1. L

    ADODB CopyFromRecordset returns everthing perfectly except for plain numerical values

    Good afternoon, First off, thank you all so much for all the help you have provided my lurking self throughout my history of learning excel and vba. On to the question: I am using the following code to compile a bunch of daily inventory sheets into one master sheet. It functions perfectly...
  2. NuJoizey

    Rounding issue when copying pasting range in VBA Excel 2007

    I have a problem copying data from a range via a query. The source range contains several numerical fields precise to 5 decimals to the right of zero. When the routine pastes values into the new sheet however, the numerals are rounded slightly - example $159.45497 somehow becomes $159.45500...
  3. N

    Display Record in MsgBox (Excel VBA)

    Hi Everyone Hoping this is a simple question - any help would be appreciated! I would like to display a record in a message box but can't seem to find anything online to help me do this. I am using MS VBA for Excel 2010. I would like a MsgBox to display the single result from this SQL string...
  4. J

    Option Explicit causes error with CopyFromRecordset?!? Excel 2007, SQL Server 2008 R2

    I've encountered an odd error in an Excel 2007 VBA sub. The code queries a SQL Server 2008 R2 database, then copies the recordset to a worksheet in the Excel workbook. If I don't specify Option Explicit, it works fine, but if I add Option Explicit I get the error "Class does not support...
  5. P

    CopyFromRecordset method stops at 65536 records

    I am using ADO to query a table in MS Access 2003, and outputting the data to Excel 2003 worksheets using the CopyFromRecordset method. The table has more than 65536 records, so I cannot use DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet and need to use VBA with ADO. My problem is that after making a call to...
  6. S

    expression .CopyFromRecordset problem

    HOW to transfer data from five ms access table fields to an excel worksheet with copy from recordset method But three access fields to be copied in excel range starting in cell a5, and the other two fields to be copied to excel range g5 and i5. The problem is that copy from recordset method...
  7. T

    Excel copyfromrecordset very slow

    I am pulling data from an access database. The query in Access runs in a few seconds, but it takes over 6 minutes to run this code. I am just a starter, so this is code that I have pieced together from examples throughout the web. Sub EditionMetricScores() Application.StatusBar = "Query...
  8. R

    Copyfromrecordset formatting- set NumberFormat doesn't help!

    Hello, I know there are a number of threads dealing with this topic, but everything I have looked at seems to have the issue resolved at 'set numberformat', and that is not solving my problem, so I decided to post a new thread. I am working in access and excel 2003. I am using...
  9. C

    Macro Query using OLEDB gives runtime error '1004'

    Hi all, I have a macro that is running a query in Access. My SQL string has an array variable in it that changes on each iteration of a for-next loop. For the first K, the macro pulls the code in fine but on the second iteration I am getting a runtime error '1004' - Application-defined or...
  10. j.collyer

    .CopyFromRecordset With Excel as Object in Other app's VBA

    So it appears that .CopyFromRecordset works very well from within Excel's VBA. I am calling a recordset against a .mdb file and get a return of 739 records. If .CopyFromRecordset is used in Excel's VBA, Bam! there is all my data I expected from the recordset. I am trying to create a class...

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