create worksheet

  1. P

    Automate creating a worksheet adding rows based on certain criterias (all this in the same workbook)

    I'm relatively new to automating the macros. It's easy to directly automate static steps but to make it more dynamic I'm having trouble writing the script. Here's my criteria. I prepared a workbook to keep track of the tasks in a project. Here's my criteria. I created an estimation summary tab...
  2. Small Paul

    Create Worksheets From Number List

    Hi I have a primary worksheet with rows which are numbered according to set criteria. The current list is '1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5' etc down to 23. I have the following code which was posted by 'mumps' in 2015 (thank you mumps): Dim bottomA As Long bottomA = Range("A" &...
  3. H

    VBA Code to Create A New Sheet from a Template, input some values from a Master sheet, and return results from Template back into Master

    Hi, I'm new to VBA and need to use it for something similar to what was posted in this thread ( ), but with a few differences. I have a workbook that tracks the names of various assets &...
  4. G

    VBA Code to Create A New Sheet from a Template and Rename it from a List

    Hi All, I have a workbook that I am using to track all my new clients. I have a worksheet called 'MasterData' that lists all my client names in Column B(Cell B3 and beyond) and this is formatted as a table. Column B currently has 52 entries and I keep adding to the list. I also have a...
  5. J

    excel vba: create worksheets based on unique values in list and copy data to applicable worksheet

    I have a worksheet full of data. Col A shows co_code. Each Co_code can have 1 or more rows of data. I would like to create a macro that adds and names a sheet in the same file, for each unique co_code, and then copy the applicable rows/information to the respective worksheet. Hope that makes...
  6. B

    Create worksheet if worksheet does not exist

    Hi, I am new to the forum, but have been using it quite a lot to learn more about VBA. I am trying to write some code that will check a range of names within a worksheet and if there is a sheet with a name from the range excel should ignore it and move on to the next range. If no such worksheet...
  7. BenMiller

    Don't prompt to save template

    I have a macro which opens a template and creates a bunch of worksheets from it, then closes the template file. When it's finished running, it prompts and asks if I want to save Template (2). How do I stop it from prompting this? I will never want to resave the template under a new name; I want...
  8. T

    Creating a worksheet based on conditions

    Hello all, and thanks for looking. I consider myself fairly proficient with excel, but then I tried to take on this task. ;) I am fairly new with this type of excel coding, but I have coded with several other programming langauges in the past and think I can handle it with a few pushes in...
  9. P

    Excel print view into a Spreadsheet

    I have got my excel worksheet all formatted to give me a particular print view. However instead of actually printing this view, I would like to export this view into a new Workbook/worksheet and distribute that instead of a harcopy print or PDF file. Is there anything like that out there ...
  10. A

    Macro for pivot chart distribution (2003)

    My manager would like me to create charts for 30+ departments every month in separate files with their average weekly spend for the past year and headcount. There are sub-departments that I've been using in the page field of a pivot chart so the manager can view total spend, or spend by...
  11. B

    Create Worksheet If It Does Not Exist

    I need a macro to create a worksheet name "Quarterly" in a existing workbook if it does not exist. If the worksheet "Quarterly" does exist, I need to select/activate that worksheet. My If Then statements continues to loop for some reason and errors out.
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