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    Copy Range D6:P6 in every 2 minutes And PASTE Values to Down Cells Continuesly in every 2 minutes

    Dear Sir, Iam a small NSE Option Trader. For Open Interest Tracker, i have designed a excell sheet Name OI Tracker. In this sheet i get the updated Open Interest Values From D6:P6 (These Values get updated when the Open Interest data Updates in So i need to get it copied the below...
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    Copy Paste Formulas Issue

    I can't figure out how to this. Basically, when I copy and paste the formula vertically, how do I get excel to change the column not the row. When you copy a formula vertically, you can only change the number of the row (1,2,3... not the column name, A, B, C, D...) how do I change the column...

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