1. M

    Data to change from Columns to Rowns

    Hi All, I have a data as below. Now I need the same with Cust ID, Cust Name and 3rd Column as Fiscal Month and get the Month column to Rows and 4th Column as Amount and get those in rows respectively. Can someone help <tbody> Cust ID Cust Name<strike></strike> Jul<strike></strike>...
  2. M

    Vba to distribute days across multiple years

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="8"></colgroup><tbody> Before Running macro The sheeet1 contains following data. I need number of days between 1-4-2014 40 31-3-2019 which should be displayed in shet2 Cust ID St Date End Date 1 01-04-2012 30-04-2016...
  3. C

    Using IF and VLOOKUP

    Can I have one formula with 2 vlookup search criterias? I have one list of IDs, list one contains CUST, second list does not. If IDs contain CUST, i want the vlookup to search one row of data to match and return values. If no CUST exists, i want the vlookup to search a different row of data to...
  4. H

    Extracting data from a table without pivot

    I have a table, which on worksheet one, I get new data every quarter and based on that I create a pivot, and add extra formulas to gather data from the pivot. Raw data looks like this: I want to make it simpler, since pivots don`t auto update, and the data I have...
  5. A

    sumifs - criteria is blank/empty

    folks, when the number of invoices rejected each month, i generate a report that states the total number of rejections, and the count of each of the possible rejection reasons split out by week. Most reasons are pretty obvious: Cust ID not found, Cust under suspension, etc. to do this, I use a...
  6. S

    Counting entries from multiple sheets

    I am trying to pull information from sheet "data" into sheet "results" I need to know how many times a person's name was listed on the data sheet. I need it to separate out according to the date as well as the person's name. A formula is preferred, I need the number of times "ttest" shows up...
  7. W

    Index Match is it the right tool for this job?

    I have a customer list of 14,000 rows of data and I'm trying to match the balance for those customers to an AR Aging table that only has 3,000 rows. Our customer list has many duplicate names due to having multiple billing addresses for the same customer. So to get a more refined match I have to...
  8. T

    Create Measure Tied to One filter and let that filter affect nothing else??

    I am trying to create a report that will look at sales based on two dates that can be entered by the user. Get total sales for 1 time period, then total sales for second time period so a retaliative value can be created and sorted by. I am trying to create a measure that is hard coded to the...
  9. S

    Tranpose ROW Header (YearWeek) and Qty to COL Lists

    Current Report <tbody> Cust Code Plant code Vendor code 201822 201823 201824 201825 201826 C1 P1 V1 1 4 1 C2 P2 V2 2 3 </tbody> New Report - easily to do excel formular later Cust code-Plant code-Vendor code becoming new header, empty cell are ignored <tbody> C1...
  10. V

    If Match , Check the value in another column and return Yes.

    Hello Guys ! Here's what I'm trying to do. Column A is my customers record. Column B indicates whether the customer is New or not. Column D is my Unique customer extracted List. Reason why I did not put Cust C as he's not a new customer. What formula should I input in Column E to return a...
  11. G

    AVERAGEIFS for last X records in a customer list?

    I have a dataset that looks a bit like this: <tbody> Cust A 1/1/18 345 Cust A 2/1/18 634 Cust A 3/1/18 567 Cust B 11/1/18 1209 Cust B 12/1/18 1340 Cust B 1/1/18 1500 Cust B 2/1/18 1654 Cust B 3/1/18 1567 Cust C 2/1/18 423 Cust C 3/1/18 450 Cust D 3/1/18 1690 </tbody>...
  12. D

    If / and lookup

    Attempting to lookup by product from a data table arranged like: <tbody> 3100 3200 3300 Cust A 25 125.26 10.26 1000.00 Cust B 80 589.67 13.59 3000.00 Cust C 90 625.71 19.99 5600.00 Cust D 100 228.14 8.56 9000.00 </tbody> I need to be able to lookup the value of sales for product...
  13. V

    Countif Unique Values

    Hello ! I am trying to make a counting for unique value on the same date. I've seen several formulas here and it's too complex for me to understand :(. Staff record ( Sheet 1 ) <tbody> A B C D 1 Date Staff Dep Quantity Wa Quantity 2 12/1/2017 Alex Expected value 1 Expected Value 1 3...
  14. F

    Sorting Data

    I'm trying to use this table to feed to a second sheet that will break down how many times customers had each unit, and how many times of what type. Everything I've done has resulted in counting every instance of a name. Sometimes a customer has a unit for a few days, sometimes just a day. I...
  15. M

    formula to check duplicates and create entry for new customer number

    Assuming I have the following table. Old Cust # | Customer Name | Email | Phone Number|New Customer Number| Basically, i need to use this table and check for duplicate records based on Email Some customers dont have email in the system so i also need to check records based on Customer Name...
  16. G

    Return Name of Category with Max Sum

    Hi guys, can you help with formula? Below is a list of Customer transactions & their values within Industries. Formula should Sum Up Prices in Industries for each Cust ID and return name of Max Sum Industry into Leading Industry. <tbody> Cust ID Industry Price Leading Industry 5...
  17. M

    VBA code to sum duplicate rows based on Uniuqe ID and t copy latest row based on date criteria

    Hello Sir, I have 2 sheets. Sheet 1 contains 5 columns and Cust No is unique id. I need to combine the Column " Amt" based on Cust No and also to copy the latest value for Type /1002 against SAP Period in separate column. Output is shown below to be appeared on Sheet 2. I need to automate to...
  18. M

    VBA code to change the Sheet 1 data as per Sheet 2

    Hello Sir, I have 2 sheets. Sheet 1 contains 5 columns and Cust No is unique id. I need to combine the amount based on Cust No and also get the latest value for Type /1002 against SAP Period . I need to automate to do this in VBA. <tbody> Input on Sheet 1 Cust No Name SAP Period...
  19. R

    Spreadsheet subtotal

    I know how to subtotal in Excel but my dilemma is: Cust Number / Cust Name / Address / Sales These are my column headers I subtotal Sales and it gives me a Cust Name with Total Sales. I also need the Address and Cust number for that Customer so I can copy totals over to a new spreadsheet. Does...
  20. M

    Trying to Look Up and compare multiple columns to return TRUE

    Hello I am struggling to work out the logic to determine a match between 2 dates, 2 products and one customer? What I am trying to do is run a macro or formula to determine from the list where the SAME customer name (col A), matches with a RED & BLUE product with the same delivery date. In...

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