copy workbook

  1. L

    VBA to Copy data from many workbooks to one workbook

    Hello everybody, I just found a similar thread by fatman003 on My problem is almost the same, but I couldn't adjust it for myself. I hope you can help me. I have an evaluation of...
  2. xytle

    Save Workbook to specific location and copy it as a new workbook

    Hi, I'm still new to VBA and can't figure this one out. I work with txt files that I open with Excel (2010 on Windows). I need to accomplish the following steps: 1. Save the workbook as xlsx file, to the same location where the txt file currently was. No name change is needed, just the file...
  3. Z

    VBA Code to Copy Entire Workbook

    I am looking for a code to copy an entire workbook and name it based on the cell value that is placed in A1. I would also like A1 to change. I have a column that has all the values I would like to cycle through cell A1 until the column hits a blank cell. After the cell changes if it would...
  4. C

    Macro for a "Save Form" Button. Help please.

    Hello! I have created an xlsm file that contains two worksheets. One of them is a locked down form that contains a list of options and pricing for our dealers. the top row is frozen and has a print, save form, email form, and reset button. The problem I am having is with the save form button. I...
  5. L

    Copying workbook to different folder and check for duplicate folder name

    I have a code that copies workbook to a folder by cell value (A1) and month/year. It works fine but I need it to send a 2nd copy to another folder so I can have a back up. I would like to have the workbook copied to two separate folders with the same exact name (value in A1 and month/year). I...
  6. S

    Excel VBA Copy Data from Workbook

    Hey All, I am trying to copy data from one workbook into another. The data that is being copied is in an excel file that exported from a website that has a changing file name (something that I do not have control over). The front half of the file name remains the same, but it is the back...
  7. J

    Copy workbook multiple times

    I need to create mutliple workbooks that contains multiple tabs from one original workbook. There is one sheet that should be parsed by Name, the other sheets should be the same in each copy of the original workbook. So far, I have created a macro that creates workbooks by parsing the first...

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