count columns

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    Counting columns in a dynamic range

    Hello, I have an attendance sheet where students' names are in column A, attendance percentage (calculated using data from columns C and beyond) in column B, and the dates of classes are in columns C and beyond. A new column is filled with each class held where 'true' indicates that the student...
  2. I

    Code to count columns in closed tab-delimited text file

    Hello, how do I write a VBA code/formula to count the total number of populated columns in "closed" text tab delimited file? The sections in question are in red. Only seems to work for file information such as file name. Sub ListFiles() On Error Resume Next ' Declarations Dim Directory As...
  3. 7

    Count cells in a table only for specific columns

    Hey! I am stuck on a simple yet seemingly difficult task for excel. All I want to do is count the number of cells for specific columns, yet I haven't found a formula which could work. <tbody> j n n j j 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 99 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 99 0 0 1 1...
  4. E

    Counting Rows and Columns in Folder

    Hello Folks, I want to create a macro that will allow me to select a folder and then open each .xlsx file and count the number of rows and columns in each spreadsheet. (for now i want to assume there is no tabs) Then i want to display the name of the .xlsx file in column A and display their...
  5. F


    Hi, In sheet I have two coulmn columns: A = applications B = sector I set "define name" for the column: A = "prod_web" (range: $A$2:$A$1000) B = "sec" (range: $B$2:$B$10000) When I want to sum how many specific applications have specific sector I did: =SUMPRODUCT((PROD_WEB="ABC")*(SEC=A2))...
  6. K

    Cross column calculations possible in Excel 2003?

    I have a requirement to "count" like values from across 4 columns using Excel 2003. Date Evaluator1 Evaluator2 Evaluator3 Evaluator4 10/31/2009 Tom Bob Bruce Kim 11/02/2009 Tom Bruce Kim 12/03/2009...
  7. M

    Count Columns in-between ranges

    Help.. I know its simple but annoying me I'm trying to count the number of columns betwen to rangenames,. Each range name refers to a single cell. e.g. Sub test() Application.Goto Reference:="Start_Outline" Application.Goto Reference:="Start_TaskName" int_col = 3 End Sub i.e...
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