1. W

    Copying rows if criteria is met but only specific cells of the row

    Sub copyT() Dim wrfrom As Worksheet Dim wrto As Worksheet Dim lastrw As Long Dim i As Integer Dim rng As Range Set wrfrom = Sheet1 Set wrto = Sheet5 lastrw = wrfrom.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row wrfrom.Select For i = 2 To lastrw Set rng = Union(Range(Cells(i, 1), Cells(i, 6)), Cells(i...
  2. P

    Show Table Filter Criteria In Cell

    Working on UDF to display the filter criteria for a table. UDF would be just above filtered table. Found perfect UDF but only works on normal filters, not table filters. Having trouble adapting it: Function Show_Criteria(Rng As Range) As String Dim str1 As String, str2 As String Dim tbl As...
  3. S

    Find row with 2 criteria

    Is it possible to find a row with 2 criteria? I'm importing survey anwsers to a worksheet, now I want to find the answers of a specified person I need to find the row in the worksheet(ImportLimesurvey) that has 2 specified cell values: In that row: the value of the C-cell has to be one of the...
  4. S

    SQL Help - Duplicate IDs

    I have the 2 tables below: Table1 ID Start Date End Date ABC123 01/04/2020 13/09/2020 DEF456 03/01/2020 17/02/2020 ABC123 15/09/2020 30/09/2020 Table2 ID Start Date End Date ABC123 17/12/2019 12/07/2020 ABC123 13/07/2020 11/11/2020 DEF456 07/07/2020 09/09/2020 DEF456...
  5. D

    Counting Unique Dates within a Date Range With One Critieria (with Photos)

    Hello All! I'm trying to create a formula that counts the number of unique dates within a date range based on the type of item. I've tried several different formulas and researched ways to do it, but each formula was so specific to the poster's specific problem, that it did not work so I...
  6. J

    Multi filter by word on Excel 2016 document

    Hi, This is my first post please be nice. I am creating a Windows 10 Excel 2016 document which takes a bulk data download on Tab 1 (5 rows, 70,000+ column entries), filters out around 10 words, filters in around 15 words (Keywords are Tab 2) and displays the filtered data (Tab 3) as 5 columns...
  7. D

    Selective copying based on criteria

    Hi guys! I have kind of a complex question. It all starts with a very large spreadsheet (let's call it 'raw data'). It has many columns of information (A:GD). Much of this data is pretty useless to me, to be honest. But there are a few pieces of information that I want to extract (if the row...
  8. D

    Compare specific Column in two sheets and append data to last available row

    Hello, I am fairly new to vba and i am having a hard time coding something that will solve my issue :( I have two data sources I wish to combine. Sheet 1 Data source on Sheet1 contains 2 columns: AccountID and Cost. Source is in cells A3:B3 (data row starts in A4) for 1 to N records. A...
  9. L

    Count Distinct Cells in Multiple Columns with Criteria

    I'm trying to count how many distinct items appear across multiple columns with a single criteria from another column. My ability to use the right words might be keeping me from finding a solution on the web. Cities Restaurant 1 Unrelated information Restaurant 3 Unrelated Information...
  10. A

    Cell Formula to count first occurrence of a customer name with criteria

    Hi! First time poster! I am trying to use a formula field to determine a first occurrence of a contract being signed ( ('Order Items'!$A:$A) result as a "1") or ending (('Order Items'!$B:$B) result as a "-1") per a client name ('Order Items'!$J:$J), per month ('Order Items'!$O:$O), to be...
  11. A

    autofilter for dates by xlfiltervalues

    does any one know a location for the excel function by @Jon von der Heyden which displays AutoFilter criteria (including the date filter) in an Excel sheet
  12. I

    Copy rows in seperate worksheets to new worksheet based on date

    Hi, I've got a spreadsheet with 21 active worksheets. 1 of those is a home page and the other 20 all have data on regarding deliveries for my company. I want to make it so that Excel automatically searches for any deliveries >=TODAY on all the worksheets and copies those rows onto a new sheet...
  13. B

    How can I generate a list of codes in Excel based on criteria?

    I'm trying to make a list of codes based on a format of 001 A 001. They should be 001 to 062, A to E, 001 to 012. I need all combinations, so they would be: 001 A 001 001 A 002 to 001 A 012, then up to 001 E 012 Then 001 B 001 to 012, and so on until 001 E 001 to 012 Then 002, A to E, 001 to...
  14. R

    VBA-only delete rows based off cells that is not in another sheet

    Hello, Sheet2 column a has strings that i want to be saved from sheet1 Sheet1 if column H does NOT contain string that is in sheet2 column A then delete row. So basically sheet2 contains the list of what i want to keep in sheet1, everything else delete. sheet2 ColA needs to be dynamic as the...
  15. L

    Updating query criteria using VBA

    We have 100+ customers that we are including in a report; we have to run a query for each customer, and they each have their own criteria that will be used. I’m trying to create a macro that will: Update the criteria used in the query to Like "*Customer 1*" Run the query for the first customer...
  16. B

    Return multiple values in a list based on other criteria

    I'm shooting for the moon a bit here, but thought I'd ask if this is possible anyway. In the below table, I want to make a list of values appear in column E based on the number in column B (as it's shown now with hard-coded values). For example, if there's a 2 next to QB, then QB would show up...
  17. M

    Help with lookup

    Hi all, I'm pretty new with Excel, so I would really appreciate any help I can get with this. I have 2 workbooks, one of these is updated with new values every day with rows added onto the existing ones. It looks something like this, with rows going into thousands. I need Excel to pull the...
  18. M

    Index & match with multiple criteria

    Help! I am trying to get the Volume for a specific stock on a specific date, using Index & Match. The Volume figure I get is completely wrong. I don't know how to fix this. Date Symbol Daily Volume Symbol Price 11/18/19 A 100,168 A 79.12 What is the Daily Volume for...
  19. B

    Use AVERAGEIFS based on dynamic criteria

    I'm trying to average a set of cells based on multiple criteria (hence the AVERAGEIFS), but I want this average to change as more data is added. There may be a very simple fix for this, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Below is a sample of the table followed by an explanation of...
  20. J

    SUMIF formula for Criteria that is a range

    Is there a good sumif formula or a different formula that would be good to use for a range of criteria and the criteria is all different but specific to what totals I what pulled out of a larger listing? Thanks!

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