count alphanumeric data

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    Functional counting specific categories of data without adding to the data / Frequency

    Hi I'm hoping for some help to create some stats on the status of working through client jobs. First I must state that I can't use a pivot table or Visual Basic solution as there is a shared workbook which I don't control. I've simplified client on boarding in an example. I was wondering if...
  2. S

    count confusion - please help!

    Hi, I am trying to do a summary page for an existing hotel bookings spreadsheet. I am trying to do a number of different things which is using more brainpower than I have.:( 1. I have a list of usual guest names all being counted using a countif formula, =COUNTIF('2016'!B:B,"=Guest A") easy...
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    Help please! - Count Unique with 2 criteria

    Help! Excel Gurus, I've been trying to figure this one out for the past few hours, but am completely stumped. Below is my sample data. TransactionID Date Location 201611609 2016/4/24 A 201611609 2016/4/24 A 201611609 2016/4/24 A 201611611 2016/4/24 B 201611611 2016/4/24 B 201611612 2016/4/24...
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    how to count the number of times a word appear in a sentence in a column

    <tbody> A B 1 video not working 2 youtube video 3 hello 4 yes </tbody> I have a table where col B is all text. How do i count the number of rows that contain the word "video"? countif(B1:B4, "*video*") doesnt work. Thanks,
  5. G

    Need to Count Text Entries Across Multiple Sheet That Correspond With Criteria in the Same Row

    Hello, This is Military Spreadsheet that involves troop movement so I have to be very vague but I'll try not to be confusing. Here's a problem I'm having. I need to count how many times text (any text/numbers/combination of the two) appear in a column across multiple sheets. Here's the...
  6. C

    Counting the instances of many alphanumeric values across a wide range.

    I'm hoping someone here knows a better way than my current method that takes about 6 hours of messing around between Excel and Access as a beginner/intermediate user. I'm working with a table that is about 15000 rows by 18 columns. Column A is a person's initials, and the rest of the row shows...
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    Access 2010 Calculated query field

    I am using a query that compares two fields from a large db. This I can do. What I would like to do is - have a calculated field that tells me the number of matches found so I then can perform other calculations such as averages or percentages Etc. In Excel I use the Count or CountA functions...
  8. H

    Count various cell values

    In column C, I generate various values through C%:C9999. Lot of generated values are EXACT. How to COUNT the number of various generated values in column C. "Ledger" & "LEDGER" should be counted separately. Similarly, "Led ger" & "Ledger" should be counted separately. Similarly, " Ledger" &...
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    Count non blank cells

    I get values in a column R (R18:R9999) which are either values (alphabets, numericals or alphanumericals) or null "" throgh formula. How to count no. of cells where values (serial no. 1) appear? Please someone help.
  10. A

    Counting Number of Students Registered per Semester

    I'm looking for an easy way to take a student's academic plan (for the next 2-4 years) and match the classes that they take with the semester they take it, and then do that for 175 other students and counting. The semesters will change depending on the students, but they all take the same...
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    elp with counting the number of rows matching 2 criteria please

    Okay so I have the following information below and I want to count the number of Green, Blue, Amber and Red scores that each risk ref has. But I don’t want to use a pivot table since it has to be automatically updated every time the source data is changed. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  12. N

    Need help with count formula

    Excel 2007 (Windows XP) This is probably a simple fix, but I can't figure it out. I have 20 rows on a spreadsheet. I will be entering data in column B and I want column A to count column B if there is data (anything) entered in column B. I want the count in each cell to increase by one...

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