copy formatting

  1. A

    Repeat formatting every row

    Hi, I am trying to copy conditional formatting across each row of a worksheet. So far all I have been able to come up with is recording me manually transferring the formatting row by row. The code ends up looking like this, repeated for every row used...
  2. B

    Paste values while maintaining table format

    I am trying to copy a tab in one workbook to another. The source tab has equations and formatting that includes formatted tables, ie the table object. I want to paste just the values and formatting to the destination tab in another workbook, but I want that formatting to include the table object...
  3. M

    Help required: Have the index/match function pull value and formatting

    Hi! I'm struggling with the following problem and would really appreciate some help: 1. I have 2 sheets in my workbook "Key" and "Database". Database contains a 'Index-Match' table, whose source is Key. The formula for a cell in Database looks something like this: =INDEX('Key'!$B$13:$P$104...
  4. J

    VBA Copy of Formatting to Files in Subfolders

    I have a collection of CSV files in a set of subfolders and a main (but empty) file that contains formatting (column widths, colors and cell merges). I would like to copy the formatting from the formatting template xlsx file to each csv file then save the csv file as an xlsx file. I've got the...
  5. U

    Fill cells with color depending on the value of OTHER cells

    Namely, let's say i have a list of names in one column and birth dates in the next. I created rules in conditional formatting, to fill the cells of the birthdays with color, depending on the date upon data entry. Also want the cells with the names to be filled with same color upon writing in the...
  6. J

    Copy formatting via formula

    Hi, I just wanted to know if there was a quick and easy way to copy the format from a cell to another when I include the cell in a formula. I have a cell that I put text into and want it to show up with the exact same format (includes bold and underlined words, etc.), but this won't show up...
  7. S

    Copy rows from template

    I have some rows 3:15 which I want to copy x number of times. When I activate a procedure i want to declare how many 'blocks' I want and then copy a kind of template that many time - exactly same formatting. How is this possible? Is my question understandable :-D?
  8. F

    Check for (and copy?) mutiple text formats in a cell

    Is there a way to check to see if the individual characters in a cell have different formats? If I have a cell that is formated as abcd, can I at least find out that there are multiple colors? And is there any way to transfer this multi-colored format to other cells? Thanks!
  9. B

    Highlight all cells in a row if one is highlighted

    So in column C I used conditional formatting to highlight specific cells containing _B1, _B2, _B3, etc. Now that those are identified, I want to highlight their entire row the same color (basic yellow fill). Is there a conditional formatting, copy/paste formatting, or anything like that to do...
  10. C

    Automatic insert / delete rows and accompanying formulas + formats

    Hello all, I have a document that I frequently use for making calculations for quotations. I always use the same formulas in each line for this document with different operations in the columns. To have an overview, I have split these enumerations into phases and subphases. To avoid errors...
  11. C

    Macro To Copy Specific Cell To User Selected Cell

    Hi, I am new to this and would appreciate your help. I am looking for a macro to copy a specific cell say "$A$1" and when click on a new cell and press "ctrl+M" will paste $A$1's contents & formatting into a cell selected by the user- Ctrl+M is the shortcut to the above macro I basically...
  12. C

    automatically copy cell contents from sheet 1 to 2 including the formatting

    I wish to automatically copy the contents of a cell in sheet 1 to sheet 2 including the formatting. Is this possible. I have been able to copy the contents, but not the formatting using the =Sheet1!A6.

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