1. Y

    How do stop VBA pasting content under default signature in Outlook

    Hi all, I'm completely new to VBA but have managed to piece together a few things I found online, and mostly understand what it's doing. In order to copy specific cells from Excel and paste them into an Outlook email whilst retaining their appearance, I have the following code: Private Sub...
  2. W

    My cursor isn't where I point.

    Greetings, This is odd. I place my cursor over a cell, but another cell about 5 cells to the left becomes active. Odd. I've never seen anything remotely like this. What switch did I flip? I tried to do a screen capture, but it doesn't show where my cursor is. W. Kirk Crawford Tularosa...
  3. M

    Formatting Dates from outside software system

    To anyone who can help, Our software system exported data to excel. However, the date formats cannot be sorted properly. I noticed that if I double click on a cell, so my cursor is showing and then press escape, the format automatically changes to a date format that works for sorting. I have...
  4. I

    Trend cursor on Excel Chart

    I have 3 charts in a worksheet. All of the charts share the same x axis. I would like to a trend cursor to each of the charts to clearing indicate the y value for each of the charts at the x-value the mouse pointer is located at. There are probably several parts to this question. but looking...
  5. A

    number to word

    HI is it possible to see the number/amount in words if we hover mouse cursor on a number in excel as a comment not in any cell, it will show as a comment box and when we move the cursor from the number the comment should vanish thanks dinesh saha 9932022569
  6. D

    Excel Macro Help

    Hi, I am trying to import a .txt file into excel but only have certain contents of the file extracted into excel and placed into the proper table. This is the code I have right now. But after picking the file to import, nothing happens. Any help will be helpful! Thanks! -DeMan21 Sub...
  7. F

    IF function with cursor move

    I am using a hand scanner to scan the word "OK" or "NOT OK" into the D column of a table. There are 2 more columns in this table to be used only if the D column is not ok. If I scan "OK" I want the cursor to move to the next row column A. So, if everything is "OK" I want the cursor to start...
  8. V

    Vba Application.Onkey Press F3 not working during Cursor flashing inside Cell

    I create some code for test Press F3 on VBA Excel, the function is Application.OnKey this method excel not working during write on the Cell and Cursor Flashing inside Cell, but work fine after pressing Enter Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Application.OnKey...
  9. D

    Search 12345 and insert row above

    Hello I'm looking for a macro that will search the whole sheet for 12345 and if found then insert a row above and position the cursor in the Cell A of that inserted row, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. M

    Initiate command when userform's combo box is clicked

    Is there a way to initiate commands when a combobox is activated? In other words, if the cursor does not appear in a combobox, but then the combobox is clicked and the cursor populates the combobox, can I have commands run? I am not looking for ComboBox_Change, I am more looking for something...
  11. 2

    Move cursor to the next record after adding value using bar-code reader

    Hello All, Is there way to configure MS Access so that the cursor moves to the next record (below) after I enter value (using bar code reader) in a record? We are entering a number of values in a form using bar code reader. After entering every value we have to manually move cursor to the next...
  12. P

    Select A Textbox

    Hi, I have a data entry text box in a form called Issue_or_Turnover. I am running a macro that opens an append query based on the text inputted into box Work_Order. At the end of the macro I want the cursor to go back to text box Work_Order. I have tried many different versions of the...
  13. gheyman

    Access: Key behavior in Field - Cursor

    I have a filed on form that is formatted as currency with a default of zero "0". When the user enters the field to enter an amount, the cursor appears in front of the defaulted value of 0. So when they start entering a value - less say "17" it shows as $170 not $17. When they hit enter it...
  14. J

    Setting Focus of Cursor in Textbox in Between Specific Lines

    Hi, I have a textbox where whenever I click to write an email, the cursor shows up below the word "regards", but I want the cursor to show up in between the words "regards" and "Dear Sir". Here's a screenshot of the textbox: [/URL][/IMG] Here is the code that I used as well: _Subject =...
  15. G

    Macro to move cursor to row A from any cell in that row

    Macro to move cursor to row A from any cell in that row
  16. A

    Combo Box Lose Focus

    What's the correct way for a UserForm) combo box to Lose the focus? I anticipate calling this from the cbo_Change event. I did try to setFocus to a text box (left = -50) but you still see a flashing cursor , so made the left -999 and locked = True. That did it but seems a hack and there must be...
  17. Pinaceous

    VBA to move the “flashing line cursor”

    Hi All, Is there a way through VBA to move the “flashing line cursor” of which blinks inside a cell? For example, if the flashing line cursor remains idle inside a cell for example over a minute? This case is popping up when the user starts to type an entry inside a cell then leaves the...
  18. S

    macro to copy cell without moving

    Hi I'm stuck on how to have a macro copy and paste something without leaving the cell that the cursor is in after the sheet opens and the cursor lands on the next empty cell in a, I want to copy what is in H above that row to Z1 but i want to stay in that A cell and add input. I don't know...
  19. E

    Freeze cells only

    Does Excel have the option of freezing various cells, not just rows and columns? This way, as you move around the worksheet (cursor, tab, etc.) the active cell would always be in an unlocked location.
  20. E

    Highlight cell based on position of active cell

    I’m looking for a little more assistance with this if you please. I have posted this elsewhere on the web with some success but am still experiencing some problems. If multi-posts are discouraged or even disallowed please disregard this inquiry. Is it possible change the color or highlight a...

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