cumulative total

  1. 4

    Cumulative max with IF AND statements

    I need help with creating the correct formula for the Employer Matching column (Column G). The employer matching formula is the lesser of 50% up to 6% of Gross Wages OR a maximum of $8,400 (which is 3% of $280,000). Once Gross Wages reach $280,000, the employer match will no longer accrue. Also...
  2. D

    Cumulative Total & Percentage

    Hello - I'm looking to calculate cumulative totals and percentages based on the type of data in column A (unique company code identifier) and column B (date of time entry). My time data is in column C (formatted as an integer). I would only like to calculate the cumulative total & % if the row...
  3. D

    Count of entries below cumulative threshold without helper column

    Hi, I have the following little table. I'd like a formula that finds the number of values where the cumulative total (of column G) is less than some threshold, tx. I tried {=MIN((SUM(OFFSET(G3,0,0,F3:F19))>tx)*F3:F19)-1} but OFFSET doesn't seem to be arrayable like that. Obviously, this...
  4. P

    Keep Runing Total

    Hi Guys, I have a value in B2 and and i want to do total of this value on C2 and D2 Format like this DAY WEEK MONTH IF I FILL 50 IN DAY CELL THEN WEEK WILL BE 50 MONTH ALSO WILL BE 50 After that i change value in day 10 than Week value auto calculate 50+10=60 and month value also 60...
  5. N

    Sum to month value

    I have a spread sheet with data against months and what I want to do is to return a cumulative figure for a given month. I.e. if I choose "Apr" from a dropdown list, then I'll get the cumulative figure for the year up to April (Jan-Apr). I bet it's a simple formula but it's escaping me. I don't...
  6. J

    Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3

    Good Morning all, I am very stuck on a problem and hope to get some help. I want to create a DAX measure that aggregates each total by day. Example <tbody> 1/1 8000...
  7. I

    Static running total - don't change on filter

    Hi All, Thanks in advance! I am looking for a way to have a running total in a pivot table be static. Meaning: I have a pivot table generated from an external data source. I have created a running total from a few of the columns. I have a pivot chart based on the table with an S-Curve line...
  8. D

    Linking Multiple Files/Multiple Sheets

    Hello! First time posting here, though have come often searching for help. This time I couldn't find it just using the search engine. I hope someone can help. I have one master excel spreadsheet displaying jobs daily. Every day has a new tab. I have 5 other files that are distributed to...
  9. N

    Macro for Updating Cumulative Totals Monthly

    Running Windows XP - Excel2007 Each month I prepare financial spreadsheets that include entries for that month and a running cummulative total for the year. I add the current month to the cumulative total last month (by referencing the same cell in last months spreadsheet). Each month I...
  10. W

    Data grouping

    I am working on an allocation project that requires accumulation of cumulative flying hours into approximate 300 hour groups for allocation of the expenses associated with that group of hours. I have used the Floor formula to divide the cumulative hours by the 300 allocable hours and when the...
  11. Victtor

    Period and Yearly rcumulative totals

    I have data that is grouped by weeks of a period. PD5Wk4 refers to period 5 week 4. It is relative easy to show data on a dashboard for a 1 week period (WTD or Week-to-date). However, I am not sure how to write the formula that will show cumulative data. For instance, I need to show...

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