1. Y

    Converting non-uniform Excel data into uniform data by VBA

    Hi, I had a question. I wanted to convert non-uniform data in single Excel column to uniform data into another column. Example- I have an Excel column containing values as 345.12 million, 128.56 billion, 2.67 trillion and I would like to convert this non-uniform data into a uniform way using VBA...
  2. M

    Extracting pence value from a currency

    Hello, I'm hoping someone could help, I need to be able to extract the pence from a currency, I thought it could be done by using RIGHT, however it doesn't work when there's no pence. Is there another method that can help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. J

    ActiveX Input Format as currency with 2dp

    Hi All, I have been trawling the web and Mr Excel for an answer, but everything I have tried doesn't work. I am creating a userform that users need to be able to add in monetary values. Below is how I have the textbox set up at the moment, but it's not doing what I want: Private Sub...
  4. A

    SUMIF function usually works, but this time...

    HELP with SUMIF function.... I'm trying to make a budget sheet. I want everything in the F column that says a keyword, like "food", to calculate the price I paid for that in cell D. I have done this function before in other excel workbooks and it is fine. For some reason, it won't work on this...
  5. T

    If statement to seperate transactions by currency

    I am trying to build a spreadsheet to keep an accurate log of transactions, profit and current balance of 3 currencies. However I need help trying to segregate each transaction to only affect the balance of their matching currency. Here is what i have so far. So the goal is if for example...
  6. A

    Formula to convert currency cost into a percentage

    Hello, Which is the correct way/formula to convert the currency cost into a formula. For example: $39.21 shows as 3921% - May I know which formula I should use to get the percentage in a correct way. These are the sub-totals cost I have and I would like to show them in a percentage form...
  7. J

    Add Currency format

    Hi, I have a code for listbox with textboxes. how can I format the box to $ currency by adding this line of code to each box that has dollar amount, I would like to add this line of code: " & Format(Range("E").Value, "$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00)") to this code: (Bold and red colour) Private Sub...
  8. J

    Change format of userform textbox to currency

    Hi there, I have a userform with 4 textboxes that when text is entered they all refer back to individual cells. All data entered on a spreadsheet goes to the userform and when entered into the userform goes back to the spreadsheet. One of the textboxes displays a price but i cant seem to change...
  9. T

    Format cell with currency informed in other cell using a single formula

    HI, I cell B1 I have a drop down list to select the currencies that are written in the ISO currency code (EUR, USD,....) cell C1 I have the qty Cell D1 the unit value Cell E1 is C1*D1 I am looking for a formula to format the cell E1 as currency using the currency informed in B1 I have...
  10. D

    Converting UK Currency to Euro format

    Hello I posted this yesterday but I think it was in the wrong place. Sorry. I have a worksheet where all the values are written in UK format, e.g. 10,000,000.00 7,500.12 100.00 I need to have them in Euro format, i.e. 10.000.000,00 7.500,12 100,00 The built in Currency Formatting isn't...
  11. V

    Automatic conversion of the currency

    Hello! I have a table to be filled in with the prices of some products from different offers. Some products are acquired in the Euro currency and the others in the RON currency. My question is if is any possibility (macros, formulas) so that when I insert the value expressed in one currency...
  12. A

    (3) Dropdown list to equal $

    Greetings, is it possible to have (3) dropdown lists equal a dollar amount? Task at Hand: I will try to simplify to help make sense. Let's use a restaurant menu as an example. Depending on your order and the options chosen, the total will be different. Dropdown list 1: Types of meat-Chicken or...
  13. N

    Analyze workbook calculation time

    Hi, I developed this tool analyze my workbook to identify which formula is too slow. This code works and I tested many times. But I don't have much low level knowledge of Excel in general. So can someone look at the code and tell me what's the limitation(s) of this code? Private Declare...
  14. N

    VBA Currency Conversion Function (Historical Date)

    I have been looking around the internet with no success for a VBA function which will simply take 3 arguments: Currency From, Currency To, Date and output the relevant FX Rate. Has anyone worked with a successful solution? I am currently using this procedure which works fast but it outputs a...
  15. M

    convert currency from numbers to words

    hello, i want to convert the rupees from numric to words. how can we do that?
  16. VBA learner ITG

    Vba concatenate 2 columns that have a currency

    Hi all, Any advice would be appreciated on this! Column P of my workbook is a numerical column and Column Q is a Currency sign indicator, I need to add the Currency sign indicator to the front of the cell in column P or at the end depending on the currency sign indicator. £ = UK Pounds P =...
  17. D

    Excel 2016 TEXT function ignores formatting

    Hello, everyone, I have a pivot table displaying the total sales of three brands in two columns (one as currency, the other as % of total). The currency column's numbers are formatted as currency, with thousands separator, two decimal places and "лв." after each number. For each of the three...
  18. C

    Add 5% to an existing formula

    Hi Have this formula: =(K12+V12)*F12 K12 is a product cost V12 is a ancillary product cost F12 is the exchange rate from $ to £ I want to add a 5% currency fluctuation surcharge into the calculation , I have 5% written in cell G12 Is there a way I can add to the formula the 5% to the 2...
  19. B

    Using vlookup for multiplication

    Ok two I have two files File 1 Column A Column B Currency FX Rate USD 1.14 EUR 1 JPY 126.77 File 2 Column F Column G Column K Local Currency Local...
  20. King Mustard

    Add a formula after cell text content

    I have a Wages worksheet. I have a Pay amount (manually entered, Currency format, no decimal places) and a Tax amount (manually entered, Currency format, two decimal places). An an example, the Pay cell contains "£1000" and the Tax cell contains "£100". Is it possible to make the Tax cell...

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