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    I brought in a table and loaded it to data model. I created a pivot and then used OLAP tools to convert it to Cube formulas (allowing me to insert columns, etc where a pivot table won't let you). My problem arises when I bring in the next month's data. I've written the formula that hould work...
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    Excel OLAP cube formulas

    I have created an Excel user form that incorporates locked fields that populate with customer information from a SQL server by way of OLAP CUBEVALUE formulas. It works great, however I have run into a problem b/c I have other CUBEMEMBER information that I need to display per user selection...
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    CUBEMEMBER Solution Needed - showing a result that's not in the data

    I'm working on a CUBEMEMBER string and it always returns me the last value regardless of whether that value is in the table or not. here's the actual text. =CUBEMEMBER("ThisWorkbookDataModel",{"[Program Entry].[PROGRAM KEY].&[PROGRAM KEY DESCRIPTION]","[Program Entry].[PLANNER...
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    PowerPivot, have ID, want to display name - CUBEMEMBER & CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY & GETPIVOTDATA won't work.

    This should be simple, but I've fought it for DAYS. HELP! Excel 2010. PowerPivot with 3 tables. A few PowerPivot pivot's are in my Excel sheet. On a regular sheet, in a regular cell, in A1 I want to enter a customer ID. In A2, I want to display the customer's name. I can get measures &...
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    Wait for Cube Values to return data before continuing macro

    Hi All, I've been trying to find a way to have my macro wait until after my data has refreshed to continue. I'm using Excel 2010. I have combined our Sales Cube & Stock Cube into a PivotTable and then converted the PT into formulas. I need to do this so that I can minimize the amount of data...
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    =CUBEMEMBER Function

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help me. I created a pivot table and then converted the pivot table to be formula based. I am trying to create a YTD report based on the years 2008 and 2009. Is it possible to modify the CUBEMEMBER function for each YTD column? i.e. =CUBEMEMBER("Invoice...

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