copy cell

  1. F

    Open specified source and destination files and copy single cell value, continue until all values copied

    Hey guys, I am facing an issue where my excel knowledge comes to an end. I already have a macro to get file names from a folder and rename the files according to a New File Name. I now have one source file that contains a column with values. I need to copy each one of the values into a...
  2. S

    Copy cells from specific row if the value from another cells match

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my accounting data analysis. I have two workbooks, let's call them "MAIN" and "DATA". Both are exported from another program, that's why they are in separate files, although they can be on separate worhsheets if there is a need. I have to copy cells from "DATA"...
  3. G

    How to duplicate one cell to a different sheet

    Hi, I'm Gabrielle and I'm new on the website. I have the following question : A2 [text-1] in sheet 1 D1 [='sheet1!A1] in sheet 2 I can duplicate and/or use exact cell(with value or text) from A2 (Sheet1) and have it in D1 (Sheet2)? The format of the cell is standard. If I write in D1...
  4. L

    Insert rows, copy cells and delete based on value - data clean up

    Hi I am looking to format a data dump into a pivot table friendly format for which I need a macro. My skills are very basic so I would appreciate your help a lot! The problem is that we have always 4 different Products including Quantity and Revenues in column K to R and not in database format...
  5. M

    Updating a master list(Compare and update new data + move new item)

    Dear All, I am updating a master list keep tracking the sales data, which includes old sales record (closed), current record (may have updates) and new records in the "Original" , the current record and new records will be included in the new list. I would like to see if it is possible to...
  6. B

    Copy part of multiple cells to another cell

    I am trying to create usernames for column F by selecting the first two letters of column D, the first two letters of column C, and the last three numbers of column A. For example: John Doe ID: 1234567 Username: Jodo567 Thank you!
  7. N

    Copy Cell from table HEELLLPPP please

    Hy guys I need an help from Excel World So , i have a Sheet with a table with Conditional Formatting, and the table inserts 4 colors. 1 - RED 2 - YELLOW 3 - GREEN YELLOW 4 - GREEN So , we are going to insert the numbers one by one. When it hits a RED one, copys the Machine and respective...
  8. E

    Need help on copy selected cell into closed workbook

    hi, i have 2 workbook. Wb 1 named as SCORE SHEET, contains 1 sheet where each staff will key is to key in their daily activities and there will b percentage given end off the day. Each staff requires to open this sheet, select their name, select the date /month / year then proceed to key in...
  9. E

    Find a copied cell value

    Hello All, I have a problem that I just can't seem to figure out. :confused: After using a vlookup formula, and a if then statment I found out that there are duplicates on my other sheets. I want to use a Macro to use the duplicate value in search and find to locate the item and highlight it...
  10. A

    Macro to copy data from one workbook to specific workbook selected in drop down

    Hello guys, I am a new to excel. Still learning. Please help me solve a problem. Thank you in advance. COULD YOU PLEASE SOLVE: CONSIDER 3 CELLS: A2,B2,C2 in a Workbook named, Data Entry. A2 is where I write data in. B2 is a drop down list of 3 different posting workbook's named: X, Y, Z. I...
  11. M

    copy cell based on an empty cell in the same row

    Hi, I need to copy a cell into another spread sheet contingent on whether or not another cell in the row is empty. For example, I need to copy cell A5 because D5 is empty.. However, if D5 was not empty I would not need to copy A5. I don't need this macro to loop. Please help! Thanks in...
  12. D

    Copy each cell until empty value

    Copy someone please help me understand how to cells values looping through a range. I am trying to take range a range in sheet 1 column A and and copy each cell and pasting the value into sheet 2 cell B5...after it paste the workbook recalculates and I will copy and paste a set range from...
  13. L

    Copy a cell down

    I need a way to fill in the blanks in the column. Need to copy the information in a cell down the blanks cell until it comes to a cell with information then copy that information down the next filled cell. Continue this until all cells in the column are filled.
  14. E

    Complicated Excel Formula

    For my spreadsheet, I am designing a program where the user can enter what they have eaten every day, and it will then give the results at the end of the week. However, my input table looks very cumbersome; it is very long incase the user needs to input a lot of food. What I want to be able to...

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