copy to another sheet

  1. B

    VBA - How do I cut and paste a row to another worksheet when 2 cells both say Yes

    Hello, I am very new to using VBA and don't really understand much at the minute. I am trying to get it where when the word "Yes" is selected in both drop down boxes in columns V & W, that row is then cut and pasted into the worksheet "Delivered". I then obviously want it to paste to the next...
  2. E

    VBA - Help with LOOPs - copying range to another worksheet's next available row

    I am looking for some assistance making the code below run for all selected cells in rows 27-67. The code below works for the first row; it copies contents from the selected cells to the next available row on a different worksheet.How can I make it loop through rows 27-67, copying cells from...
  3. T

    VBA - Delete or add rows based on number of merged rows in another sheet

    Hi all, I have a macro giving me headaches.. Its goal is: 1. To copy 8 columns from 'Global List' to 'Front'. Global List sheet has some merged cells and Front sheet can't have them so as to be aligned with the rest of the info already there when I copy these columns. I use this code: Sub...
  4. R

    Need to copy a part of row based on a "specific text" to another sheet

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the concept of macros. I need a code to copy a part of a row based on specific texts into another sheet. Example, From Sheet1(current sheet), I need to copy the range from A to H of all rows containing the words either "Free" or "Re purposed" into sheet 2 from range...
  5. H

    Copy and Paste reqrued on same heading/title

    Hi All, I'm looking for macro code to copy paste the data into different sheet. I would receive different files every time with same format but heading will not be in same column (but all columns will be there but not in order every time). My concern is how to copy the data which has unique...
  6. J

    copy to new sheet with the help of Macro

    I have an excel sheet same like below. Column A1 to A6 is header so it sould copy to new sheet. Also copy If column I7 to last column in the sheet which contains X should copy all field to new sheet. I am using excel 2007. Can somebody give a solution. <colgroup><col style="width: 56pt...
  7. J

    Macro to find specific text in column and copy certain cells in same row to different sheet

    Hey all, Although I am not a complete newbie to Excel, I have no clue on how to work macros or VBA, so please bare with me if this doesn't make sense or is super easy. I have a workbook with multiple sheets named by month and year that I use to keep track of loans I work with at a bank. In...
  8. O

    Loop through sheet and find errors

    Hi all. I am currently trying to loop through a worksheet and find all cells with ''ERR'' then generate a list of their locations in another spreadsheet. I have been successful in generating the list next to the erroneous cells, but that is a test and it's really no good to me unless I can get...
  9. R

    Copy selected cells to next page and paste in a different order!

    Hi there, I am having real trouble with something and I am now losing the will to live. Hopefully, a kind person out there will be able to help. In a nutshell: I need to copy certain cells from a row in the sheet called "Prices" into the next row (that doesn't contain data) in the sheet...
  10. J

    Pasting filtered data from one worksheet to another

    My form makes sure all data is not filtered upon opening and closing. I use a listbox6 to populate textbox1. Then textbox1 is used to filter worksheet(Part). However, I am unsuccessful in pasting the filtered data from worksheet(Part) to worksheet(FilterPaste). I could really use some help...
  11. G

    How to search for all matching entries in a column and copy cells to another sheet?

    Hello. I have seen a number of threads on similar topics but i have struggled to adapt the code. any help would be appreciated. Windows XP / Excel 2003 I am using one work book with 2 worksheets 'Interface' and 'Data'. - Data has 20,000 rows and works to column CJ. I want to seach...

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