1. G

    Calculating inconsistent data/formulas?

    Since i'm new to excel I'm not that sure if there is any type of formula(s) that would be able to easily calculate costs basis the below parameters. Calculating the "units" isnt the hard part for me, i've got that done already. It's finding a formula to calculate the costs once I have the...
  2. A

    Vlookup to a sheet in a workbook that changes each month

    Hi everyone I have learnt so many tricks from this forum which has made my job much easier. I have another "challenge" now: I have inheriated a workbook with many cells lookup to a worksheet in another workbook, it is simply, however, the worksheet changes each month, for example, in Oct the...
  3. J

    Working out Minimum Amazon Selling Price

    Hi Guys I'm hoping someone can help. I have a spread sheet with all my products which include the purchase price, shipping costs and fees etc. I have a column for the minimum sale price, and this needs to be the break even price after VAT @ 20%, amazon fees, packaging costs etc Here is an...
  4. F

    Excel Analytics for Dummies

    Can anyone point me to a good resource for learning how to do some basic analytics in Excel? What I'm trying to learn how to do is look at all the operating and maintenance costs of hundreds of facilities and determine which ones cost the least/most overall. Also to look for cases where a...
  5. J

    Delete Row Using Filters with a Macro

    Hello: I created a macro to reformat the following spreadsheet. Column N (Resulting Current Projection) is a formula of: L + M. The formula only needs to be added to any row with code "R" from column B. The problem I am having is that even though I filter code R, the formula carries down to...
  6. D

    Expense Report

    Hey guys, Can anyone help me out with this? I'm creating an expense report, and using rows 10-19. In column K is a spot for "Other" (unspecified expenses) there could be costs located in there, say K11, K13, K14,K18. What I want to know is how can I automatically list any costs in that column...
  7. X

    Matching given month to a column containing the same month

    Hi Guys, Hope all doing great. I need a quick help. I am doing a Business case. In the assumption sheet I will be entering the launch month (Eg Mar-20). Then in the working sheet my revenues and costs should start from this launch month, if I change the launch month the variables should also...
  8. A

    Get values from date ranges in table

    Hi there, I am trying to look up from a table dates within a range to then calculate the values into a cell on a different sheet. For example, I have an excel sheet which has 1500 entries, these entries are between the 28 March 2012 to current and have a costs associated to those dates. I can...
  9. A

    multiplying a product by a different percentage based on a positive or negative number

    Hello, i have a spreadsheet that i use to compare projected costs to actual costs. Column C are projected costs, column B are my actuals, and i want column D to have the difference multiplied by a certain percentage based off of a positive or negative return. I would like the difference in these...
  10. T

    Need help with IF/AND/OR excel formula.

    I need an excel formula that will spit out "YES" or "NO" based on the following criteria: 1. Column C has % change in net sales 2. Column D has % change in costs 3. Column's E and F are % change in ratios I need a formula where if column C is >0, column D (costs) can decline up to 90% of net...
  11. T

    Tricky random extract

    Hi, In a table, with 500 rows and 20 columns, of documents that cost 200,000 dollars. How do I extract 25% of these costs to physically check the documents (sort of sampling but random). Thank you.
  12. S

    IF cell contains "yes" then provide a series of rows containing data or a column

    Hello :grin: New forum member here and a novice/ intermediate at Excel. Could use some help as I'm not able to get through this on my own. So presumably I got a data validation list in the first column with Yes/No. When the user chooses the option yes I want the actions and costs column to...
  13. G

    Urgent Excel Exercise HELP!!!

    Hi everyone :) i have these 2 exercise that I really dont understand. Could somebody help me please its urgent ! i need to submit it by tonight 00h. Thank you very much !!!:) B. CompanyC sells 5,000 pieces of ProductP per month and is trying to determine how many ProductP to keep in...
  14. T

    How do I make an INDEX, MATCH, MINIF formula return a value NOT from a blank cell

    Hello everyone. I have a product costs summary that I'm working on and in one cell I'm using a MIN(IF formula to calculate and display the minimum value in a range of cells that excludes any blank cells. <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Lucida Grande'...
  15. R

    Month and free text

    How can I autofill cells with MMM-YY and a free text? For example, COSTS OCT-18 and then drag this to the next cells to get COSTS NOV-18, etc. Thank you!
  16. J

    Calculations using Sigma Summation

    Hello everybody, I am working on a thesis paper and have an equation that I need to be able to use in excel. I have no idea how to design an excel equation to match what I see. I thing that this will be an array function of some sort. The following are the parts of the equation: C = COST...
  17. Z

    Power Query - combine all rows with one item

    Hi, I have one table with project costs (many different elements with names and net costs) and second table with margin fee (i.e. 10%). How can I combine to add another column to the first table and calculate margin using value from second table (10%). Till now I used to add temporary column...
  18. E

    Marco to add Percentage to costs

    <tbody> 2018 2019 2020 2021 2020 300 1200 500 100 23000 </tbody> Hello All I'm want to add a interactive button onto my Dashboard: I have a range of costs in columns from 2018 - 2028 example above with costs for each and some without costs, I'm looking to complete a macro...
  19. U

    vba arrangement of data

    I have a file with 3 columns consisting of dates, companynames and costs respectively. I have developed a VBA forecasting model which I want to useon this data. However I want to arrange the data into the form I need,which is 2 columns consisting of months and costs, but with the rows of...
  20. H

    Defined Range Name Recalc using drop down list

    I have a "Pivot Table" with 6 columns A thru F. header = Fiscal Years. There is a row A thru F for total costs in each Fiscal Year. I have defined that range/row as Total Costs. I want to take each Total Costs and bump it up by an inflation rate without have to go in each cell and add the...

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