1. D

    Selective copying based on criteria

    Hi guys! I have kind of a complex question. It all starts with a very large spreadsheet (let's call it 'raw data'). It has many columns of information (A:GD). Much of this data is pretty useless to me, to be honest. But there are a few pieces of information that I want to extract (if the row...
  2. D

    Compare specific Column in two sheets and append data to last available row

    Hello, I am fairly new to vba and i am having a hard time coding something that will solve my issue :( I have two data sources I wish to combine. Sheet 1 Data source on Sheet1 contains 2 columns: AccountID and Cost. Source is in cells A3:B3 (data row starts in A4) for 1 to N records. A...
  3. L

    Count Distinct Cells in Multiple Columns with Criteria

    I'm trying to count how many distinct items appear across multiple columns with a single criteria from another column. My ability to use the right words might be keeping me from finding a solution on the web. Cities Restaurant 1 Unrelated information Restaurant 3 Unrelated Information...
  4. A

    Cell Formula to count first occurrence of a customer name with criteria

    Hi! First time poster! I am trying to use a formula field to determine a first occurrence of a contract being signed ( ('Order Items'!$A:$A) result as a "1") or ending (('Order Items'!$B:$B) result as a "-1") per a client name ('Order Items'!$J:$J), per month ('Order Items'!$O:$O), to be...
  5. A

    autofilter for dates by xlfiltervalues

    does any one know a location for the excel function by @Jon von der Heyden which displays AutoFilter criteria (including the date filter) in an Excel sheet
  6. I

    Copy rows in seperate worksheets to new worksheet based on date

    Hi, I've got a spreadsheet with 21 active worksheets. 1 of those is a home page and the other 20 all have data on regarding deliveries for my company. I want to make it so that Excel automatically searches for any deliveries >=TODAY on all the worksheets and copies those rows onto a new sheet...
  7. B

    How can I generate a list of codes in Excel based on criteria?

    I'm trying to make a list of codes based on a format of 001 A 001. They should be 001 to 062, A to E, 001 to 012. I need all combinations, so they would be: 001 A 001 001 A 002 to 001 A 012, then up to 001 E 012 Then 001 B 001 to 012, and so on until 001 E 001 to 012 Then 002, A to E, 001 to...
  8. R

    VBA-only delete rows based off cells that is not in another sheet

    Hello, Sheet2 column a has strings that i want to be saved from sheet1 Sheet1 if column H does NOT contain string that is in sheet2 column A then delete row. So basically sheet2 contains the list of what i want to keep in sheet1, everything else delete. sheet2 ColA needs to be dynamic as the...
  9. L

    Updating query criteria using VBA

    We have 100+ customers that we are including in a report; we have to run a query for each customer, and they each have their own criteria that will be used. I’m trying to create a macro that will: Update the criteria used in the query to Like "*Customer 1*" Run the query for the first customer...
  10. B

    Return multiple values in a list based on other criteria

    I'm shooting for the moon a bit here, but thought I'd ask if this is possible anyway. In the below table, I want to make a list of values appear in column E based on the number in column B (as it's shown now with hard-coded values). For example, if there's a 2 next to QB, then QB would show up...
  11. M

    Help with lookup

    Hi all, I'm pretty new with Excel, so I would really appreciate any help I can get with this. I have 2 workbooks, one of these is updated with new values every day with rows added onto the existing ones. It looks something like this, with rows going into thousands. I need Excel to pull the...
  12. M

    Index & match with multiple criteria

    Help! I am trying to get the Volume for a specific stock on a specific date, using Index & Match. The Volume figure I get is completely wrong. I don't know how to fix this. Date Symbol Daily Volume Symbol Price 11/18/19 A 100,168 A 79.12 What is the Daily Volume for...
  13. B

    Use AVERAGEIFS based on dynamic criteria

    I'm trying to average a set of cells based on multiple criteria (hence the AVERAGEIFS), but I want this average to change as more data is added. There may be a very simple fix for this, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Below is a sample of the table followed by an explanation of...
  14. J

    SUMIF formula for Criteria that is a range

    Is there a good sumif formula or a different formula that would be good to use for a range of criteria and the criteria is all different but specific to what totals I what pulled out of a larger listing? Thanks!
  15. R


    Hi, below is a partial formula. How can I count the number of AND criteria's that are met? (AND(CFW$16=2,CFW48=1),AND(CUI$16=2,CUI48=1),AND(DIU$16=2,DIU48=1)) I just need a 1 for one AND criteria, 2 for two AND criteria's, and 3 for three AND criteria's. Thank you, David
  16. W

    Countifs not referencing same cells and getting 0

    I am trying to use CountIfs and every thread I come across all reference when someone is trying to reference the same cells for different criteria, which I understand why that does not work. What I am trying to do is reference three columns all for different data, but I am getting zeros...
  17. S

    VBA: finding data based on values in 2 cells in 2 different rows

    Hi all, I'm trying to get a number from a cell based on the criteria in 2 different cells but in the same column. This has to be pasted in another sheet, which has got the reference number same as one of the above 2 criteria. Please help. Thanks,
  18. H

    Add contributing %s to max 100% total

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet <tbody> D E 1 Question 1 90% 2 Q1 assessment criteria 1 20% 3 Q1 assessment criteria 2 30% 4 Q1 assessment criteria 2 40% </tbody> Under Question 1 there are three things users have to report on their progress with. They type in the % figure and...
  19. S

    sumproduct - multiple criteria that includes partial text

    Hi I have a table of data with many rows an columns and I'm trying to count the number of records that meet numerous criteria. I've managed to get a lot of it to work but am stuck when it comes to one field that contains one or more partial string elements. My current formula is: -...
  20. N

    Excel Book Enquiry

    First post here and purely asking as I haven't found the answer through informational search. I completely appreciate below might not be the best use of Excel and that there are other tools that would probably be more suitable. I am looking for a MS Excel book for non(strictly)-formula/pivot...

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