1. A

    Converting a formula to excel/google sheets

    Hey guys, I have something I need help with. I need to convert the following formula into an excel formula. Any help? I'll be honest, I don't fully understand this, it's from a website which converts football actions into meaningful statistics. The post is here...
  2. NewOrderFac33

    Converting durations to minutes

    Good morning, I have a series of time values which are formatted thus e.g. 28hr 46m 22s I have some code that builds up a string containing the "minute" vales of these strings, so, for example 10h 15m 17s would display as 615 (10*60+15) I achieve this with: MinuteValue = (Hour(Selection) *...
  3. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - Converting Date String into an Actual Date

    Hello All, Working on a weird issue here. Look on the interwebs and found nothing for my specific issue. The DateValue syntax doesn't seem to work in the event the data string makes no sense. So here is how some of the dates come in; <tbody> Date as it comes in Converted to General...
  4. M

    Converting CountIf to SumProduct

    Hello! I have looked up and tried every link and suggestions already on line that I could. Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble converting a CountIf function to SumProduct. I'm doing this because I need to link my CountIf to a closed worksheet. My original CountIf function...
  5. M

    Converting formula to VBA

    Hi Demigods, I have the following formula as an example in cell F1 of my sheet: =IFERROR(IF((VLOOKUP(D1,SSCC_bin_H!A:A,1,FALSE))=SSCC_counter_H!D1,"A",""),"") This formula is in every single row of column F to the bottom of the sheet - in this case row 205102. As you can imagine, it slows...
  6. E

    converting excel formula to vba

    hello i am new to vba can any one help me converting this excel formula =INDEX($C$7:$C$2001,AGGREGATE(15,3,IF($C$7:$C$2001=$J$5,ROW($C$7:$C$2001)-ROW($C$7)+1),ROW(A1))) to vba code please do mention where to type value that needs to be searched and where will i get the answer this formula...
  7. M

    Converting IF statement to Power BI

    I'm trying to covert the following Excel IF statement to a custom column in Power BI: =IF(O2<>P2,IF(O2>0,O2,P2),IF(P2=0, N/A,P2)) (replacing the cells with the column names) I cannot for the life of me figure out the syntax. Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated.
  8. D

    converting number to date

    ok so the data i pull in has the date in this general form: 20190502 .....I want to covert that easily into a date format so that I can compare the number of days between the pulled in date and another date is there an efficient way to do this? ideally via VBA.
  9. C

    Converting DM to DD

    I have been beating away at this keybod for hours and i am stuck trying to convert my gps coordinates to another format. Can someone help with this? here is what I am trying to do: Cell A Cell B N 34 37.760,W 84 11.565 ----->...
  10. E

    Protect worksheet after running VBA code for converting column to text

    Hi, i am trying to unprotect my worksheet to run below code for converting columns into text and then protect sheet again but somehow its not working. Please help! Sub EWEB2() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worksheets("EWEB") ws.Select ws.Unprotect Password:="dim" Columns("G:G").Select...
  11. T

    Converting numbers with K to 1000's

    Hi, I have a list of values that I need converted. They look like this: <tbody> 14.75K 29K 44.5K 26.5K 28.5K 1.5K 22K </tbody> and I am trying to get them changed to <tbody> 14750 29000 44500 26500 28500 1500 22000 </tbody> Any and all help Appreciated! Thanks, Todd
  12. B

    Convert Character Count to Twips

    I am trying to solve a problem. Assume I have a label that is 100 twips in width (default unit from my research) for a userform. I need to count how many characters of a specific font can fit into that 100 width without going to a new line. That would require converting these units of measure...
  13. S

    Converting text to numbers

    Hi Guys I have this date format as text and would like to convert it to just numbers: This is what I have '3ys 7ms 15ds' and I would like to try and display it as a round number say 3.70 or 3.07 whichever works TIA
  14. Z

    converting date format

    Hi, I have half a spreadsheet with the date format in the mm/dd/yyyy, followed by the other half with the format I need: I tried converting it but couldn't do it. ANy ideas? Thank you!
  15. M

    Open all files in a folder, run a macro

    I have 2,000 spreadsheets in a folder - I would like some code that; - opens each spreadsheet one at a time - in sheet "Summary", copy/paste special whole sheet - in sheet "Summary", columns C&D - I only want the first letter of any text to remain (converting names to initials) - delete all...
  16. F

    Average if a column contains x or y

    I'm hoping this is an easy fix. I need a formula that will average data in a column if a column contains x or y. Currently I have: N22 ={IFERROR(AVERAGE(IF((SEN={"n",""}),KS2A)),"")} However, this is returning 4.49 when it should be 4.83. It might be converting blanks to 0 hence the...
  17. B

    Converting into date format in excel

    I have selected three cells A1 = Day, B1= Month & C1=Year. Now I want to get date format in cell D1 as DD-MM-YYYY. For example, A1=22, B1=10, C1=1975 and the result will be in D1= 22-10-1975. How can I do that?
  18. J

    Difficulty with lookup tables - Binary/Hex

    Hello all, I ave just completed converting decimal to binary without the use of DEC2BIN. However now I am moving onto converting this concatenated 8 bit binary number into Hex, without the use of BIN2HEX. What I have done so far is set up a vertical table with two columns, one with 16 values...
  19. B

    Keep links when converting to a pdf

    Is there any way to keep links to other sheets in a workbook when converting the whole workbook to a pdf? I have certain external links which all convert fine, but any internal links I have (e.g. a table of contents) loses all the links once saved as a pdf. I've tried Save As and Export as PDF.
  20. L

    converting numbers into text

    Hi I am reading the article below and although he gave an example why converting number to text is needed, I did not understand the example. Can you please give me examples/reasons why that is needed? Thank you

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