1. T

    VBA to make alot of copies of excel file

    Need help with a vba to make a lot of copies of a excel file i have. I have looked around and couldn't find anything really. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. G

    Optimize VBA copy/paste

    Hey guys, I am basically trying to make my code run faster, I am trying to convert a section of the code that copies and pastes data across two workbooks to be faster and cleaner. Here is the original paste/copy data: Sub WALLCERTIFICATE()' ' Macro2 Macro ' Dim M As Workbook Set M =...
  3. P

    VBA - I dont want the destination workbook to be visible when opening to copy pasting

    Hi, I have a project where I am copying data from one workbook to another using VBA. The syntax has data copying from one workbook, opening another workbook, pasting, then save, and close. The thing is that the other workbook is visible when it opens, and saves then closes. I want it to be...
  4. J

    Automatic attachment and email to be sent

    Dear Expert, I need an help from you. I need a VBA code from you for the below scenario. Currently I am doing it manually and i want to automate it. Current Scenario: I am from invoicing Team and i Generate multiple invoices for the day. I store all these Invoices in PDF mode and save it under...
  5. P

    Need vba to allow sheet formula to update before continuing

    I’ve got a loop that puts an ID number into a cell and thencopies the results from another cell to an output sheet based on formula on thesheet, however the vba code doesn’t wait for the formula to update the results cells and so copies whatever was in the result cells at the start of the...
  6. A

    Modify macro copy and paste data from multiple rows

    Hi Guys, I currently have a macro that copies a single row of raw data from the clipboard into PasteSpecial sheet, Email Extract sheet then reorders/formats the data which then copies the reordered data into the DataChecker sheet. the number of rows in the raw data has increased exponentially...
  7. S

    VBA Copying Multiple Excel Charts Into Word At Specific Cursor Location

    I have a macro copies text, a table and multiple charts into Word. The problem is when it copies the charts into Word they are placed at the top of the document and I need them to start on Paragraph 8's location. As you will read I have tried many methods from setting the range, to counting...
  8. E

    How to merge cells without pasting formatting?

    Hello! I have merged cells A1-A3 and I want to drag this and merge B1-B3, C1-C3 etc. However, dragging the + sign copies also the formatting, not only the merging. Is there a solution? Thanks!
  9. G

    Printing Word Documents based on Excel Sheet

    Hi Bit of a shot in the dark here, but know that this is likely the best possible resource to ask. My department admins have a lot of documents to print every week for various other departments, and printing these out is not only tedious and labour intensive - but open to errors and missed...
  10. H

    Macro to set print default to 1 copy

    I would like a macro to set the print default to 1 on the active sheet If for eg. a user changes the print setting to print to 2 or more copies, I would like a macro to set this back to 1 after printing your assistance in this regard is most appreciated
  11. S

    code to printout 2 copies not 1

    Hello, I use this line in my code to printout copies of sheet3, I need it to print 2 copies, not just 1? any help would be greatly appreciated. I am sure it is very easy change to this line, but I cant get it to work. Sheet3.Range("A1:I20").PrintOut Next Next End With
  12. T

    VBA Copy paste special values based on cell reference

    Hi All, I'm having some issues with VBA. I want the code to look up cells within a range, that when greater than zero, copies and pastes adjacent columns as values in the same location (to remove the formulas). The lookup range is J10:J371, and if greater than zero, I want adjacent cells in...
  13. M

    How do I convert the "A1:F47" range in code

    to formulas? I have a worksheet in which I want to make 300 copies of the same exact page and simply paste them below each other. Rows 1 through 47 (columns A through F) is exactly 1 page of data when printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. I want to write a script that copies that first page and pastes...
  14. L

    avoid copying format conditions

    Hello, I have a range ("A1:F20") in which everyday someone copies some text and values. The range has a dark green font and a light green fill with no borders but every time I copy the values or text this changes. I know I can use the paste values option but I am not the only one using it. I...
  15. A

    Does Importing Tables from Another DB Create Permanent links?

    Hi all, I am working on changes to a number of forms for a production database. In order to implement the updates, I made the changes to a development copy, deleted all tables, and imported all the tables from production. This seemed to work fine and I had the "new database" up and running...
  16. D

    Copy data and paste everything

    I have the following code and I want it to copy and paste values and format like cell size etc. Sheets("home").Range("A1:E42").copy Destination:=Sheets(MonthYear).Range("A1") What do I need to add to it as it only copies the values at the moment?
  17. R

    Copy Tabs with VBA

    Hi. I am trying to write a simple code which does the following, with the click of a button on its respective tab. 1. Unprotect all sheets with a password 2. Copies the selected / active sheet to a new sheet, placed at the end of existing sheets 3. Displays a message box to name the new sheet...
  18. A

    Print in italics

    Dear All I am using the following code to print my Invoices Dim n As Long n = Application.InputBox("Number of extra printed copies.?", "Printed Copies", 1, Type:=1) If n <= 0 Then Exit Sub ' User canceled With ActiveSheet.PageSetup .RightHeader = "(ORIGINAL FOR RECIPIENT) "...
  19. J

    Copy/paste VBA code

    Hello, I am a beginner (new learner) of VBA. I am trying to create a macro that does the following: The user will be on sheet "Values" He/she will type in three values in columns A, B, and C. I would like the macro to copy these values, and paste them into Sheet "GL" in cells E6,F6, G6. Once...
  20. S

    Efficient ways to copy row based on condition

    I have data stored on main sheet [Sheet1]. There are 4 other sheets on the spreadsheet. [Sheet 2] [Sheet 3] [Sheet 4] [Sheet 5] I would like to copy the header (row 1) and data to copy to Sheet 2 from Sheet 1 if Sheet 1 column AA = 1; to Sheet 3 if Sheet 1 AB = 1, to Sheet 3 if Sheet 1 AC = 1...

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