count if

  1. S

    Count if query

    I am wondering if someone can help assemble a formula. I have a rota and wish to count the amount of people on night shift. Easy enough to separate and total them with a "countif" however, when people mobilise, instead of the usual "NS" for nightshift or "1" for Day shift, we now have the...
  2. B


    I have a sheet with data in for months, i have done 1 count if statement to count the number of cars sold in 1 month based on the month being filtered on another cell. What i want to do is add another part to the formula to say "Count if the number of cars sold in column X when the month is X...
  3. S

    Count number of Employee base on schedule

    Hi Team i am creating an excel file where I need to count employee base on their schedule The problem i am facing now is counting employee with their time out. Agent A Time In- 9AM Agent A Time Out- 5PM Agent B Time In- 12PM Agent B Time out- 9Pm I should have a count of 2 Agents by 5PM...
  4. V

    Report most common text occurrences in strings of text within a table

    Hi, I have 1400+ survey responses and wish to produce a report of the most common key words in strings of text within a table of responses. An example of a response would be: The ceremony ran very smoothly and did not go on for too long Nice short ceremony Decorated the venue brilliantly The...
  5. N

    Count If - to identify duplicate values and a value +/- 10%

    Hi, I am trying to use a Count If formula to identify where a customer name (column A) is a duplicate and the value in column B is within 10% of the same value (column b) in the duplicate line. If this were the case the output would be a simple 'true' and if not then a 'false'. It is...
  6. R

    Count Values based on multiple critiera

    Hi All, I want to count the total number of Pass and Fail based on Column 1 (Originating) site. For. Eg., If I select US, I should get 3 pass and 1 Fails, and if I select UK I should get 1 pass and 1 fails. Can someone please help? <tbody> Originating Site Description US Pass US Pass UK...
  7. S

    Using rank with duplicative values

    Hi, I am trying to rank the data below using the duplicative values in column A. So for instance 1061012 has 3 values in column B (10.87%, 11.89% and 10.66%), i want to rank those 1-3 then start over with the values for 1061414 (1-3). I have written some count ifs but not sure how to rank...
  8. L

    Formulas: Count If the same value & Sequence Order

    Good afternoon, May I please ask for your help with 3 formulas? Below is a tabwith sample data. The highlighted columns are the ones requiring the formulas. Unfortunately this seems to be beyond my excel knowledge Formula 1 (Cntl Cnt - column C): I would like to have formula to count lines...
  9. T

    Count if and turnaround time formula

    Hi all, New here, need some assistance. I've searched everything and everywhere, can't seem to find a solution, so perhaps you can help. So the premise is as follows, I need to calculate turnaround time, anything older than 2 days is outside the agreed turnaround time, anything less than 2...
  10. S

    Count formatted cells by colour in excel

    Hi, good morning, I would like to know if there is a way of counting cells by colour (when they have been coloured by conditional formatting). (I would prefer not to copy again the formulae of the conditional formatting), Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in
  11. L

    Countif formula with multi variables

    Good Afternoon, After some help with a countif? I need to count number of entries on sheet 2, with two variables; only count if (C+D) < 1 year ago. My raw Data is in two formats so needs substitute for search. Just not sure how to add in extra variables: Sheet1 A B...
  12. I

    Check if value falls within any two values in the same row

    I'm trying to come up with a formula to check if a value falls within any set of values in a range. This shows what I would like to display but I need a formula for the "Type" column on the right. The trick is I cant just MIN-MAX the 3 rows because I will be adding more rows in the future; so...
  13. D

    How do I count one column dependent on value in another column?

    I have a spreadsheet of staff a little like this (but with hundreds of names in several locations or different departments: A B C 1 NAME LOCATION EFT 2 Fred Bloggs London...
  14. A

    Count blanks, in a range defined by criteria outside range

    Hello I am trying to create a sheet to calculate available resources week by week based on a gant chart, I have simplified the sheet below- <colgroup><col style="width: 37px"><col width="101"><col width="58"><col width="58"><col width="58"><col width="58"><col width="58"><col width="58"><col...
  15. X

    Counting Certain Characters in a Cell with Nested IF Function

    Hello, I have the following data in cells: 1 1.12.2 1.12.3
  16. S

    VBA to use OnChange event to vLookup cell value in a table to complete columns B,C, D if value in column is matched.

    I have a lot of appreciation for all the experts on here, so I was wondering if any one would be able to come up with a solution for the question/problem below: Sheet 'TABLE' has a range named LUTable which is populated with data. I have also applied a range name for each column: Col A=...
  17. S

    Assistance: Count if numbers are within a range

    Hi everyone, I would be grateful for your help. What I'm trying to accomplish: I want to count the numbers from A:A If the number are between 1 and 6 If the number are between 7 and 12 If the number are between 13 and 18 If the number are between 19 and 24 If the number are between 25 and...
  18. K

    countif formula or sumif

    Hello, I need to count all " Yes" from " Converted Column" for each sales person below. Please help me build this formula from the following data: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> SALES PERSON NAME DATE RESULTS LEAD SOURCE 1 FINANCE QUALITY LEAD QUALITY...
  19. K

    countif formula

    Hello, I have one column where i am tracking all my deals for number of days since online Column A # of days 8 15 4 2 0 -1 and so on so forth I would like to count all my deals that are older that 8 and above. as you can see there are two deals that are equal to or older than 8 days
  20. Y

    Count If/ SumProduct is including blank rows

    Having trouble, I do not want the blank rows counted that do not have data yet, but the list constantly grows. I want it to give me a count of people who have a number in column R that is equal to or less then 199 and in Column S equal to or less than 82, but not count rows with no data. It...

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