error

    Here's my setup: I have a master form, where a user will enter a part number. I then have a subform that is linked to that part number that will tell the user additional warehouse storage locations. I don't want the part number to be repeated in the subform, I just want to show the additional...
  13. J

    Exclude One Textbox from a Collection of Controls

    This shouldn't be hard, but it's giving me fits. This code is working well and I'm creating a collection of textbox controls so that I can detect changes on the userform (to prompt a user to save their work). I want to EXCLUDE one textbox (that I'm using as a search feature) from the...
  14. B

    Loop through controls on a userform not triggering afterupdate event

    I have a form in excel that includes a large number of controls. For many of the controls, there is an _AfterUpdate event that fires correctly when the user enters data. The _AfterUpdate code makes entries in one or more ranges in the associated spreadsheet (I am not using the ControlSource...
  15. F

    Form events using set property

    Hi! I'm trying to assign events to the text- and comboboxes in a userform. It works fine as long as I just add one of the control types (TextBox or ComboBox), or assign each control to a different property name.The problem occurs when I'm assigning both Textbox and ComboBox to the same in...
  16. T

    proceed changing in a webpage (or click something on that?)

    I am new here, so forgive me if any information not specific. I got a task to download data from this webpage using VBA: STOXX 600 Historical Rates - I want to have monthly, 5-year data, whereas the default values for the webpage are: daily and for 1-month. I can manipulate it...
  17. H

    Controlling a msp macro function argument using Excel VBa

    Hello All I am Mohammad Hossein Reihani an Industrial Engineering student. I want to find a way by which I can control a macro function which I have written in the MSP from Excel. For example, I have a function which opens a specific mpp format file. the argument of the function is the...
  18. A

    runtime error 2110

    Still new with VBA, using only what i have learned online and on these forums lol. I have created a multipage userform in excel. i entered a code to set focus on blank text before moving on to the next page when clicking "next" however i keep getting Run-time error '2110' "Cant move focus to...
  19. Darren Bartrup

    Create a form navigation bar using classes.

    I'm hoping to get this working. My Excel project has a number of forms each of which can be opened from a number of buttons at the top of each form (i.e. a navigation bar - clicking a button opens the target form and closes the current form). At present each form has code similar to that below...

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