copy worksheet macro

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    VBA export worksheet not working correctly

    Hi all I recorded a macro to copy an existing worksheet into a new workbook, and assigned this to an existing button (form control) with text displayed as 'export report'. Once the duplicated worksheet is created in the new workbook the macro is also supposed to remove the button from the newly...
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    Copy worksheet tabs to other worksheets and rename

    Suppose I have a master workbook with 3 tabs "Master", "Quotation" and "Order" When I fill information in "Master" tab, forms will generate in the two tab. After that, I have to copy tabs to another workbooks, say "Quotation 2018.xlsx" and "Order form 2018.xlsx" (they are in the same folder...
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    Macro to copy sheets in new workbook based on company name

    Hello, I have a workbook with several sheets: AP, AR, GL, Expenses which all contain information about KPIs for different companies. Column A in each of the above sheets is a concatenation between columns B & C (used as a unique key for vlookup in other sheets which generate graphs). Column...
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    Great code just needs a small fix

    I found a code that works great for copying multiple workbooks to a master file but it creates a new file and copies to that file and I would like to see if someone could help me with getting it copy to the same workbook that the code is in. Thank you. Here is the complete code: Sub...
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    SOS--need help w/copying worksheet of formulas

    I have a rather large worksheet loaded with complex formulated cells. I need to copy the sheet and add it in other worksheets related to other dates. When I do this, within the formulated cell, there is a reference to the original worksheet i.e. October2010 example...
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    Disable Range Name Conflict Message

    Problem: I have a macro that deletes yesterday's worksheets and copy's in today's version. I'm adding about 90 worksheets. Upon each worksheet addition, I get a message reading... "A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name "abcdef" which already exists in the destination...

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