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    Code to find a word in column D and copy data from column D to column J and paste to cell D1

    Hi guys/girls I'm needing some help please. I am self taught macro writer and I am having issues trying to figure out how to write this macro. Essentially, this is what I am trying to do:- - use a word filter on column D to find the word "Total" - there will be 8 rows in total - copy the...
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    Copy Ranges from multiple worksheets and combine into one worksheet

    I tried to search for a macro I could use but I'm not good at revising what's already available. I would like to: - Copy the same range ("A43:I53") from 31 worksheets (named: 01, 02, 03 ... 31) onto a worksheet named "Misc" starting from cell A9. Headers in row 1-8. - After this is done, sort...
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    Copy several ranges between workbooks

    Hi All, I've been trying to make some ranges copy to another workbooks. Below code works perfect: Sub Copy_Range() Dim OriginWorkbook As Workbook, DataWorkbook1 Dim StrPathOrigin As String, StrPathData1 StrPathOrigin = "C:\Myfile.xls" StrPathData1 = "C:\MyData.xls"...
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    Copy data with IF & AND

    Hi All, I have got myself in to a bit of a Monday morning mess! I have used a piece of code to do the following: 1.Read through a section of data (B17:M47) 2.IF "B" is NOT blank and "M" IS, copy it 3.Find first blank row in range (B17:M47) of new worksheet 4.Paste it. It works well and is...
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    VBA Copying Ranges to the bottom of another worksheet

    I'm sure this is simple, but it's got me stumped. Excel doesn't like the last line of code. InvParticulars is a range I have named, that I want to copy from one sheet to the bottom of another sheet. Can anyone help with my syntax? Sub InvoiceToRecords() LastRecordsRow = Worksheets("Invoice...
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    Copy Subtotals

    Below is a very basic extract from a large worksheet: _________________A_____B__________________C_____D 1_EXPENSE______________JAN________________FEB___MAR 2_Salaries_______________100________________130__125 3_Benefits_______________120________________150__145 4_SALARIES &...
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    Copy user defined range from another workbook

    I hope I can find some help to my vba problem here: I'm trying to get my macro to copy the values from an user defined range in one workbook to another workbook (the destination workbook is where the macro is located at). How can I do this? Also, the seleceted range will be 57 rows tall and...
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    Basic range copy, match sheetnames: logic, style, and syntax

    Hi, I'm just beginning to learn VBA. I am wondering if using an "if" statement or a case statement would be good ways to check two worksheets in two different workbooks to see if their names match? I could use some help correcting my syntax too: For 1 to ws.count If Worksheet("one").Name =...

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