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    Cut/Paste row with specific condition

    Hello Team, am ready reach to a point that am stuck, cant find the proper solution, so i want some help from your expertise. basically i have 2 sheet, current employee (sheet1) and leaver employee (sheet2), to move the employee from sheet1 to 2 very simple, i use ActiveCell.EntireRow.Cut...
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    Where in my code can i insert or modify the paste as value snipped?, is pasting formulas.

    Hi, Sorry to bother vba experts. I have a code that it grabs values that match in a range in sheet1 and the matched cells copy on sheet2. But it pasting the formulas instead,, I need to paste as values. The problem is that i can't identify where to insert the paste snipped I'm sorry but for me...
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    VBA Code Improvement - Copy if date is less tan today -

    Hi, I am looking to improve this macro as it is really slow to run. Context: I want to copy 2 Columns (Room & Price Actual) into my Forecast columns IF the date is less than today. I need to copy paste with values. > I am looking for a code that paste using a range method as I believe it...
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    VBA to Copy data from many workbooks to one workbook

    Hello everybody, I just found a similar thread by fatman003 on My problem is almost the same, but I couldn't adjust it for myself. I hope you can help me. I have an evaluation of...
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    VBA Copy Paste

    can anybody explain how to copy from a range of cells in a column and paste into a data driver cell. the thought is building the copy paste out so it takes the first number (sheet a cell b1) copies it. pastes it into a different page in lets say sheet b c4 goes back to the other page copies the...
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    Copying and Pasting Format Issue in Gmail

    Hello, I never had this happen before, can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I have a excel sheet that looks like this...(note the blank columns) But when I paste into an email, it looks like this...(note the spaces are no longer separated) DateTypeDebit"CheckNumber"...
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    Simple Copy Paste Formula Question

    Hi, I have a question, in my A1 cell thare is a value 35 no formula but if I copy it then paste > formula to B1 the value 35 from A1 is also copied why is that? I was expecting blank. Thanks
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    from sheet1 Copy w relative reference and paste as a value to sheet2 but next empty row

    Hi, My code copy and paste well, but it's pasting Formula. (i need to paste as value) i'm missing the spot where to insert the snipped to paste as a value to sheet2 Please can someone help me? This is my code ActiveCell.Range("C1:AE2").Copy...
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    VBA macro to copy/paste data from sheet to another

    so let's say I have to worksheets, Sheet1 and Sheet2. I would like to search for a column header in Sheet2, and if found, copy all the data in that column (except for the header) and paste it into a particular column in Sheet1 beginning from row 2 (to account for the header). I would then...
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    Copy Paste Automation

    Hi all, i'm not very good with VBA. Will it be possible to copy and paste as values data from 1 workbook to another? Made a table as an example, both Workbook have 8 identical Sheets except for the data. Workbook1 contains actual data(with formula) while Workbook 2 contains projection(values)...
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    VBA - copy multiple column data in to a list

    I need a vba code to copy multiple columns from sheet1 and paste as list in sheet2 Here is current data format in sheet1 <tbody> H G H I J K L M 16 001/2018 002/2018 003/2018 17 8000 9000 9500 18 London NewYork Paris 19 GL acct Name Plan...
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    Copy a Formula in a Loop

    I have this formula, but if is more than to rows it doesnt work, maybe on a loop it will work, someone knows how to do it? Sub CopiaSuma() ThisWK = ThisWorkbook.Name LastRows = Sheets("Draft").Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Workbooks(ThisWK).Worksheets("Draft").Range("P7").Copy...
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    Copy Paste On The Following Row VBA

    Hi, I have this Macro where it select a range and paste it on a specific cell, is there a way it can do it on the following of the last row. Sub CopiaDetalle() Dim rng As Range Ultimafila = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row With Sheets("U-Detail") Set rng = Range("C11:AC" &...
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    Find Copy Paste

    Hi, I've been searching for a code to handle the following, but can't seem to find the right one. That is: Find the "ERROR" string in column A of Sheet1, Copy its string value in column C (J1.G0203 for example) Paste it in col/row A2 of Sheet 2. Loop until all ERROR string values are...
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    Copy Paste Last Row VBA

    Hi, i have this macro, but i would like it to paste after the last row, what should I change? ' Fecha Rw = Range("AA" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row With Sheets("Draft") For Each Cl In .Range("J7", .Range("J" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)) If Cl.Value = "Active" Then...
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    VBA to Paste to a Named Range skipping some cells based on Adjacent Cell value in another Named range

    I have search for 2 days only to find complex solutions. What i want to do is simpler. I have a current working VBA sub that selects a formula from one cell, named ("StockPriceFormula") and copy/pastes down a named range ("CurrStockPrcRange"). Current Working VBA: ===================== Sub...
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    macro record it doeosn't paste on the next row

    Hello, Hi, how to copy data from one sheet to a table on an other sheet using macro records , i faced a problem when i click the button it's working good but if i try to add other data it's overwrite the first one(it doesn't copy the data on the next row). thank you in advance This is the...
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    Next Level Gantt Chart - Trying to Copy Certain Data

    I have a spreadsheet with four sheets: 'Full Project', '1', '2', '3'. On each is a Gantt Chart with activity table, the full project sheet has the data for the full project, sheets 1-3 contain the same data for only selected periods of time (each third of the project timescale effectively). The...
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    Number Data Does Not Copy Correctly

    I have my data on Google Sheets, and I need it on MS Excel. Here is what I have tried. Copy and paste (multiple formats like number, plain text, HTML). I also copied and pasted it into an email and onto notepad. I also directly downloaded the file from Google Docs as an XLSX format, and that...
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    Issue with copy worksheet code

    Hi All, I am using the below code to copy a worksheet to another worksheet. But, what I am trying to achieve is that the workbook pastes this data onto an existing worksheet. Below code creates a new sheet and pastes the contents within. The reason why I am using this code is because the source...

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