1. E

    Need Help!: Subtract number from cell until it reaches 0, then subtract remainder from different cell

    Need Help!! I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this. I am looking for a formula that will allow me to do this: Cell O46 tracks the current Hit point points of a character. The max HP is found in cell G46, which is used to calculate the current HP by suming all the damage done in a...
  2. T

    Excel VBA - search box for any value but to stay in row/ column

    Hello Mr. Excel Community Since 5 hours I am struggling with the following code, which I'd love to expand. I simply want to mimic the built in ctrl + F search tool via an Input Box, adding the feature to stay in row/column (ActiveCell) while looking for the name (letters not numbers). Sub...
  3. T

    Conditional format if year in cell's date is same as current year

    I have a cell that contains a date in the format 21-Feb-21. I would like it to shade it green if the year in the date is the current year. I am going to have a second rule where if the year in the cell is before (less than) the current date than shade red. I believe I can do it simply but...
  4. C

    Would anyone be able to explain why a formula doesn’t work when I use a concatenate but works when I don’t.

    Hi This should be simple but I am finding it baffling The formula that works: =Match(B4,'\\network address\folder\[file.xlsx]sheet'!$E:$E,) I get the result 12. My understanding is that this is the row which the value of B4 on the current sheet is found in column E on the specified...
  5. F

    Formula Help

    Hi. I have the following three formulas: =B36+(99*B45) =(B37+B52) =B38+((99*B45)*52) And I would like to change each of them so that First one: from the result of the current formula, deduct the value of B49/4 Second one: from the result of the current formula, deduct the value of B49...
  6. Pinaceous

    VBA AutoOpen sub to worksheet # based upon the current month

    Good EveningEveryone :), I would like to create an AutoOpen sub that automatically opens up to a specific worksheet based upon the current month. For example, we are currently in October, so I'd like it to open up toWorksheets(4). If its November, I'd like it to open up to Worksheets(5). If...
  7. S

    Formula equivalent of Goal Seek function. How to manipulate margins based on Pricing requirements?

    0 <button class="js-vote-down-btn grid--cell s-btn s-btn__unset c-pointer" title="This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful" aria-pressed="false" aria-label="down vote" data-selected-classes="fc-theme-primary" style="margin: 2px; box-sizing: inherit; font-size...
  8. T

    Formula to sum based on multiple criteria -For subscription revenues

    Hello Excel Community, I was wondering if any of the amazing Excel masterminds can help me with a fomula based on several criteria. First I have a table with date which includes a customer ID, Customer Name, Type of Purchase, Date of Purchase, Start Date and End Dates of Purchase, the amount...
  9. S

    spaces after figures

    Hi, I received 1 excel file contained values but having 2 or 3 spaces after figures, I think this is formatting issue, what formula can I apply to get figures only. In the below example x means space Current figures 100xx 300xxx 210x Wanted 100 300 210
  10. willow1985

    Current Month minus 2 months

    Hello, I know the formula to find the previous month name: =TEXT(TODAY()-DAY(TODAY()),"mmmm") But how could you modify this to give you minus 2 months or 3 months? I am looking to reference another column to maybe minus number sequences from 0 - 6 subtracting a month at a time but I need it...
  11. L

    conditional formatting

    Hi I have the table below. I want to use conditional formatting or any other way to highlight the event based on condition like the following: If the event takes less than 14 days, then I highlight "Current" in the 3rd column. but not to highlight the "xmas" or any other events which have...
  12. G

    Combine Nested Funtions

    Need help combing these function into a single cell This formula recalculates the date based off a value in column P =IF(OR(P16="A - Svcbl(w/o Qual)",P16=""),(AM16+450),(AM16+90)) This formula determines the amount of days between today and the new date =ABS(AN16-TODAY()) This formula enters...
  13. gheyman

    Access: On Load On Current

    When a Form is loaded is it also considered "On current" or does the user have to leave the form and come back to it to be on Current?
  14. J

    Count left working days in current month

    Good day everybody, I am facing a relatively trivial problem, but somehow I can not continue. Aussprache lernen I would like to know how (dax measure) many working days are still available in the current business month from today (in Excel/ Power Pivot). I have the following table...
  15. B

    Weighted Measure - Different Criterias

    Hello, I'm looking for help on creating a measure that give me an overall score based off of other score Metrics. I have 2 tables: First table provides the employee scores for the metrics being measured: <tbody> dDate RankGroup Full Name Production% Quality% Adherence% Friday, June 28, 2019...
  16. C

    current worksheet correct syntax

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a button that will sort a specific area on a worksheet, there are approximately 140 identical tabs (worksheets) and I wanted to have a button invoke a macro to sort the same area on the current active worksheet. When i use the macro recorder it always...
  17. B

    Remove legend where no data in the chart

    I have a doughnut chart that is showing the results for the current quarter next to a column chart which shows the results for the current quarter and previous 2. When there is no data for the current quarter, the doughnut chart does not appear (which is fine) but the legend is still there. This...
  18. D

    If Error statement

    Is it possible to combine an iferror statement and a countifs statement into one? Here is my current countifs: =COUNTIFS(AACH!C:C,">8/31/2019",AACH!C:C,"<10/1/2019",AACH!F:F,"Y")/COUNTIFS(AACH!C:C,">8/31/2019",AACH!C:C,"<10/1/2019") My current statement is returning #DIV/0! which is correct...
  19. I

    Excel Date Formula - Production Log

    I am finalizing a production log that I have built...I have a Entered Training Date and a Graduation Date listed. I am trying to calculate the number of days instructed within the current month. I have the formula spelled out that gets me exactly what I was looking for, however, this formula...
  20. K

    Payment Date Calculation Formula

    <tbody> Payment start Payment End Frequency Paid Date Amount Current Period Payment Start Current Period payment end 08/07/16 07/07/36 3 Months FDOP 250000 01/08/07 13/03/20 1 Month LDOP 77978 01/12/15 30/11/25 12 Month FDOP 200000 </tbody> Hello IF i have...

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