count characters

  1. angeloudaki

    countif cell contains less than 6 characters, or contains digits

    How do I count a cell if it contains less than 5 characters, or contains digits (even if mixed with letters)? After data transfer, I have a list - some are email addresses, some usernames, some random text. I want to filter these to username which are less than 6 characters (for example) so us...
  2. C

    count how many times I've got the same character in text from several cells

    Hi smart people! this should be not too difficult for you... ;-) I need to count how many times I've got, for instance, "a" in several cells where I typed some text... I would need a formula where I can indicate the letter I want and the range of cells where to look at, and having as result...
  3. L

    Determine if part of a multi-line cell has been deleted using VBA

    I'm using Excel 2007. Using VBA, I need to determine if part of a multi-line cell has been deleted. Example Contents of cell A1 before user clicks on the cell -comment 1 -status 2 -status 3 User deletes second line -comment 1 -status 3 I need to determine if a 'line' has been...
  4. S

    Count spaces before specific character in cell

    Hi :) Is it possible to create a formula that will count the number of spaces in a cell that occur before a specific character? So if the contents of A1 was: "The quick fox (jumped/leaped) over" Then B1 would read 3, because there is are 3 spaces before the open bracket, and any spaces after...
  5. P

    Count Text / Words

    Hi All, I want to import webpages and do some basic analysis on the content of the text on the webpage. Doing this in a rough way, I have used data query to import the text from a given webpage and it has left me with several lines of text in various cells running from A1:A120. I would...
  6. R

    counting text values up to a certain amount of times that letter appears

    I am looking to count how many times an "x" appears in a row up to 5 times. If it appears more than 5 times I want to stop counting that letter. What formula should I be using?
  7. D

    Counting specific words in a sibgle cell

    Greetings all you Masters of Excel What I need to do is count the number of occurrences there are of a given word in a single cell (Excel2007) example cell contents = pig pig cow sheep pig horse how many 'pig' answer 3 be fab to have a percentage as well e.g 50% of words Whose got the magic...
  8. G

    Vlookup Exact match instead of wildcard

    i'm trying to do i Vlookup but i'm looking up for example 50212 but where i'm trying to find it, it looks like this 50212sd-23-2-09 is there anyway i can do =vlookup(a2, (left, 5) A5-C5, 3, false) Also is it possible to put a count in so it counts how many characters are in...

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