criteria lookup

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    Find one possible match in a matrix (3 criteria, array formula)

    Hi All, The situation that I have is the following: Sheet1: (start and end times of orders) Machine (CELL B1) OrderNumber (CELL E1) StartTime (CELL P1) EndTime (CELL Q1) Machine1 00001 Machine2 00002 Machine3 00003 Machine4 00004 Machine1 00005 Machine2 00006...
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    Search criteria and place info from cells in another sheet of cells

    Please help...I have spent hours trying to figure this out but nothing works....yes i am very ignorant about VBA and trying to learn but need this. I need a search button as described below. Any help will be appreciated. Sheet 1 <tbody> A B C D E F 1 123456 2...
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    Return count of cases that match 2 criteria in same array

    Is there some simple INDEX/MATCH/COUNT equation I can apply or other trick?:confused: For background on my sample: As part of larger database, I have an array going from columns BT3-CK51. Within that array I have columns that specify the same type of data 1 (Method Data in column BT, BU, BY...
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    data validation based on multiple criteria

    I am searching for a solution This is my problem: I have 6 drop down lists, every drop down list depends on the previous on. The first 2 were no problem, but the others are. The first one is a type of material, the second the same, but based on the first, options are limited. I used an...
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    COUNTIF criteria, finding "Limit" but exluding "No Limit"

    I have a range of data in column A and B that is pulled from many other sheets in the workbook. The data comes listed out of order, which is fine. I am trying to write a formula in another cell to give me averages for the numbered data in column B. My issue is my data in column A. Examples of...
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    classifying scores by multiple criteria

    I have ~1000 students in Column A. They have a grade level in Column B (K, 1, 2 ... 11, 12). In Column C there is a test score. I need to classify each student into a LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH group based on certain cut-points. The difficulty is that the cut-points are different for each of the...

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