1. M

    Index & match with multiple criteria

    Help! I am trying to get the Volume for a specific stock on a specific date, using Index & Match. The Volume figure I get is completely wrong. I don't know how to fix this. Date Symbol Daily Volume Symbol Price 11/18/19 A 100,168 A 79.12 What is the Daily Volume for...
  2. B

    Use AVERAGEIFS based on dynamic criteria

    I'm trying to average a set of cells based on multiple criteria (hence the AVERAGEIFS), but I want this average to change as more data is added. There may be a very simple fix for this, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Below is a sample of the table followed by an explanation of...
  3. J

    SUMIF formula for Criteria that is a range

    Is there a good sumif formula or a different formula that would be good to use for a range of criteria and the criteria is all different but specific to what totals I what pulled out of a larger listing? Thanks!
  4. R


    Hi, below is a partial formula. How can I count the number of AND criteria's that are met? (AND(CFW$16=2,CFW48=1),AND(CUI$16=2,CUI48=1),AND(DIU$16=2,DIU48=1)) I just need a 1 for one AND criteria, 2 for two AND criteria's, and 3 for three AND criteria's. Thank you, David
  5. W

    Countifs not referencing same cells and getting 0

    I am trying to use CountIfs and every thread I come across all reference when someone is trying to reference the same cells for different criteria, which I understand why that does not work. What I am trying to do is reference three columns all for different data, but I am getting zeros...
  6. S

    VBA: finding data based on values in 2 cells in 2 different rows

    Hi all, I'm trying to get a number from a cell based on the criteria in 2 different cells but in the same column. This has to be pasted in another sheet, which has got the reference number same as one of the above 2 criteria. Please help. Thanks,
  7. H

    Add contributing %s to max 100% total

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet <tbody> D E 1 Question 1 90% 2 Q1 assessment criteria 1 20% 3 Q1 assessment criteria 2 30% 4 Q1 assessment criteria 2 40% </tbody> Under Question 1 there are three things users have to report on their progress with. They type in the % figure and...
  8. S

    sumproduct - multiple criteria that includes partial text

    Hi I have a table of data with many rows an columns and I'm trying to count the number of records that meet numerous criteria. I've managed to get a lot of it to work but am stuck when it comes to one field that contains one or more partial string elements. My current formula is: -...
  9. N

    Excel Book Enquiry

    First post here and purely asking as I haven't found the answer through informational search. I completely appreciate below might not be the best use of Excel and that there are other tools that would probably be more suitable. I am looking for a MS Excel book for non(strictly)-formula/pivot...
  10. B

    Index/match multiple criteria, multiple results

    I need to review a list of data and return all of the matches based on 2 criteria and cannot figure out the entire formula. Below is what I have now but it only matches 1 criteria: "CASH IN IMPORT'!$R$5. How on earth do I add a second criteria, which would be column B of sheet '3.INT' matching...
  11. M

    Return a list of dates and form average from a table

    I need help with a complex formula that will search four columns of a table and create a list of dates that match that criteria. I figure it will an array formula and I have found some examples when the criteria is 1 column, but not 4. The Table is "Table1" The column with the date I need in...
  12. S

    VBA to Loop through Excel list and Delete rows based on Criteria

    Hi I've got a spreadsheet, close to 50,000 rows, for which I have a VBA macro to autofilter on a certain criteria to reduce the number of rows (by deleting) to only have the ones I want left. I now want to have the macro loop through the list to delete rows based on criteria in three colkumns...
  13. H

    On Error Resume Next - cover all autofilter criteria

    Hi All Just a quick one - can I check the error handler covers all my autofilter criteria? I can't avoid the errors occurring on any of the criteria, I just want to skip over. Sub DataRaw() Sheets("DataInput").Select On Error Resume Next Selection.AutoFilter...
  14. G

    Copy rows from one sheet to another based on value Hi, I've been working on this for a while. I have info from one tab that I'm looking to have transferred to another sheet based on if the criteria is met. Anyone able to help me out? Copy the whole row to another sheet if criteria...
  15. M

    Issue with TEXTJOIN, multiple criteria. IF/AND function

    Hi I am unsure how to attach an example workbook for my query. As you can see from the image above, I have Company, which has two data sets associated with it - Product and Category. I am looking to allow someone to input the product and category then be given a , separated 'list' of...
  16. H

    More Than 2 Criteria

    hi I recorded 3 macros so I could see the code for each and hopefully compile something which will filter for all 3, as the standard Excel filter will only allow for 2. I am trying to filter to only leave rows with a zero, a blank or that are >=30 The code for code for each came up as...
  17. K

    Sumproduct Binary - multiple criteria in the same range

    I need to sum deposits for each account number for deposits that have valid codes. I've tried SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT, and run into the same problem of setting criteria to a range of values (E2:E6). Here is where i'm at from a SUMPRODUCT path: =SUMPRODUCT(--($A:$A=$G2),--($C:$C=$E$2:$E$6),$B:$B)...
  18. C

    Count Unique Visible Values with Criteria

    Hello: Is there a formula that can count only the visible and unique values in a column, based on criteria from another column? This array formula I have counts the unique values with criteria, but it ignores filters and counts non-visible cells...
  19. R

    If with multiple criteria

    Id like to write a formula that has an if with more then one criteria but nothing seems to be working. =if(n1="ablation", i want to look in a table for two criteria and return the amount in column H.
  20. Z

    VBA/UserForm Find Data - Multiple Criteria

    Hi Guys, I’ve hit a stumbling block with this, hoping someone can help please? I’m looking to use some VBA code in my userform to find data from multiple criteria. Table EmpID Date Reason 123. 24/10/19 Off 345. 10/10/19. AL 123. 25/10/19...

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