1. J

    Show information Issue

    Hi Guys, I hope I can explain myself clearly . I have a user form, what I want to do is: Type a name, (let's think that I have 3 people call Jessica but with different last names), when I click in search, I want to be able to see displayed the 3 names Jessica inside the list box The sheet name...
  2. A

    Get frequency of elements in Range

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with error codes (column A) and timestamps (column B) . Every time there is an error, it is recorded and time stamped. I would like to write a macro that writes in another column (column D) the frequency of each error. I have filled column C with the distinct error...
  3. C

    Countif multiple criteria in a table?

    Hi, I have an issue that I've been struggling with and I hope someone could please help me out. At work we have a standby rota, with one sheet per month. In each sheet there's a rota, and essentially it looks like this (but with each date of the month in it); Fri Sat Sun Mon tue Wed...
  4. F

    Count Questions

    I have a Microsoft Worksheet that I would like to create three cells with answers to the following questions for the range A1:AA41. 1. What function do I use to count the number of cells in this range? 2. What function do I use to count the number of cells in this range with a formula? 3...
  5. O


    Hi, I have a schedule of employees, that works in shifts. But i want to count how many people are working between 07:00 and 12:00 and between 12:00 and 16:00 and between 16:00 and 20:00 How can i do that, the begin time is in a cell and the end time is in the cell next to it. see down...
  6. U

    Skip Count formula for a data have sum

    Hi guys i count B:B but in this column available sum data, i want skip this data and not count this cells, just count numbers
  7. M

    Macro to copy and paste on a loop with 2 conditions

    Hi Excel knowledge gods! I can create basic macros but I am struggling with with this one! What I am trying to do is create a macro to copy and paste two sets of characters, in A1 is the the first number (number of shelves), this can be any number from 1 to 20 (possible more), and the second...
  8. N

    Count values greater than zero in a row that has a defined value in a column

    Hi, I'm trying to count how many weeks a specific Product has been active. The Product has been active if they have a value for that week. The value in Column B has to match a defined value (i.e. A, B, C, D - the data in cells B12-B15), and then the data from columns C to G have to be...
  9. M

    Count if multiple criteria with corresponding rows

    Hi All, Please see below. I need a formula (in yellow cells) that will return how many times the number is counted as well as the corresponding row returning a "yes". So for example, cell BA3 should be 6. Bit stuck with this one so any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark
  10. A

    Find days between two dates

    Dear All, I am looking for a simple formula, which will display the number of days in a year. Kindly help me. Name DOJ EOS 2013 2014 2015 Employee 1 01-01-13 08-08-15 364 364 220 Employee 2 05-04-14 31-05-16 270 364 Employee 3 15-02-14 16-04-15 319 106
  11. A

    Case inside For loop?

    Hello. I have 3 different types of data in Range("A:A") : warnings, errors, good data. The criteria that makes a value either warning, error or good is stored in cells C1, C2, C3, C4. If the value of a cell in A:A is between C1 and C2 or between C2 and C3 it is a warning. If it is greater than...
  12. M

    How many instances of a column with duplicated values

    Hello all, I have been struggling with this one and couldnt find answers on google! Though am sure the answer is fairly easy. So i have a list of duplicate values in a column as below. A A A B B C I need an excel formula (non vba) which results "3". Because we have only A, B and C regardless...
  13. S

    COUNT and Copy to Last Row, Paste to another sheet to Last Row (FIRST EMPTY ROW, adding, not replacing value)

    Hey friends. Im New in VBA. Could you help me at this? So, we have 2 columns: AB with data, in Sheet1 I want to COPY until Last Row in AB Column from Sheet1 and paste it to Sheet2, column CD in FIRST EMPTY ROW (i mean while adding more data, cause CD is supposed to have previous data) Can...
  14. M

    Count when number moves to next full number

    10 years + Excel experience and consider myself to be 'advanced' but can't crack this one for the life of me! All help is greatly appreciated. See attached spreadsheet.... I have a cumulative tracker of 'packages sold' in row 54 and 55 (in green) In row 71 and 72 (in yellow), I would like to...
  15. J

    Forumla Assistance: Countif cell x says "text" and cell y is ">0" "<5" Multiple criteria

    Hello, I really hope you are can help. Not going to lie been trying to figure this one out for the best part of 2 hours and have now given up. I have logged on for a while so I have breached any rules please let me know. So here goes. column B I have criterias that all have different...
  16. D

    read data to obtain column counts by column

    How might I go about determining the following excel report Serial Low Moderate important Critical 11112 1 1 10616 1 1 10859 1 from this sheet? Thanks Host Serial Date Ship New Text abc 11112 1/1/2020 1/2/2020 11/6/2020 Moderate abc 11112 1/2/2020...
  17. P

    Slightly odd Count question

    I have a large (100k rows) dataset with a set of about 10 columns. I need a formula to search those columns for a given value (which will then be something that gets repeated about 200 times for different values) and return the number of rows on which it finds that value in any of the 10...
  18. D

    Count by Color and Date

    To illustrate the formulas I need I've attached an example of what they should return. Dates are entered into column A. Then the cells get colored grey once they are processed. B2 is supposed to show how many cells are in column A that have a date in them but are not colored. C2 is supposed to...
  19. S

    most common text within cells I don't think this is possible with just formulas but let's say I have 10 cells, and I want to find the top 5 most common words...
  20. E

    Count each Value from a List of Values in a Column

    I have a list of passages in one column and a list of words or phrases in another column. Then I have a third column reserved for how many times each word or phrase appears in the column with the list of passages. For example: In column A (List of passages), A1: The red fox jumped over the red...

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