countif 3 conditions met

  1. charlesstricklin

    Am I using COUNTIF correctly?

    I'm a little puzzled, I'm sure because it's that I'm not understanding something correctly. Say that I've made a pivot table from the following data: Month Company January Company A January Company B February Company A February Company B February Company A February Company B...
  2. M


    Hi I hope someone is going to have a simple answer for a countifs query i have need resolving. I have a long spreadsheet (1400 lines) which someone has 'been using' badly, and i need to count if certain words are used in a column. i need to count light fittings unfortunately the person who...
  3. C

    Countif multiple criteria in a table?

    Hi, I have an issue that I've been struggling with and I hope someone could please help me out. At work we have a standby rota, with one sheet per month. In each sheet there's a rota, and essentially it looks like this (but with each date of the month in it); Fri Sat Sun Mon tue Wed...
  4. J

    Forumla Assistance: Countif cell x says "text" and cell y is ">0" "<5" Multiple criteria

    Hello, I really hope you are can help. Not going to lie been trying to figure this one out for the best part of 2 hours and have now given up. I have logged on for a while so I have breached any rules please let me know. So here goes. column B I have criterias that all have different...
  5. N

    Using Countifs to Calculate Headcount

    Hi Team, In my attached screenshot I am wondering how I can use COUNTIFS to calculate the current Headcount of employees based on the following conditions. Countif; 1. The employee class is NOT "Adecco" nor Blank. 2. The Contract Startdate is less than TODAY(todays date) and not blank. 3. The...
  6. B

    IF & COUNTIFS Formula?

    Hi, I'm having trouble working out the below....hoping someone can help. I am working in Two Sheets. Trying to get a formula that does this: Looks for the value of Sheet1 K2, in Sheet2 column B. If that exists, then it looks to see if the balance in Sheet1 J2 is greater or less than the value...
  7. X

    COUNTIFS with a multiple Dropdown selector not working with multiple values in one cell

    So i'm trying to get the formula to count how many of these tasks a person has done when you select the criteria. It works whenever I keep the cell value as a singular item. However, having (AS, NK) doesn't get counted, in that circumstance 2 people did the task together. Is there a way to get...
  8. D

    Sum of a text from table when met two criterias

    Hi All, I am being trying to get the some of "Blanks, Yes and No" from a table. But it has to match the "A" Column and the "1" Row. (More like Count ifs) <tbody> Name Cake Fruit Salad Cake Juice Fruit Salad Juice Apple Blank No No Yes Blank No Apple No No No Yes No No Apple Yes Blank...
  9. J


    I am trying to insert an and/or argument into countifs but can't get it to work. I tried SUMPRODUCT(ISNUMBER(MATCH,RANGE,CRITERIA,0))*ISNUMBER(ETC)) Can't figure out how to do it. For example <tbody> Student A GPA SAT ACT Student B 3.0 900 21 Student C 3.4 1200 Student D 3.0 1080 25...
  10. L

    match two separate arrays with three individual cells

    This is an odd case I know, but given a ton of data in this sheet, I need to perform the goal without having to rearrange the data or use VB/macro. The areas of concern are in bold red... Trying to match E3:F7 with I7:R7 (in this case should = 0,1,3,4), and then see if those matches...
  11. J

    Countifs formula for multiple factors

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have a question for you all: I have a spread sheet I'd like to track and categorize based on multiple criteria (columns) based on a date range. For example: 5/27/2018 - 6/2/2018 Based on that date range I'd like to have the sheet auto calculate based on the Market, Type...
  12. A

    Need help with Excel function

    First post here and a basic user of excel. Go easy on me. I have a list of parts that were only available on certain dates (marked by 1 as available and 0 as not available in Sheet2). I have a separate table where I want to find out by part if they were available at least Y times in a X number...
  13. J

    Multiple criteria formula needed

    So, the goal is to find 3 criteria within column D, if column P ( month ) matchs another column on a different tab, count the number on column J The old formula that was used is, "=IFERROR(IF(OR($C5923="Renewal",$C5923="Client Implementation"),0,J5923),"-")" since our CRM has been updated...
  14. A

    Returning a count/sum based on mulitple criteria

    First time poster I hope you can help. I have data which is broken down per year for which I need to return a count against each unique ID but in which there may be multiple rows linked to that ID but I would like a unique count and in some cases a sum of and want to avoid duplicate counts...
  15. S

    Countif formula with 3 criteria selection

    I have below data <tbody> A B C D Status Assigned Group Response Resolve Closed Java Met Missed Cancelled C++ Met Missed Closed C++ Missed Met Closed SAP Missed Met Closed SAP Met Met Cancelled Java Missed Met Cancelled SAP Met Met </tbody>...
  16. C

    Formula needed to count repeated data based on criterias

    Hi I need a formula that will count how many styles I am carrying per brand. The table array where I hold my data is shown below, cells A-D. Cell B states the name on the style, cell A is the size breakdown for that particular style. Cell C shows the brand attached to that style Cell D is...
  17. O

    Counting # of times a word appears when associated with name and date range

    Hello I'm looking to count how many times the word "forced release" appears when associated with a certain name within a date range. Name range is in column "A" Date range is in column "B" The Status name is in column "D" The date range i want to set is in column M1 and N1 please help...
  18. M

    COUNTIF Issue - Multiple Criteria

    HI I'm having issues with a COUNTIF formula where i have it check certain columns for mulltiple values. Although its a valid formula the result is incorrect. The formula is =SUM(COUNTIFS(Table316[Tier],{"Tier 1","Tier 2","Tier 3","Tier 4"},Table316[Zone],{"DOMAIN A","DOMAIN...
  19. S


    Hello everyone, I wish there is someone who can deblock myself from this situation: I want to do this: =Countif(range,"5")/countif((range,"*")*6)). In natural language sounds like this for me: Count in that range how many times you find a value. Be that 5 for exemple. After you found how...
  20. J

    im back! Countif with 3 criteria.

    Hey guys, im stuck once more. i know i know, huge surprise! im trying to do a count of cells that fall within in a certain range while having the correct status. Ex: <tbody> Type Order Amt A $210 B $500 C $700 D $579 A $600 C $100 D $999 A $175 </tbody> So I have been trying...

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