1. P

    Conditional count based on values in top row

    Hi, I'm trying to count the number of times the letter "O" appears in any column where the first row =1, then 2, and so on: I've been playing around with =countifs() and variations of nested =countif() without luck. Does anyone have any tips to help me with this please? Cheers, Pete
  2. J

    There must be a better way than repeated "countif"...

    I'm starting an analysis of workload based on location and nature of the work done. I have 95 separate locations and 28 types of work. What I've started off doing is just apply <strong>=countif</strong> using the range for each specific location as they appear in the results of a search I've...
  3. L

    =Countif Question

    Hi, I've searched though and have not found the answer that is working for me on this question. I have a range of number in column F. The Values range from -24,000 to +5,000. I would like to use the countif formula to find how many numbers are between the value of 0 to +500. I have lots of...

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