1. I

    Help with vba code to flip all data in rows A:F based on certain criteria in column D

    Hi. I need to flip/reverse all data in the rows that have the time in column as 6:45am, 07:45am, and 08:45am using vba. Any particular code that could do this? Thanks in advance. Picture shows an example and highlighted range is what I need flipped. So under CD69 should be CD80, with STG.B20 and...
  2. P

    What would be best formula to use to extract data based on dates with a criteria?

    I have an excel where I need to pull in the total hours for a date range (always start on Monday) in my excel tab called 'Dashboard'. I'll be getting the data from the tab 'Budget' but I only want to pull in the number based on the QuickBooks Code I've identified on B1. So AH3 will equal to...
  3. S

    Data Filtering

    Hello, I hope you doing good I have an issue see the attached image. It has 3 rows Username, Reporting, and date. now I want to see what danu66 posted on 8 August 2023. This is data where an employee reports what he will be doing every day so the data will be updated daily, which means the...
  4. T

    Remove values from array based on helper columns

    =FILTER('INVENTORY-COMMIT'!A:A,((LEFT('INVENTORY-COMMIT'!A:A,2)=REORDER!N1)+(LEFT('INVENTORY-COMMIT'!A:A,2)=REORDER!O1)+(LEFT('INVENTORY-COMMIT'!A:A,2)=REORDER!P1)*NOT('INVENTORY-COMMIT'!A:A=N2:N3))) I want remove values from array based on helper columns when filled in. It works when NOT...
  5. A

    Excel VBA: Loop through autofilter problem

    Hi all, I want to loop through autofilter criteria in column G( below photo) and do something, such as copy or sum. How can i loop each choice in VBA? Thank you very much for your help.
  6. K

    Filter will not compile!

    Hello, Because of the success after my first post, I've decided to come back as I'm quite stuck again.. I'm trying to filter a range of dates for a ceirtan date that is given in cell L1 in the "ws" worksheet, but I can't seem to be able to filter for this value. (for the record, my date-format...
  7. S

    Randomize Data in Power Query Based on Certain Criteria

    Hi PQ Gurus, I have a tall order, which I know I would NEVER be able to figure out myself, and am hoping one of you experts could assist. I know the requirements are pretty extensive, but would appreciate ANY help in trying to figure this out. I have a large data set (small sample below), and...
  8. Y

    Need a Macro code to filter & unselect a specific value.

    Hi, I have to copy rows from one sheet to other in a same excel file. It's a repetitive task. Consider following example. Name Devices code A Desktop 234 B Laptop 2345 C Laptop 3456 D Smartphone 7654 E Printer 3456 F Desktop 098 G Scanner 123 H Laptop 65 I Smartphone 876 J...
  9. S

    Randomize PQ Results Based on Certain Criteria

    Hi Power Query Gurus out there! I don't have extensive knowledge of Power Query, but use it for simpler tasks. I'm currently using it to query data from a SharePoint list (not relevant to my question), and I'm looking to have PQ look at the data (sample data below), and randomly select 3 IDs...
  10. R

    Expand array of dates based on 2 criteria (VBA)

    Hi I have a counter with a minimum value of 17. As long as this value is not reached, then extra dates should be added to an array of dates. The extra dates should be workdays: if for example 2 extra dates are needed to reach the 17 value, but the 24th of December is not a workday, yet 23rd and...
  11. A

    Using FILTER Function that ingnores blank Criteria cells if no values in it

    PART 1) I have a workbook that we keep track of all help hired along with a bunch of other information. I wanted to create a tab that will use the following criteria (State, Date Range, Used Multiple Times, Rehire Status) to retrieve the names of anyone who fit the criteria that is filled in. I...
  12. TheMacroNoob

    Filter Dynamic Array by Range, Differently Sized Arrays

    I have a spill array that is pulling IDs from another sheet. I already have a list of IDs on one side of my visual, and I want to avoid duplicates. The list of my array formula is longer than the existing list I want to compare, and that's tripping me up. My formula with the spill array...
  13. TheMacroNoob

    Filter Rows by Criteria

    Hello excel experts, I have annoying (crappy) data, and I am trying to grab all names from a column that meets a couple criteria. In that column are subtotal rows with a count of names and a TOTAL heading, and category headings like: - 2020 Sold Properties - 2020 Completed Refi - 2021...
  14. R

    Combobox - named ranges and criteria - VBA

    Hi, I have a macro button to open a userform mailing list (see image) which includes a combobox and listboxes. I had written code which got enhanced by member 'beyond Excel' below. Credits to him/her. The goal is to save the Sender, CC and Recipient addresses in named ranges on the data sheet...
  15. R

    Userform listbox search button

    Hi, I have a search button in a userform to highlight/select the matching list item based on the value entered in an inputbox that is activated by this search button. I would like to be able to select the list item, regardless of case sensitivity. With the code below my entered value does not...
  16. A

    Excel VBA: Loop through autofilter criteria to copy and paste to new sheet then save as new file.

    Hi all, I want to loop through autofilter criteria in column G( below photo) to copy and paste to new sheet then save as new file. Below is my code, i know that it can use if and else to do, i want to know how to change to use the loop. Thank you very much for your help. Dim wb As Workbook...
  17. D

    Set criteria to flexible range

    Hi all, In the code below I want to adjust the "criteria" line in such a way that it not refers to an array, but that it refers to a range in column A that is changing in size (sometimes it has more, sometimes it less lines) on a separate sheet (Sheet3) How do I make this adjustment? I know...
  18. T

    GANTT schedule - Take value if between time and equipment criteria match

    Hi, I need to make a GANTT schedule from the production with tanks etc. I cannot get the different formulas to work, when they do I will add it as conditional formatting in different colours. In D2 "Gannt Mrexcel.jpg" I want TRUE if C2 find a match in H:H "Raw data Mrexcel.jpg", also the date...
  19. B

    Filtering Top 20 by Value with Criteria

    Since I am currently working on this project at work, I cannot post the data on this forum but I will try my best to explain the problem. I am looking to pull the top 20 dollar amounts from a range, based on an additional criterion. For example, one field contains either of two possible...
  20. J

    VBA Help - List only File Names from Criteria and Specific File Type

    Hello: I plagiarized the following VBA from a YouTube video that I found, and it gives me exactly what I am needing...however it is missing a piece that I hope can be solved here. I would appreciate any help, and please know...I am not very strong in VBA (yet). I am needing to augment this code...

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