1. S

    Scatter Plot X,Y Coordinate Number of Occurrences

    I am looking to build a scatter plot to illustrate how many times an X,Y coordinate appears. So, if I have 15 occurrences of 2,3 then I would like to see 15 points at 2,3 on my chart. If I have 3 occurrences of 2,1 XY corrdinate, I want to see 3 points right there. I need this to be a scatter...
  2. K

    Return Maximum Text Value

    Dear Guru's Good day! Need your help on how to get the cell value (Bin Coordinate) using maximum count with reference to cell Enter Plant (ex. D301). Many thanks in advance. <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C 1 Enter Plant: D301 2 BIN Coordinate ...
  3. K

    Get Most Frequent Text with Reference to a Cell Value

    Hi Guru's Good Day! Need your help how to determine a cell value (BIN Coordinate) based on the most frequent time the text appears. Thanks! <tbody> Enter Plant: D301 BIN Coordinate _???_____ Expected Value: Y03-A01-01 PLANT BIN Coordinate Count 100D B01-A01-01 4 100D...
  4. T

    Plotting a circle with coordinate in excel

    i ve a circle with 18 nodes and i want to plot it in excel may be using can be done. now suppose i plotted a circle of diameter 2m then i have 18 nodes equally divided on its perimeter.what if i want to reduce the circle diameter to 1.8m how to generate its coordinate any easy way to do...
  5. T

    Rotation and translation of coordinates

    I would like to ask “SHG” a question as it relates to an old post of his, namely: This was a very nice solution to the posted problem, however I also saw this as a...
  6. W

    Using X,Y coords to assign grid area

    I have a list of x and y values for a 600x600 coordinate plane. I want the plane divided up into 9 equal grids (200x200). Is there a formula to return which grid the x,y coordinate exists in? As of now, I think I can do it using several IF AND formulas in multiple cells. (ie. IF (A2>0 AND...
  7. P

    Place black dot on a coordinate

    Is it possible to have a graph (with an x and y axis) and create a code that places a dot at a given coordinate on that graph ? Kind regards, Chris
  8. M

    X Labels for XY Scatterplot

    Hello! I have coordinate data (specific X and Y value) that I am trying to plot as a scatterplot. What I am plotting is coordinates for a location for every trial in an experiment, so it would look like this: <tbody> Trial X Y 1 504 340 2 507 338 3 518 335 4 527 333 5 539 331 6...
  9. A

    Geocoded Sales Densities

    I have a data dump of sales transactions with corresponding dollar values and delivery coordinates (latitude and longitude). I'd like to run some form of cluster analysis to output a ranked listing of where the highest to lowest density of sales is based on an input of an X-mile radius. I'm...
  10. J

    Coordinates of a data points in a bubble chart

    I need VBA code to draw a line from each data point (bubble) in a bubble chart to cells on the spreadsheet. I am not able to get coordinaets for data points in the bubble chart. Does anyone know the vba code to ascertain coordinates of data point in a chart?
  11. K

    MGRS to Decimal conversion

    I have a question that I am hoping someone here can help me with. I am trying to convert MGRS coordinates (12S YG XXXX XXXX) to decimal (35.XXXX, 115.XXXX) format. I would like to do this in VBA if possible, but I am not having much luck finding code that will work. Can anyone here help?

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