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    Formula that will count the # of rows that contain a specific text and a specific month?

    I'm trying to come up with a count formula to meet my needs. I want the formula to count each row in a sheet that meets two requirements. A cell in a certain column contains a specific text. A cell in a certain column falls within a specific month, the cell is currently in the mm/dd/yyyy...
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    Counting days between two dates minus holidays

    Hey, I'm trying to count the total days between to dates but minus the fed holidays. I have a list of holidays I can ref. I like how the NETWORKDAYS function works but I need to include the weekends. Any ideas? Thanks, Tmoske
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    Counting down days

    I can’t get our inventories to project out correctly...I ran into a glitch on a 30 day limiter someone passed my way. It seems to trigger the conditional formatting regardless if the date has passed (i.e. it would show "green" for May 25 or May 15 because both dates are within the 30 days of...
  4. C

    Date/Time calculations challenge

    I have a spreadsheet that contains a column of date/time. In that column there are several entries for the same date. I am trying to count the number of 'same' days that occured in a month. Any suggestions at all????? :confused:
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    Counting Dates from certain months within certain cells

    Hi all, I am struggling to find away of counting cells that contain certain dates. Example... Cells below have these dates in date format a1 = 05/07/201 a6 = 16/08/2011 a8 = 27/09/2011 a10 = 13/07/2011 a12 = 24/07/2011 a27 = 22/08/2011 In cell a30 I am trying to count the number of times a...
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    tracking visitors for church

    Ok, I need a formula/method to help with tracking our visitors to church. Here is the low down. I need to be able to type in the visitors and their info each week on a master list, then have a page listing all those who are on their first visit (first record/row) then move their info to a page...
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    Counting Days Formula

    Hello Everyone - First, super thanks for the assist. Second, my problem. I'm trying to find a formula that helps me to count the days to a target date and then counts the days since the target date. Meaning, if I want to count the number of days from today until my birthday in May (for...
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    Need help erasing a cell after a calculation has been applied

    i have 2 columns Last Violation, and Total Points.... Total points is their total disciplinary points. Every 90 days from their last violation the total points needs to be -2 from the original # and the last violation needs to be erased. I don't know how to get this to display in the same...
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    Counting dates in current month

    How can I calculate how many cells in a column have the date that falls in the current month. Thanks,

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