convert columns to rows

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    converting columns C cells to a new row under A and B -macro

    Hello dear mrexcel helpfull friends. i have three columns and many rows. this is a dictionary data. A is word B is meaning C is example sentence i want to bring C example centence to under A and B. because when i copy to word file these columns, no space to be side by side. so i need to bring...
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    VBA row of data into several rows

    G'day all, I'm very new to vba and I was hoping somebody might be able to help me with some code for converting rows of racing data into a table. Each row has 6 columns of race info (A:F), then 8 columns of Horse #1 info (G:N), then 8 columns for Horse #2 (O:V) etc. I would like Horse #2's...
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    Move values from columns to new rows

    Hello everybody! I 'd appreciate if somebody helped me on this: I have N rows of data separated into 4 columns <tbody> A B C D 1 VALUE1i VALUE1ii VALUE1iii VALUE1iv 2 VALUE2i VALUE2ii VALUE2iii VALUE2iv 3 VALUE3i VALUE3ii VALUE3iii VALUE3iv N VALUENi VALUENii VALUENiii VALUENiv...
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    Convert Columns to Rows

    I know the answer is somewhere on this site, but I can't find it. I want to convert: Name1 Street1 City,State,Zip1 Name2 Street2 City,State,Zip2 to: Name1 Street1 City,State,Zip1 Name2 Street2 City,State,Zip2 How do I do this? Thank you!
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    Convert column data to rows

    Hi, Does anyone have a solution for this excel task: <tbody> Name Level1 Level2 Level3 A 1/2/2000 3/5/2000 9/9/2000 B 2/2/2003 5/5/2004 10/7/2005 C 3/4/2001 4/4/2002 11/13/2005 </tbody> Convert the above to look like: <tbody> Name Levels Date A Level1 1/2/2000 A Level2 3/5/2000...
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    Macro to flatten certain columns of a table into individual rows

    Hi Guys, I am new to macros and i have my current data in Excel 2007 in this format below: But i want to converge Electricity use, Gas use and Oil use under a common column names as energy use, as below: Can you please help me with the Macro/ VBA code required to automate this task...
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    Macro to take columns and paste them into seperate rows

    Hi All, I've searched a number of threads for a solution and tried a few, but can't seem to get it to work on my sheet. I have a sheet with 2 static columns which give a Description and a code that matches the description. In all of the remaining columns, I have a header, which is the...
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    Convert dumb customer records to csv for database import

    Hey guys, I know this question is likely answered somewhere here, or at least addressed... I've tried searching for any words I can think of that might relate to the question but no luck. Regardless, please see below: Column1 Column2 Business Name Company X Address...

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