1. N

    VBA help needed

    Hello, I'm trying to make a ComboBox selection text copier. In code i wrote what is the answer of each question if its YES or No selected. Can someone help me how to write a code if there are not all the questions selected but copy only the answered questions text. I dont want to write all...
  2. O

    VBA to append data into columns (only tables) - excluding a random cell

    Hi friends, I am using Microsoft Office 365 and found a macros code to use for my project. However, I am facing some issues whereby my appended "Result" data contains random cell notes (Example: Updated xxx). Is there any way to only append the main table data? Please note that I am not able to...
  3. R

    Macro to CopyPaste from one excel to another using a reference number in a column

    Hi, I have 2 excel sheets. Requirement & Destination (Both placed below). Need to copy and paste few data from Requirement to Destination. Requirement: 1. Copy values in column F (yellow highlighted) of the 1st Department from Requirement Excel and paste in Column E (Yellow highlighted) of the...
  4. A

    Copy Paste User Selection from Form to Excel.

    Hello guys, I have a form where it will display the random questions from "Questions" Sheet to the User. User will Select the Answer in the Form. I Need to Save all those Random Questions (as of now its 10) and Answer which User attend, Save it in "Answer" Sheet. Can you please Help on this...
  5. I

    Copy rows in seperate worksheets to new worksheet based on date

    Hi, I've got a spreadsheet with 21 active worksheets. 1 of those is a home page and the other 20 all have data on regarding deliveries for my company. I want to make it so that Excel automatically searches for any deliveries >=TODAY on all the worksheets and copies those rows onto a new sheet...
  6. R

    Paste Value from List into Separate Sheets

    I need some help - google hasn't led me to anything useful :( In my workbook, Sheet1 is a template used to analyze some data. Sheet2 is a list of values. My current macro asks a user how many times they need the template copied, and then copies Sheet1 as a new tab at the end of the workbook the...
  7. F

    Paste chart to the first sheet with specific name beginning with ....

    Hi, Is it possible to write a code line that pastes a picture from worksheet A to worksheet B, whose name starts with "Sheet.....". I have multiple sheets named "Sheet1", "Sheet2", "Sheet3" etc. and I only want to copy&paste one picture to the first sheet that comes up first. and I can't use...
  8. F

    Copy Paste Data From Outlook Email To Excel

    Hi All, I am trying to get data from emails in a folder in Inbox in Outlook 2016 in Excel. I found several codes that can do it but the thing is i do not get data in organized way like I want. But I noticed that if i open an email and then copy paste the body in outlook without its formation it...
  9. C

    Copy range of data from multiple worksheets based on numerical criteria

    I have been playing with this code for a few days now. :mad: I have a spreadsheet that has about 10 tabs. Only 4 of the tabs I need to use for this code. I created a master sheet called "Quickbooks" to make uploading materials into QB easier for the team and save hours a week for the...
  10. D

    how to select rows depending on a cell value using VBA

    I am trying to copy and paste rows from one sheet (fill) of the workbook to another (BD). The rows I need to copy depend on the value of a cell. If such cell =3, I need 3 rows to be copied. If the cell =4 I need 4 rows copied to the other. Is there a way of doing this with VBA?
  11. H

    Using vlookup to copypaste values to row using vba codes

    Hey Masters, Good morning! Im a newbies in VBA and want to learn more about it to speed up my work. I have this file which needs to be sorted everyday. Copy all the movements to each corresponding sites. Please see below the example. <colgroup><col><col><col span="4"><col><col...
  12. V

    Coping and Pasting with VBA on Active Cell

    Hi everyone, I am trying to copy and paste the value from B57 on the active cell using the code below, but right now it's pasting on D4. Is there a way to change D4 to be the active cell instead? Thanks in advance for the help! Sub copypaste() ' ' copypaste Macro ' ' Keyboard Shortcut...
  13. S

    VBA - copy rows that contain todays date in a column and paste to another worksheets next blank row

    Afternoon all, Huge thanks in advance for anyone who helps. My VBA knowledge is basic to none so please don't feel like you're patronising me by spoon feeding how I need to do this. I need to copy all rows that contain todays date in column V and paste them into another worksheet without...
  14. UNIC0RN

    Hyperlink to find data form another Woorkbook and copypaste data back to activesheet

    Hi All, I have 1 Workbook Template (Worksheet Master) which have hyperlink to another workbooks based on value choosed from dropdown list and will link it to Worksheet Membership (each workbooks have worksheet called 'Membership') by using command button. My question is, by using VBA: How can...
  15. S

    Copy sheet with cube formulas to new book results in #NAME?

    Hi! all my previous question I found answers on on this forum, but on the following question I couldn't find any related topics: I'm trying to write a VBA code to copy paste 2 sheets of my workbook to a new book. So far no problem with VBA code below: Sub Button1_Click() With ThisWorkbook...
  16. P

    VBA Copy & Paste values based on adjacent cell

    Hi all, Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a spreadsheet I use to document tasks, I use column B to give each task (row) a numeric number which only appears should I have a task heading entered in the adjacent column C row. I use as if formula in column B. Ideally I would like to...
  17. C

    Macro copy first value from multiple header rows to new sheet based on header

    Hi, ive got a complication with pulling certain data based on header columns, my Data sample set looks like below. <colgroup><col width="64" span="8" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> header1 header2 header3 header4 1 6 5 6 2 5 54 5...
  18. O

    VBA: Copying Formulas and Array Formulas at the same time

    Hi, I am struggling with the following code, that in essence is trying to copy a range of formulas from one sheet to another: Sub CopySheetToSheet() Dim r, c As Integer Dim rngA As Variant 'HC Reference to Sheet5 Range Alpha Set rngA = Sheet5.Range("Alpha") r = rngA.Rows.Count c =...
  19. V

    HELP needed - VBA

    Can anyone help to fix this VBA? i am trying to have the formula below from cell X3 until the last row which have the data for the row.:eeek: Range("X3").Select LastRow = Range("X3:X" & .Rows.Count).Formula = _ "=VLOOKUP(RC[-22],'User Data File Backup Old.csv'!C2:C23,22,0)"
  20. F

    VBA Copy and Paste Cell Value Only- It keep returning #N/A

    I am having problems with the code listed below. I'm trying to use indexmatch with another workbook to get the values and save the value as cell values . But it returns a value of #N/A. I want a to save it as paste cell value only and not formula :mad: Can anyone suggest a solution? or...

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