countif dates range

  1. D

    count and sum based on a date range

    hi i would like to do some count and sum calculations based on a date value in a cell on the same row to be specific the spreadsheet is used to track the production of widgets. each line shows the detail including delivery date and qty of each order. i have a table set up showing the dates of...
  2. H

    Calculate active days broken down by weeks in a quarter

    Hi guys, Thanks in advance. I have a requirement for a work project. In essence, it's scheduling/resourcing of locations. Want to be able to see at a glance how many "days" a location is active in a given week - the year is broken into quarters. Here's example (numbers might not be exact...
  3. T

    Excel Problem: Counting if any 3 Dates in a column are within 300 days of each other

    I am currently working on a spreadsheet to calculate values depending on whether or not they meet specific criteria. I need a formula to workout whether or not there are any 3 FTE's within 300 days of other, as this is the criteria that I require. This box is a simplified version of the main...
  4. A


    Hi, wondering if someone could help - or at least tell me if something is possible. I am trying to Return the total number of B's from a range of data, I.e. if the cell above is a B I want it to count the number within the range. Something like this: <TBODY> Data</SPAN>...
  5. E

    Countif with a date in a cell reference

    I am trying to write a Countif formula that involves a less than or equal to a date. I am make it work, if I put the date directly into the formula: =countif(Sheet1!Y:Y, ">=8/22/2013") However, I can not get it to work when the date reference is in a different cell such as...
  6. D

    Countif by Date and within different overnnight Time segments

    We are trying to count the number of leads (segmented by Lead Score) that came in through our internet forms overnight that the call center will have to respond to on the next morning when the call-center opens. Our call center is open Monday-Thursday (7am-7pm) & Friday (7am-5pm); it is closed...
  7. I

    Using COUNTIF on a range of dates

    Hi All, I'm having a stupid moment, so hopefully this shouldn't take long to put right! Basically I'm trying to create a matrix which allows me to see the number of processes in which an individual would need retraining for number of processes (Which needs to be done on yearly basis). In order...
  8. A

    Count the non blank cells in a row occurring after a ">0" value between two dates

    I have been provided the daily sales data to track the post price revision performance of a product in different areas with different launch dates, now I've to calculate the no. of visits of the salesperson after the launch, that means I want to count the non blank cells occurring after the ">0"...
  9. K

    Calculating the number of employees in a month

    I have a data set that resembles the one below: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 377pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=502 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" width=64><COL style="WIDTH: 62pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2998" width=82><COL...
  10. W

    Count average age of when contract was signed, per year....

    Hi guys, I have a potentially stupid question that I can't get my head around... I have a list of contracts from a time period of 40 years (start and end date in two columns) and one column with the corresponding date of birth of the person connected to the contract. What I want to do is to...
  11. W

    Date range within date range...

    Ok, this is probably simple, but I can't ge my head around it...:confused: I have two columns (A & B) containing start and end dates for contracts (som 1 week long, others several years long). What I want to do is create a formula that tells me how many contracts have been active (regardless of...
  12. BShady

    VB Countif to count dates and paste results

    Hi! I think this will be easy for someone smarter than me. The data: I have a list of items in for repair, and record the date the item hits a particular department in a spreadsheet. Departments are columns, Items in for repair are rows. What I've done: Created a sheet with a row for each day...
  13. T

    Work Schedule

    I have a work schedule in excel using the date of the shift, the time, and the money made and so on, if I were to make weekly totals, how would I make a good equation for the total of shifts, hours, and money made? I was thinking countif but i dont know how to encompass all of the dates in a...
  14. E

    Countif Dates fall within Range

    Hi, Sorry to come in with another CountIF question, but I checked some other threads and couldn't find anything that works for this.. I need to count the number of rows that contains a date that falls within the last 7 days. The dates are in one column (J in this example) - I am trying the...

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