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    Converting imported text as dd/mm/yyyy to date as yyyymmdd

    I have an Excel macro which imports a csv file with all the fields specified as text. Among these fields is a field whith a date. This fields appears as dd/mm/yyyy. When it comes to copy this field to another sheet converting it to date format yyyymmdd and later sort on the fields it does not...
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    Strange Date Format 11/4/14, 1:09 PM will not convert to Excel Date Time due to comma placement

    A popular product has an Export to Excel with a single column for Date / Time. The format shown has the date [comma] Time. It won't convert to a Date date type due to the comma. A popular software tool takes this data off of the internet and converts it to this text string. I can manually use...
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    Issue converting string to number..

    I found a problem with my code where I was using CInt to convert string values into numeric. However, I have tried using CDbl and CLng and I still don't get the value. "27623" converts without issue, "72702" will not. Is there any way that makes sense?
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    How to convert text base date into xx/xx/xxxx format

    I have cells with dates in the format below <table width="200" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><colgroup><col width="200"></colgroup><tbody><tr height="17"> <td class="xl24" style="height:12.75pt;width:150pt" width="200" height="17">Wed Jun 01 09:23:11 PDT 2011</td>...
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    Date Format query

    Hi I have below data which generates in skewed date format some come with 4 digit year and some with 02 Digit year . I am also unable to convert the Date Text into date . Tried all your earlier tips . I am using Excel 2003 would you be able to help in converting all in an uniform format ...
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    Convert inconsistenly formatted text to date

    I receive text inconsitently formatted text strings that I would like to convert to a date. The strings always have the date followed by a message. Unfortunately, the date comes in several different forms. The day can take one of four formats: not named, one letter, three letters, or...
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    Convert text to date

    Dear all, I am exporting data from an educational piece of software into excel but unfortunately it exports dates stroed as text. I am hoping that someone has an easy way to convert this text into a recognisable date format in excel. The file to download i here...

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