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  1. Small Paul

    Create Worksheets From Number List

    Hi I have a primary worksheet with rows which are numbered according to set criteria. The current list is '1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5' etc down to 23. I have the following code which was posted by 'mumps' in 2015 (thank you mumps): Dim bottomA As Long bottomA = Range("A" &...
  2. H

    VBA Code to Create A New Sheet from a Template, input some values from a Master sheet, and return results from Template back into Master

    Hi, I'm new to VBA and need to use it for something similar to what was posted in this thread ( ), but with a few differences. I have a workbook that tracks the names of various assets &...
  3. G

    VBA Code to Create A New Sheet from a Template and Rename it from a List

    Hi All, I have a workbook that I am using to track all my new clients. I have a worksheet called 'MasterData' that lists all my client names in Column B(Cell B3 and beyond) and this is formatted as a table. Column B currently has 52 entries and I keep adding to the list. I also have a...
  4. J

    excel vba: create worksheets based on unique values in list and copy data to applicable worksheet

    I have a worksheet full of data. Col A shows co_code. Each Co_code can have 1 or more rows of data. I would like to create a macro that adds and names a sheet in the same file, for each unique co_code, and then copy the applicable rows/information to the respective worksheet. Hope that makes...
  5. B

    Create worksheet if worksheet does not exist

    Hi, I am new to the forum, but have been using it quite a lot to learn more about VBA. I am trying to write some code that will check a range of names within a worksheet and if there is a sheet with a name from the range excel should ignore it and move on to the next range. If no such worksheet...
  6. BenMiller

    Don't prompt to save template

    I have a macro which opens a template and creates a bunch of worksheets from it, then closes the template file. When it's finished running, it prompts and asks if I want to save Template (2). How do I stop it from prompting this? I will never want to resave the template under a new name; I want...
  7. T

    Creating a worksheet based on conditions

    Hello all, and thanks for looking. I consider myself fairly proficient with excel, but then I tried to take on this task. ;) I am fairly new with this type of excel coding, but I have coded with several other programming langauges in the past and think I can handle it with a few pushes in...
  8. P

    Excel print view into a Spreadsheet

    I have got my excel worksheet all formatted to give me a particular print view. However instead of actually printing this view, I would like to export this view into a new Workbook/worksheet and distribute that instead of a harcopy print or PDF file. Is there anything like that out there ...
  9. A

    Macro for pivot chart distribution (2003)

    My manager would like me to create charts for 30+ departments every month in separate files with their average weekly spend for the past year and headcount. There are sub-departments that I've been using in the page field of a pivot chart so the manager can view total spend, or spend by...
  10. B

    Create Worksheet If It Does Not Exist

    I need a macro to create a worksheet name "Quarterly" in a existing workbook if it does not exist. If the worksheet "Quarterly" does exist, I need to select/activate that worksheet. My If Then statements continues to loop for some reason and errors out.

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