1. L

    Excel Complicated Cumulative Division Problem

    Hello together, I want to show a cumulative division between to columns in a pivot table. A division in percentage between invoied orders and total order. This should be based on the last days of a month. Example given in my first attachment. As you can see, the percentages are wrong...
  2. M

    Am I doing this right?

    I made a pareto sheet/chart of the my members XP in my Discord server based on Trump excel tutorial and a few of my own designs. I'm just not sure what I should calculate the %running total from... Should I be using the Current Column or Remains Column? Here's the data...
  3. O

    How to expand data

    I have data that looks like this: # of parts cost per part 100 36.50 200 25.00 10 34.95 . . . 68,000 values and I need to expand the list so that it's a list of, for example, 100 rows of 36.50, 200 rows of 25.00, 10 rows of 34.95,etc.. The goal is to...
  4. K

    Over 40 hrs

    So I am doing a work sheet that will calculate pay for employees. The employees are paid from 8 to 5 during the week, and are on call for a large part of their pay period. When they are activated, their pay starts and has to be calculated until the job is complete. My problem is their pay will...
  5. C

    Cumulative sum with data in unequal increments

    Dear All, I would like to calculate the cumulative volume of liquid from a pipe over the period of 22 years. Data has been given on a daily basis, however in some instances this covers multiple days. The format of the native data is as follows: <tbody> DAY LIQUID RATE, M3/D CUMULATIVE...
  6. S

    Group sum in each row according to some condition set in columns

    I have a data set of roadway and roadway segments vehicle count calculations. Data set contains: Road_ID= ID of each road Seg_num= Index of each segment in each Road_ID V1= Vehicle counts of type 1 in each Seg_num V2= Vehicle counts of type 2 in each Seg_num V3= Vehicle counts of type 3 in each...
  7. S

    Cumulative Sum untill a value reached and reset

    I have a data set look like <tbody> Road_ID V1 V1cum V2 V2cum V3 V3cum 1 2 2 0 0 1 1 1 4 6 3 3 1 2 1 3 9 4 7 4 6 1 3 12 2 9 1 7 2 0 0 4 4 2 2 2 3 3 3 7 2 4 2 4 7 1 8 3 7 2 1 8 3 11 1 8 2 0 8 2 13 4 12 2 2 10 1 14 0 12 </tbody> each Road_ID has several rows. V1cum, V2cum...
  8. M

    DAX Formula for Cumulative and %Cumulative

    Hi, I have the following dax formulas for my cumulative total and % cumulative. Its working but not showing the correct cumulative in the technical sense Total Items Delivered: TotalItemsDelivered:=CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('DistProfile v1-3'),FILTER('DistProfile v1-3','DistProfile...
  9. M

    Hide Data in Running Total Pivot

    Hi there, I have monthly profit data for 2014. I'm trying to add cumulative profit by monthly cohort in a pivot table. The "Show Value As > Running Total In" function almost works perfect, except I want to leave the cell blank if there is no data to add to the running total. The reason is...
  10. M

    Formula to search for most previous match?

    I'm setting up a spreadsheet to display monitoring data in the form of X, Y and Z coordinates. I want to be able to show the relative and cumulative differences between measurements. The formula for the relative difference is just comparing it to the cell above, whilst the cumulative is...
  11. H

    help in cumulative percentage

    How To Set deduction cumulative percentage from 01/08 to 30/08 If employee late in arrival more than day and finish this work If attendance in 02/08 is 08:30 is deduction is 10% And attendances 03/08 09:15 deduction is 30% need to be 10 + 30 = 40% and do that for all month date...
  12. E

    Choosing the tranche, depending on cumulative spend

    Hi guys, sorry for the poorly worded title. I have a unique problem which I am stuck with... Let me try to describe it here and in addition, attach a worked example. I am working with a quarterly model, however have a a criteria/tranche which is based on yearly/cumulative spend. Criteria...
  13. E

    Independent Targets in Line Graph

    Hello All, I'm wanting to create a line graph which show a cumulative forecasted value of spend of time (simple enough!). However, I want to include independent cumulative value of year end budgets where lines plot back to both axis (e.g. Year 1 (x) and £1m (y). The idea is that the graph will...
  14. K

    Calculating cumulative payments with regular increases

    If I had rental income from a house, payment x, and the rent increased y% annually over z years, how can I calculate the cumulative rental income in one formula? As an example, if the rent was 1000, and annual increases were 3%, I would use: Cumulative rental income = (1000 * 1+0.03^0) + (1000...
  15. A

    Percentages in Pivot Tables

    I am new to Pivot Tables and am having a problem with percentages. I have a Pivot table which looks like this Block Incidents Cumulative Incidents People Cumulative People Percentage Answer should be 1 47 47...
  16. zuriqi

    Pivot table cumulative row sum percentage

    Hi Is it possible to use pivot table to show the cumulative row sum percentage (not % running total) ? sample is shown below <tbody> Count of Date Column Labels Row Labels Pass Failed Grand Total Jan 14 17 31 Feb 17 11 28 Mar 17 14 31 Apr 14 16 30 May 12...
  17. C

    Cumulative sum based on Row and Column criteria

    Hi, I would like to do a cumulative sum based on Row and Column criteria : I would like to do the cumulative month (Year to date) In the last colomn, I'd like to have the cumul of all the "CY_A_IT_1" for each Items. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> A B...
  18. C

    Find date from target %

    Hi, I have a set of values for dates and corresponding %s 1-Jan-18 8% 1-Feb-18 6% 1-Mar-18 8% I need a single cell formula to find the particular date at which a target cumulative % is achieved For Eg, the target cumulative % of 20% will be achieved on 22-Feb-18
  19. H

    Cumulative Sum based on two criteria

    Hi - In sheet1 I have a list of accounts in column A and a list of dates in row 4 with corresponding data below. In sheet2 I have the same list of accounts in column A and the same dates in row 4. But the data below I want to be a formula showing the cumulative totals in each month. I've...
  20. E

    VBA Vlookup with cumulative results

    Hi There, Another day, another challenge! I'm working on a stock shortages report and cant figure out how to lookup the stock value in another sheet and then cumulative subtract as it moves down the list. E.g Stock levels (Sheet3) <tbody> Column Part Qty A Apple 12 B Banana 6 C Carrot...

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