copy data

  1. H

    Collect Data From One Sheet Into Another

    Hi I need to be able to bring some data from a sheet in one file into a sheet in another file, but have no idea where to start and am hoping someone here may be able to assist. I'll try to explain. The source data I am after resides in columns P & Z and the sheet is called VDW Place. To find...
  2. A

    Copy row to new sheet depending on cell value <0 (First post)

    Hallo MrExcel I have for some time tried to find a solution for this, both on google and on the forum. Unfortunately i have been unsuccessful, therefor I'm now turning to you in the hopes that you might be able to help me. I'm trying to get excel sheet #1 to copy data from several rows to...
  3. K

    Macro button to append data to another work sheet

    I have a spread sheet that contains 2 worksheets. the first worksheet labeled "information" and the second one labeled "updated list" when the user enters data in the "information" worksheet in column A1 and B1 I want the data to be added to the "updated list" worksheet cell Al and B1.
  4. S

    2 Part question: Using Like & refining code

    Right off the bat, if this should be broken out into 2 separate threads, I apologize and will adjust accordingly (if possible). I just see the two issues somewhat related and so thought that perhaps I could get them both done in one swing. Part 1: The two workbooks I am using are: WorkbookA &...
  5. W

    Copy Data From one Workbook to another

    I would like to copy data from a single range of cells from multiple sheets to the same range and sheets in another workbook. The workbooks are identical other than the missing cell values. Any help would be appreciated. Some of the code has been commented out as trial end error. Sub CopyData()...
  6. A

    Excel VBA - Filter, Copy and Paste to New Sheet

    Greetings, I am new to VBA and have the following query. I have a sheet with data in range A1:CL94. Row 1, 2 and 3 are headers. Row 4 is the filter header. A:A are the data to be filtered. Below table shows what it looks like. I need a macro that would Copy all 4 headers, filter the data by...
  7. K

    Copying the same data across multiple sheets

    Hello, I have the same data repeated across several sheets. Example: In Sheet 1 which I named Risk Review in cell A3 I have 'Analyst Name' and then in B3, text should be entered. In Sheet 2 (renamed Walkthrough) I have 'Analyst Name' in A6, and then text should be entered in B6. What I'm...
  8. B

    Add multiple TextBox data to sheet

    Hi, I want to add data from multiple textboxes to a sheet that. The form has multiple lines containing product data, like part, description, location, qty It also has a textbox where you can enter the qty you need and txtQtyAdd If the txtQtyAdd textbox contains a value it should copy the data...
  9. J

    Copy data from worksheet A to worksheet B - if column headers match

    Hello, I am working on being clearer/more concise when referring to code, so I've put notes within the code to help tell a story... please let me know if you have any questions. The code I've been able to pull together is great, but I can't quite get the last step down which is killing me! I'm...
  10. V

    Copy the Data from other Excel File to Master sheet without Erasing previous data

    Hi, We have process sheet for all the Employees where daily 20 Excel files will be sending to me ,which i have to copy the Data for that day, so without erasing previous days data it should copy Data for that Days date from Every Excel to Master sheet. ----If Take system date it will be good...
  11. J

    How to copy a sheet

    I just want to copy everything added to sheet 1 to also be copied onto sheet 2 automatically. How can this be done?
  12. K

    VBA Issue - Stuggling Mightly

    Hello, I have written the following code which creates a variable # of additional sheets in my workbook based on how many rows have names in them on my "Master" sheet column B. This macro also copies the various names in Column B on the Master and pastes it in cell A7 on the additional...
  13. A

    Copy count from one sheet to other

    Hi Guys, I want a small help . I want to copy the count from "14-Jun-15" sheet to "Sheet1" under column C as it has date similar to sheet "14-Jun-15" and if there is any new category then add the new one below and add the count. So the count the count should happen by click on button in...
  14. R

    Paste Data in another Excel sheet in the same workkbook(Append the data)

    Hi, I am new to the VBA and I need to copy the data from one sheet of excel and need to append the data to the another workbook of the same excel. I am trying the same but its giving me error. "vba runtime error 1004 pastespecial method of range class failed". i am trying the below mentioned...
  15. epardo87

    Copy data to several rows based on a number in a TextBox

    hi, I have the code below, it transfers data into one excel row, I want to add another textbox (let's say RowsTextBox) so that all information is transferred as currently but copied in the following rows according to the qty at RowsTextBox. Any suggestions? Private Sub...
  16. S

    VBA Code to Copy data is giving error

    Hi, I am trying to copy data from Sheet1, Sheet2 into MainSheet by using below code. I can able to copy the data of Sheet1, but while copying data of Sheet2 is giving error "Application defined or Object Defind error". Below is my code. ==================================================...
  17. A

    Copying Columns

    Hi, I have scenario below for copying columns data and pasting into seperate tab within file. What I want is, copy columns from E3 to J to last row of data that mentioned and copy into "Record Allocation" worksheet within file. At the same time, when ever this macro runs every time it...
  18. A

    Macro to copy data from one workbook to specific workbook selected in drop down

    Hello guys, I am a new to excel. Still learning. Please help me solve a problem. Thank you in advance. COULD YOU PLEASE SOLVE: CONSIDER 3 CELLS: A2,B2,C2 in a Workbook named, Data Entry. A2 is where I write data in. B2 is a drop down list of 3 different posting workbook's named: X, Y, Z. I...
  19. 5

    What's wrong with this loop in my code?

    Hi! I have this code: --- Sub Copy() Dim Row As Long, Col As Long Set Dest = Sheets(3).Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1) Sheets(1).Activate Dim v As Variant Z = Array("E", "D", "F") For Row = 17 To Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp) For Col = 0 To UBound(Z)...
  20. S

    Copy Data to Master Database

    Tried the below code with minor modification to select file referred from Open 132 files and copy data into master file My problem is its not copying the entire data. Copies only few 3 or 4 rows. Please help Option Explicit Public Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim Master As Workbook Dim...

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