1. M

    Pivot Table: Calculating Average % Across Years

    Hello, I have a Pivot Table with Years as the top-level column, then two fields underneath, Cash and Operations. The values in each field are currently calculated as % of Parent Column Total, so Cash and Operations are shown as percentages of each year's total. I would like to also create a...
  2. C

    Access Report Using CrossTab Quary for people

    Tyring to build a report that shows Organization and position that people are in. For example: There is a table that shows all employees (admin) and them in the respective positions Sort ORder Org Big Boss Manager Worker 1 South Group me 1 South Group vacant 2 North Group Tom...
  3. P

    Cross tab issue

    I'm doing a very simple report. I have a bolean field that I converted to 0 and 1 using sql CASE. In the virtual view is defined as an Int. When I create the Crosstab, the values column is the column RevSup that I converted to 1 and 0. For some reason is not summing all the records that it...
  4. M

    Calculated query column that returns true or false based on first 2 columns

    Hello there! So I'm trying to create a query in Access that will have a calculated column that compares the first 2 columns and return True if the first column number is less than the 2nd column number. how would i go about doing this? tricky thing is, the first 2 column headings change based...
  5. L

    crosstab query calculation YTD problem

    Hi all, I got below problem.. After I created a crosstab query pp, I could not create another query to calculate the YTD amount of ARPU. Does someone know what can I do? I confirm that my access has the right field for [pp].[Period]...
  6. P

    Crosstab - Sort on Aggregate Sum

    I added the Aggregate Sum to my crosstab query and the user has asked me to sort the columns by this Sum, but I can't see any way to do this. Any help is appreciated!
  7. A

    Filter a form based on a crosstab query value

    Hi everyone. I need help on the following issue, pls. I have a crosstab query sql: TRANSFORM Max(qry_Files.FileDateLastModified) AS MaxOfFileDateLastModifiedSELECT qry_Files.FileId, A2018.BranchName FROM qry_Files LEFT JOIN A2018 ON qry_Files.FileId = A2018.BranchID GROUP BY qry_Files.FileId...
  8. D

    Check box Crosstab Query

    Hi, I am using a crosstab query to present an Master Production Schedule (MPS). I would like to be able to add check boxes into my form that would allow users to filter the data by Stage. There is 6 stages in the data. How do I go about this as I am a beginner at excel. Should I use VBA or...
  9. D

    Check box Crosstab Query

    Hello all, Looking for some help/advice regarding the database I am currently trying to build. In the crosstab query that I have created I am trying to filter this through the use of check boxes on a form. I have tried to do this by entering the following iif statement -...
  10. C

    Syntax Error: Crosstab to Flat File Macro

    I recently came across a macro designed to convert crosstabular data to database ready data. You can find the post here... I've recently found a macro that will allow me to convert crosstabular data to a data base format. (You can find it here...
  11. S

    Calculating count of 1st occurrence of ACV value in crosstab rows containing variable date headings

    Hi, I have multiple crosstab workbooks like this, each representing ACV data for a particular Category-Country e.g. Foods-US. The workbooks filenames are e.g. INO-Food-US.xlsx INO-Pet Food-US.xlsx INO-CCare-US.xlsx INO-CCare-UK.xlsx INO-Food-UK etc. i can loop thru the folder and import all...
  12. M

    Data from questionnaire in wrong format to get pivot table

    I issued a questionnaire a few years ago and downloaded responses from the questionnaire provider into an Excel spreadsheet. I did simple analysis, no problem. I have now been asked to provide some pivot tables (crosstabs), eg gender by age. The problem is the data came down in separate columns...
  13. U

    multiple crosstabs with one source

    I have a 2007 workbook with several crosstabs over several worksheets. All the crosstabs are accessing the same linked table from Access, and all have the same selected criteria. Is it possible to set up the crosstabs to all feed off the one series of pulldowns? Can this be with PP? TIA.
  14. A

    MS Access 2013 Crosstab Query Count function not Displaying results property

    MS Access 2013 Crosstab Query Count function not Displaying results property: Details My Crosstab query has 38 Row Headers, a Column Heading that has only 2 output results and a Total. The Total row function is "Count" The underlying query has product specification data ( the 38 Row Headers)...
  15. K

    Crosstab Query with data from two tables

    I am relatively new at working with queries. I have two tables, one with realized expenses fro certain months and another with budgeted items for certain months. I am trying to create a query which will take all the expenses, put them into the categories I have them labeled under and sum for...
  16. M

    Problems with Cross Tab Query Parameters

    Ok, So according to the internets, I'm doing this right. However, I am not getting the desired result. I am using a crosstab query with the added stipulation that I need to only extract data between 2 dates. I put the parameters in like so: Between [Start Date] And [End Date] l...
  17. H

    dynamic report with substraction column

    Hi, I used Kreszch68's code to create a dynamic report from a crosstab query; however, I need an extra column that will have the substraction of the last two column. My report will always have two value column, and for the life of me I can't figure it out how to do it? Below is the long...
  18. A

    Transposing Product Attributes from Columns to Rows

    I have a large batch of product information that I am looking to reformat so that it can be imported to our website. Below is an example of the format that it is in now is: <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> SKU Number AttributeName ProductAttributeValue C01 Width 2.6" C01 Length...
  19. timetabler

    List to crosstab/broadsheet

    I am trying to convert a list of data to a crosstab of data (a pivot table doesn't seem to work). The data in the list I have is: ID, Subject, Grade 1, Subject1, B 2, Subject 2, C I want a crosstab of: ID, Subject1, Subject2, Subject3 1, B, C, B 2, C, D, A Converting the list via a pivot...
  20. L

    convert matrix worrk sheet to a flat file

    I have a matrix file with 83 comlumns and 21,000+ employees In column A returns the employee ID# Column B returns Column headers Column C Returns the Value in the field field values of : Complete; "NR"; or NULL. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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