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    FSO.copyfile issue.

    Hi guys, I have a problem, I made a Sub function that copies files to multiple folder. its working fine except for one particular folder. I don't understand why it is keep copying 1 level below of target sub folder and the filename is changed to April - 1901-04-2019 <filename>.<ext>. All other...
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    Copy most recent files from one directory to another with option to use specific date range

    Hello, I have 2 goals. 1) One macro to copy the most recent .xlsx files (based on saved date) from one directory to another, where I state the specific source and target paths 2) One macro that is similar to the one above, but allows me to state a saved date range in the code, find ALL .xlsx...
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    copy multiple files in all folders and subfolders based on excel sheet

    hi, i have found the below code in this link Sub CopyMacro()Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")n = 2Do While Range("A" & n).Value <> ""fs.CopyFile...
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    Copy files with checkbox macro

    Hi All, Is it possible to copy files with checkbox? I have a list of my pdf which are in a base folder. I have a macro which add checkbox to the rows and another macro creat a folder to the drive "C". I would like to copy into this folder on the drive C from the base folder the pdfs which I...
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    Moving files based on the value of a cell?

    Hi everyone. I'm really new to this kind of stuff but mu boss has asked me to come up with something. I have a spreadsheet with file names in column A and either a "Y" or a "N" in column B. All the files that correspond to he file names are in folder "C:\copyfrom". If the value in column B is...
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    MACRO to create copy of files and rename them

    Can excel MACRO make copies of a file. I want to give path of one file and ask Excel to make copies of this file in same folders. Then rename these files.
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    open a folder; zip files inside

    Hi, I am trying to create a code that opens a particular folder and zip each file that is inside it. Then I want to copy each of these files to another folder. Lets say the first folder is C:\Old Folder And when all the files in this folder are zipped, I want to move it to a folder: J:\new...
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    Copying files using a macro

    I have a list of file names in excel. I know where all the files on the list are located (or should be located). Is there an easy macro that would read my list, copy the file from its location, paste it into a new common folder that contains only that files on my list. This does not have to...
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    Copy files from one folder hierarchy to an other

    I need to copy all files from one folder hierarchy to an other. An example: My source is in 'c:\1' which has a number of subfolders, some of which have subfolders, etc. Along the lines of: c:\1 c:\1\a c:\1\b c:\1\b\1 c:\1\c c:\1\c\1 ... All files have to be copied to 'c:\2' and go to the...
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    VB Macro to import Word content into an Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to program a VB macro that would open up a folder in a directory and open a Word file in that folder, copy the text and paste it back into an excel file, then close the Word document and open the next Word document, copy the text and paste the text in the...

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