1. M

    Count up a value and then reset

    Hi there, I am banging my head against a wall trying to have a formula that would instantly count from 1 to 100 and then reset infinitely. I assumed I could do 1 to 100 twice and then use the fill handle but that causes excel to assume I want 1-100, 1-100, 200-300, 1-100 etc Now...
  2. P

    How to count the most commonly occurring text, while excluding a certain phrase?

    Hello, I'm looking for a formula to return the most commonly occurring text in a range minus a specific phrase. Is there anything I can add somewhere into the formula I already have, which returns the most commonly occurring text? Or do I need to rewrite what I already have? Here's what I have...
  3. D

    Pdf to Excel using Word --> "wDoc.Tables.Count" not counting the empty column

    I have a code to Export/Copy Data from Pdf to Excel using Word. (I have included the code below) So the code should create a Word file and import the selected Pdf file and copy every page as a table to word and then to excel. the code should run with in "tbindex = 0 to wDoc.Tables.Count" Range...
  4. M

    Sumproduct & Indirect returning 0 or incorrect

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with this formula: {=SUMPRODUCT(INDIRECT("'"&"2010_Sold.xlsx"&"'!"&{"January","February","March"}&"["&"Current Price"&"]"))} Which is returning 0 Or, =SUMPRODUCT(SUM(INDIRECT("'"&"2010_Sold.xlsx"&"'!"&{"January","February","March"}&"["&"Current Price"&"]")))...
  5. F

    Count (countifs) norm exceedances with variable dates and variable norms formula or VBA

    Hey everyone, I have substance measurement data from water quality checks. The data is listed in a table starting with the date (dd/mm/yyyy). Above the table are the norms. The variable norms are in green. Those norms are generated on a second tab, and change (sort of) weekly. I need to...
  6. R

    Copying formats, then formulas down to dynamic last row not working

    What I'm attempting to do: copy all the rows from an open workbook, insert them into my other workbook that is a template, between to placeholders with formulas. my data in the template goes from A:CE. I've got the first part working where I insert the rows, but I don't know how to paste formats...
  7. M

    Count values in column (referring to column name in code)

    Current.png shows a simple example of my dataset. I want to count every value in column furniture and eventually get the dataset as shown in wanted-outcome.png. However, the code needs to look at the column name and not the column number. I want to use the vba for different sheets where column...
  8. C

    Count Words in cell and ignore blanks

    Hello, I am trying to create a word/phrase counter where it counts the contents of the cell (regardless of how many words are in there), and shows how many times it appears in the range. I apologize if it sounds confusing, but here is the example: Source: Genre Number Historical...
  9. M

    Replacing OFFSET to sum up to max value from specific cell

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board & thank you all in advance for the help. I have data for the time it takes each step in a manufacturing process & each step has a unique name that never repeats, as seen below, pasted in A1 corner. Steps time Start Point Sum of Steps Count 2800N1 5...
  10. S

    Count of unique occurrences with multiple criteria/exceptions

    I need help finding the count of unique encounters for data similar to the example below. A unique encounter = unique ID at a unique location receiving a unique service on a unique date by a unique provider. I need to be able to filter and run unique encounter counts based on those variables...
  11. C

    Insert column based on cell string value

    Hi, I have been working on a VBA formula to insert columns to a table based on an integer entry in one cell. So far I have managed to get it to work but as there are multiple categories of columns to add, I need to input the column numbers in a certain order as the columns are inserted based on...
  12. A

    combine array to text and counta?

    A B C D E Result John Daisy 00011 Britney 00100 Ronny 00100 Can we get the result in 0, 1 format by Combining Array to Text and CountA from A to E ? or if any other method?
  13. R

    Count number of items before a blank on a moving range.

    Hello, Daily, I get a pre-generated report with text data in column A. There are blank cells in column A separating the data into categories. Each category has a title, one of them being "Delivery Date." I need to quickly count how many items are in the "Delivery Date" category, but the...
  14. Akuini

    VBA Macro to create Word & Phrase Frequency

    This macro generates word & phrase frequency. You can set the number of words contained in a phrase as needed, in this part: Const sNumber As String = "1,2,3" You can also set what characters should be considered as word characters, in this part: Const xPattern As String = "A-Z0-9_'" but...
  15. T

    IF(Count not working for 2 values

    I have data in columns M through Z. Based on how many columns have data in a specific row, i want column B to give it a category. When trying to past the below formula into B2, I get window stating "there is a problem with this formula". =IF(COUNT(M2:Z2)=1,"1st to 2nd",IF(COUNT(M2:Z2)=2,"1st...
  16. M

    Count values with reference from a cell on a different worksheet

    I'm trying to count the number of shifts of employees by looking up by employee. The shift data is on a seperate worksheet. I would like to use a formula that refers to the cell for each employee and then finds the corresponding name and counts the number of shifts in the rows and columns on...
  17. F

    Counting Multiple instances

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the code for counting multiple instances of different text in a column and displaying it all under one msgbox as a summary. So far I have only been able to get one count going with the below code; However I want it to check for 6 different colors count how...
  18. T

    Count cells containing specific text using Pivot without helper columns

    Hi guys, Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm working with results from a SharePoint survey that allows the respondent to check multiple boxes for a single question. In Excel, such answers are concatenated in a single cell with delimiters. For example, one answer could be...
  19. M

    Extracting Data based om Condition

    Hello all, i want to extract data from column A to column B using formula. If number of characters after the hyphen is less than or equal to 4 then it has to be copied to respective B column cell. Refer example. Thank you. AB1HeadingExtracted...
  20. M

    Count days from date range

    I have a list of time off requests that are listed as date ranges (ie. 6/7/21 - 6/10/21 ) and I need to make a count of how many days off are requested for each date, ideally without having to manually input each date between the date ranges. So i want to be able to input 6/7/21 - 6/10/21...
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