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    Excel VBA: Refer Cell Value and Offset just specific Columns from another Sheet

    Good Day All Excel MVPs, I know its sounds repeated subject, but I have been trying to get bits and pieces from different threads and post, but failing to get results as per my need. I am in a situation, where I am tired of searching further. I need to print Invoice before that I would require...
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    Copy everything from a Sheet I point to and Paste it to the sheet I start from

    I have set up a workbook with sheets named for each month. I have 70+ separate excel files (one for each month) that each have a single sheet I want to copy into the new workbook's corresponding month sheet. Each file is named different but the name of the sheet in those files that I need will...
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    Copy From Other Sheet, Paste to This Sheet on Activate

    I have a Personnel Worksheet that is automatically sorted by Hire Date when the worksheet tab ("Hire Date") is clicked. This works well. I am trying to display the same data on another sheet, sorted by last name when the worksheet tab ("Last Name") is clicked. Many other worksheets will...

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