csv file format

  1. S

    Macro Export table to CSV

    Hi all, I am working on a query and need to export the table as CSV and I was surprised to see that was not an option in access. I have been trying many different options to get it to work. ( export as text etc). Short of exporting to excel then converting an extra step I do not want to have to...
  2. S

    Exporting date to csv formating problem

    I need to export a list of dates from Excel of the form dd-mm-yy hh:mm to a .csv file where they have to be wrapped in double quotes. Like this "31-12-2020 14:23" This is turning out to be quite tricky. I tried the following: a) Export as they are, and they appear in the csv file unwrapped...
  3. D

    Macro to save a CSV with a tilde as delimiter

    Gentlemen, Using a VBA macro, is there a way to save a CSV file a tilde delimiter instead of comma? Thank you
  4. K

    VBA Exporting SubReports as CSV files from a sheet

    First of all, I will be very grateful if someone could help with this. I have a long report on a sheet with over 1000 subreports. It looks like this: columns A,B,C,D Name,Target1,Target2,Target3 SubReport1,1,0,0 SubReport1,1,1,6 SubReport2,1,0,0 SubReport2,1,0,0 SubReport2,1,2,6...
  5. T

    save scv file as xlsx

    I want to write a macro that will save the current filename.csv file as filename.xlsx How to do it?
  6. B

    excel save as csv with quotes around specific columns

    Hi, I have an excel file, that I want to save as csv, but I cannot save with quotes around some columns, so I found 2 codes to add quotes but it will apply it around all the column this is the first code Sub CSVFile() Dim SrcRg As Range Dim CurrRow As Range Dim CurrCell As Range Dim...
  7. F

    text to columns - delimited

    Hi, I have csv file. Normally in excel I select column "A" and can do -> text to column -> delimited >semicolon and everything will be done ok. I need to do it exaclty this same but in VBa. sub TEST Dim FileToOpen, sourceFile, outputFile As String Dim TextLine() As Integer Dim sourceWb As...
  8. H

    AutoSave Excel in Different format

    Hi, This is my first post to this forum, although I am working on a potential project for my University and was curious if what I need to do is going to be possible. 1] Have Excel document save every second. * Found some people discussing this with code so I know that this is...
  9. F

    Can't retrieve data in CSV format

    Hello, I'm having a problem saving my data in CSV files. I have barcodes that need to be imported into a windows system for a library. However when I save my file in CSV format, all the columns display 3E+11. I've tried to change the column format to "numbers", but it still doesn't do...
  10. S

    How can I save xls as csv w/o getting error 1004

    Here is a portion of my vbs code. In this code I open each xls file in a directory, for each file I simple want to save the file as a csv. When the saveas method execute I receive an error 1004 and the following message. "1004 Microsoft Excel SaveAs method of Workbook class failed" Anyone...
  11. O

    CURE: Export more than 65000 lines access to excel

    Hi Guys, I thought I'd post a reminder of the cure to this problem. In case someone else searches for it. It was the bane of my existence yesterday. If your query or table has more that 65000 you can only export it without formatting. And you may have to create a new file name (it doesn't...
  12. jeffcrtra

    Open CSV files with variable name

    Hey folks, greetings! I have been dealing with this issue for a while already. Because of my work I must create files and save them with variable name (date of creation), the format should be CSV. I made a macro that makes all the work for me, taking the name from a specific cell and saving...
  13. D

    CSV files - conflict with DDE?

    When our company upgraded to Office 2007 last year, we had considerable problems with Excel in opening XLS and XLSX files. We had to either disable DDE in the file association properties, and/or add the "%1" notation after the opening string in file association. We've had just occasional...
  14. N

    Opening csv file with macro causes date format to change

    Hi, I'm using some code I found on this forum to open a csv file. One of the columns contains dates and when opening the file using the macro the date format is changed from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy but only if the date is on or before the 12th month. If the file is opened manually the date...
  15. H

    Opening a CSV file

    When I open a CSV file in Excel, all of the data is being placed in to one cell, with quotation marks around each value. What settings do I need to change to have the file open correctly?

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