1. M

    Counting numbered posts with formula

    I am currently looking for a way to count posts. I have 1- 50 posts so in total 50 posts. If i split the posts in to work groups like the table below I can see if I have any overlap and subtract the number of posts work on twice to get back to my 50 total...
  2. D

    Is there a formula for counting cells in a range that have notes?

    I have a forklift tracking sheet that lists forklifts in rows and and inspection comments for every week by columns. I would like to find a way to have a running total of comments per truck (Row). But can't seem to figure a way to do this with formulas. Is there a way to do this?
  3. M

    Counting Bold words in a cell with a Macro doesn't work right

    Hi! Years ago I asked for a macro for counting Bold words in a text inside a cell for something I was doing, and a user gave me that code below: Function nBold(cell As Range) As Long If cell.HasFormula Then Exit Function Dim tmp, n As Integer, x As Integer tmp =...
  4. A

    Count consecutive numbers in Array

    Good day Experts..please help me with this I have 3 Columns with single digit numbers, I need to know how many times each digit repit consecutively.ex 345 367 410 123 012 306 here we can see 0 repit 1 times (rows 5, 6), 1 = 2(rows 3, 4 and 4, 5), 3 1 times (rows 1 and 2) please help with the...
  5. O

    Counting multiple fractions, separated by commas, inside multiple cells, only if the number is larger than a certain threshold(80%)

    Hi, I am looking for a formula that can count the number of fractions 80% or larger in a range(in which cells can have multiple fractions inside, separated by commas), with the exception of 5/7, which should be counted despite being smaller than 0.8. For example, if the selected range is like...
  6. P

    counting particular hierarchical column with condition

    I would like to count the number of 1s (on the left) and organize as shown on the right. notice rows 1 and 2 are hierarchical. in other words, something along the lines of "count soccer players in 2020 in Europe" My attempt was to first match headers then count the column returned by INDEX, but...
  7. G

    Formula continues to count up

    Good day, I've got this formula below that I'm having issues with. =IF(AND($A50<>"", $A$5>34),$A50+1,"") Essentially $A$5 starts at >1 in Cell A17 and in Cell A18, I changed it to 2 - it continues like this up to $A$5>34 like you see above but I've had to do that manually because when I tried...
  8. J

    Formula for counting

    I am trying to achieve the results in D3. I'm in need of a formula that will count unique names, ignoring the blanks and duplicates. Also ignoring the word "na" and "ns"
  9. L

    CountIf True

    =COUNTIF(Data[Column1],TRUE) I have the above mention formula but i want to modify it to add that if Counts of Assets in BU is blank dont count the true now is counting 1,221 but it should be 1177
  10. S

    Counting cells by colour

    Hi All, I am wondering if there is formula whereby I can count cells based on their colour?
  11. L

    Sumproduct Isnumber Search is returning same result for different values

    ​Hello - I utilizing a formula that is intended to count the number of visible entries in a table that meets multiple criteria utilizing Sumproduct, Isnumber, and Search. However; I have just realized that in some instances the formula is including results it should not. For example, in the...
  12. L

    Counting number of repeaed IDs

    Hello everyone! i need to make a report with the number of times that a user buy a product... the report must be separated into ranges, and the number of IDs varies from 1 to 20 in the table. im working on power bi; maybe i need to use a measure? i leave a img of my idea. THX nwn <3...
  13. B


    I need to edit the code below so it stops counting when it hits 0. SUggestions? =COUNTIF(K5:K29,"<=30")
  14. D

    Counting A Calculated Cell

    Hey Guys, I have a calculated cell in excel using and if function. e.g if(A2<50, "Poor","Good") across many rows of data. How and want to use a countif function to get the total count of the Poor and Good. But it seems like excel countif function does not count data that is returned from an IF...
  15. B

    Right to left counting cells with value until the first empty cell

    I'm looking to count from right to left counting the number of cells with a value until the first empty cell. All cells are formulas. The range is set D:Y. I need to count cells that are greater than 0 until it reaches an empty cell. Can someone help me out with this ?
  16. C

    stop counting in a cell when another has a date entered

    i am working an excel file that i need the counter to stop after i enter date in another cell G4 has date entered: 5-apr-19 H4 is the due date formula: =WORKDAY(G4,9) I4 is counter: =TODAY()-H4 J4 is date completed: 9-apr-19 what i need is I4 to stop counting when J4 date is entered
  17. A

    Stop counting day if another cell is populated

    Hi :) I need help trying to create a formula that will stop counting in B2 once I enter a date in C2 and want B2 to retain the count it stopped at. Currently B2 is =TODAY()-A2 A B C <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Initial...
  18. I

    COUNTIFS not counting

    Hi I'm learning about COUNTIFS and I don't understand why this is working in one row and not another. In my first cell in question My Criteria is TECH (E4) in Ranges A2 to A20 and R(G4) is ranges B2 to B20 : I'm using =COUNTIFS($A2:$A20,$E4,$B2:$B20,G4) - and it seems to work, it counts 4...
  19. D

    Counting data in multiple columns

    I am trying to count data that is in multiple columns and am getting an error, what I need to accomplish is counting if column A has a date entered that is in July (7/xx/2019) and then count if column I and J has a reading that is greater then .5.
  20. D

    Formula not capturing information

    I have a countifs formula that is as follows =COUNTIFS($B73,"May",$C73,"N") and each of the cells has the necessary data entered to be counted but its not counting. After trial and error I have determined that its not counting because cell B73 has multiple entries May and July so I am wondering...

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